Car Repair help is it chargeable on internet? #3558

I have recently been doing more work on my own vehicle and have been using random websites in order to find the information that I need to fix the car. I have ran upon many sites that want to charge you for the answer that you receive, are these sites something that I should be considering or are they just another way in which people are taking advantage of Internet users?


Best Answer Chosen by Voters:

There are many sites out there that want you to offer money for the answer that you are receiving. These sites promise that you are getting to talk with a trained professional in the maker of your car brand. However, there is no way to guarantee this. Therefore, for those that are wanting to protect their privacy and their banking information, it may be best to stay away from these sites. Instead, consider that there are many forums in which people are talking about the same problems and giving the same advice that a paid professional would give. Being a member of one of these sites can be just as helpful, if not more, than paying someone to give you an answer.