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Ford and Ferrari Reach Settlement in Lawsuit

Posted on: March 7, 2011 | In Ferrari

Months ago news broke of Ford filing a lawsuit against Ferrari for the F series that Ferrari was starting to use, as Ford felt that the use of this was in direct violation of the F series that they have. Ferrari was confident at the time that they would win a lawsuit since they believed that the way in which the name was used was in no ways comparable to that of Ford used. Though the race car for Ferrari was called the F150th in commemoration of their 150th anniversary. It does ring a slight resemblance to the F-150 truck that Ford produces. 


On Thursday, Ford did drop the case, however, it is unclear what the settlement was and just how much Ferrari had to give Ford in order to drop the case. However, once the lawsuit was filed and made public, Ferrari did try to explain that they would only use the F150th in conjunction with the full name of the race car in order to make sure that there were no confusions, but Ford was not happy with this solution, so instead they pressed forward with the lawsuit. 


Ford has now said that they are happy that they reached a settlement before the lawsuit had to go to trail and end up costing both companies time and money. However, one does have to wonder what the settlement consisted of? Most people are certain that Ferrari is still going to use the name of the race car since it is a name that symbolizes the anniversary of the company. So more than likely Ferrari ended up paying Ford quite a bit of money in order to use the F150th in the title of the car. 


Many people believed that Ford was being picky on their lawsuit, however, in most professionals opinion the title of the Ferrari race car was awfully similar to the F-series pickups that Ford offers, therefore, Ford had every right to file the lawsuit.