2011 Infiniti Q45

2011 Infiniti Q45 rides very smoothly and would be an excellent choice for a road trip. On the plus side 2011 Infiniti Q45 has one of the best warranties in the luxury class, and are known for good service. Though it was completely redesigned The 2011 Infiniti Q45 still has dozens of upgrades. Performance features of The new 2011 2011 Infiniti Q45 are impressive to say the least. 2011 Infiniti Q 45 is an Extraordinary Blend Of Performance And Luxury. From its 4.1-liter, 32 valve, DOHC V8 engine to its multi-link suspension system, the Q45 is a vehicle built to deliver power and control.


Some of the highlights include; 340 Horsepower 333 lb ft of Torque, Variable Induction, Continuously Variable Valve Timing, Titanium Valves, Low-friction Pistons, Cams, Crankshaft, Aluminum Engine Block and Heads, 4-valve Heads, Variable Capacity Muffler, 5-speed Automatic with Manual Shift, Rear Wheel Drive, 4-wheel Independent Suspension, Active Damping Suspension, 18-inch Aluminum Wheels. All these high performance features add to the power and handing of The new 2011 2011 Infiniti Q45 greatly inhancing the power and control of this new luxury sedan.


2011 Infiniti Q45
Road irregularities are soaked up well by the car’s suspension. Take a look at new 2011 Infiniti Q45. Space is ample, especially in the front. Rear seat passengers just comfortable. One nice standard feature is handles on the seats in front of you. Grab the handle with both hands and you’ll feel like you’re riding a rollercoaster. Opt for the premium package, and they’ll get extra side vents, power reclining buckets, sunshades, and a center console that controls radio and A/C functions. The dash is well-appointed. Its audio system is amazing. With three 2.5″ tweeters in the front, two 6.5″ woofers on the front door panels, two 5.25″ drivers on the rear door panels, and a 12″ subwoofer in the rear, this 300-watt Bose audio system is among the best. The dual-zone climate controls worked smoothly, quietly, and efficiently.

With a 4.5L engine producing 340 hp and 333 lb-ft of torque, 2011 Infiniti Q45 seems set on backing up your talk. It includes titanium valves, a hydraulically driven cooling fan, continuously variable intake-valve timing, a silent-chain cam drive, and variable volume induction. The engine also includes drive-by-wire throttle set up, which electronically monitors gas pedal position and rate of movement to decide how much power to pump out. This sort of system is seen only in 2011 Infiniti Q45.



infiniti q451 2011 Infiniti Q45 2011 Infiniti q45 has speed-sensitive steering worked pretty well to move such a large car, even up to moderately high speeds. 2011 Infiniti has an impressive array of safety equipment worth noting. First, there is the Vehicle Dynamic Control. This is your run-of-the-mill luxury sedan stability feature designed to keep the car in control, minimizing over and under steer in hard cornering.2011 Infiniti Q45 offers many safety features for the driver and passengers. Some of the included safety features are; Dual-stage Front Air Bags, Front Seat-mounted Side-impact Air Bags, Curtain Side-impact Air Bags, Reinforced Passenger Compartment, Energy-absorbing Crumple Zones, Energy-transferring Crossmembers, Side-door Beams, Active Front Head Restraints, First-aid Kit and a LATCH System for Compatible Child Restraint Seats.


All this and more adds to the security of driving this new Infiniti. Next, the airbags. In addition to the dual stage airbags in the front, and the side impact airbags on the sides, there are side curtain airbags that protect the front and the rear passengers. Also, there is a Q45 exclusive safety gadget, called the Active Head Restraint. If you are hit from the rear at a stoplight, the headrest actually pops up and moves forward, so as to lessen the rebound the head makes on the way back. So for safetywise also it is advisable to get 2011 Infiniti Q45.

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