2011 Toyota Highlander

The full-size, eight-passenger 2011 Toyota Highlander comes only one way — loaded up. It has a car like unibody design, which leads to better handling, less cabin noise, improved crash worthiness and easier entry and exit for passengers. Body-on-frame designs still have advantages as they are more rugged and better suited for towing. The Highlander, in contrast, is meant for people who like the image and versatility of an SUV but prioritize the ride, handling and comfort of a sedan.


Think of the Highlander as a kind of oversize Camry wagon that went clothes shopping at REI, and you’ve got the general idea. While these competitors continue to have their own advantages over the Highlander — more power, more interior room, more style and more personality — Toyota has made a number of changes for 2011 that make this utility vehicle an overall desirable package.


Even in its fourth year on the market, the Highlander (especially in base trim) offers one of the best values for the target crossover buyer — which we figure as the family who really only needs five seating positions, a generous cargo hold and all-weather capability for occasional snow and ice during the winter months. Sure, maybe the styling isn’t the most daring, but Country Squires weren’t exactly the epitome of style in their day, either. If you’re shopping for a family vehicle and thinking about a truck-based midsize SUV, it’s likely that a more efficient car-based SUV would suit you just as well. Although you should definitely explore all your options in this segment, the Highlander offers a well-rounded package for the average buyer. The 2011 2011 Toyota Highlander offers some of the best on-road performance of any truck in this segment. Its long wheelbase contributes to a supple ride that is well damped at all four corners, and its steering is nicely balanced and weighted for such a heavy vehicle. The 2011 2011 Toyota Highlander is able to tackle the hardest terrain without breaking a sweat. What’s more, this ability doesn’t hamper the truck’s level of control and ease of operation on the freeway and two-lane roads.



The 2011 Toyota Highlander faces stiff competition from the newly redesigned Lincoln Navigator, the BMW X5 and the Cadillac and GMC luxo-utes from General Motors. Some may offer better value and more size for the dollar, and others might perform brilliantly on the highway, but not one of them is able to beat this capable Toyota where true truck buyers think it matters — in the bush. The highlights include four-wheel drive, leather seating, power and heated front seats, a JBL in-dash six-disc CD audio system, a moonroof and separate automatic climate control systems for front and rear passengers. On the short factory options list, you’ll find a roof rack and running board package, a DVD-based navigation system with rearview backup camera, 18-inch wheels and a side and head curtain airbag package. A rear-seat DVD entertainment system is available from the dealer. Power comes from a 4.7-liter V8 that generates 235 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque. While certainly not the most powerful engine in this class, The 2011 Toyota Highlander smooth acceleration satisfies, and passing maneuvers are quite easy.



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The Toyota Highlander is a mid size SUV with seven passenger seating arrangements. The Highlanders can come as a V6 engine, a V 6 hybrid, or a four cylinder depending on the buyers choice. It is considered to be one of the top ten safest SUV’s on the market. The Highlander also has seven airbags, a star safety systems, and a second row seat for a center show. It has a price range of $23,000 to $41,000. The third row seats can fold over, and the second row seats can fit three passengers. It has a detachable padded center that can be stowed away when not in use. People will have a choice of an all wheel drive or a front wheel drive. They will also have a choice of a limited, base, sport, or a hybrid. The base Highlanders come with a 4 cylinder engine, and 187 horse power.


Both the sport and the limited come with 270 horse power V6 engine. The 4 cylinders are 6 speed transmissions and the V6 are five speed. The base and limited are the only vehicles that come with all wheel drive and as a hybrid. The hybrids are convenient because they do not require a plug in charger. The hybrids also come with a continuously variable transmission that can act like an automatic. The EV mode can allow the driver to put the car into an electric only drive for a limited amount of time while driving.



People who buy a hybrid Toyota Highlander will have an option of a driver selectable Economy mode that will regulate the throttle for a more optimum and economical fuel option. The Highlander has a 3500 pound towing capacity for the hybrid and 5000 pounds for the V6 engine vehicles. It is a car built for performance. The safety features for the vehicle are traction control, curtain side airbags for all rows of seating, driver knee bags, air bags for the front side, anti skid system, and hill descent control for non hybrids. Some other features that drivers can choose are DVD players, sunroof, navigation system, three set climate control, and rear view cameras for the Base vehicles.


The Toyota Highlanders are a cross between an SUV and a truck. It has many capacities that a truck would have with the look of an SUV. The Highlander gets 20 miles per gallon in the city and 27 miles per gallon on the highway. The vehicle also has a lot of leg and shoulder room that will keep passengers from feeling crowded.



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