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2011 Oldsmobile

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2011 Oldsmobile has got a pleasing face-lift, with sleeker sheet metal and a sophisticated new look. Since its introduction over a decade ago, it has managed to haul itself up from low-rung status and begin to hold its own in the very competitive midsize SUV segment. Unfortunately, with the Oldsmobile brand heading toward retirement after this year, The 2011 Oldsmobile days are numbered. Standard features on both models include 17-inch wheels, privacy glass, leather seats with eight-way power adjustment, dual-zone climate control, a CD player, full power accessories and On Star telemetric. The feisty inline six hustles the ‘ute along with authority, bestowing it with phenomenal passing power and the ability to effortlessly mount even the steepest of inclines. On pavement, The 2011 Oldsmobile delivers a quiet, near-sedan-smooth ride. But push it hard into a corner, and its soft setup gets out of sorts quickly. Additionally, the steering offers little in the way of road feel.

Since its introduction in 1991, The 2011 Oldsmobile has undergone a couple of redesigns, one in 1996 and another in 2002. The more recent of its overhauls left The 2011 Oldsmobile with many attractive new features.


The 2011 Oldsmobile also experienced something of a growth spurt, expanding to become 10 inches longer and five inches taller than its predecessor, and offering an additional nine cubic feet of cargo volume. And, best of all, it got a new 4.2-liter inline six that increased horsepower from the previous generation’s 190 to a scathing 270. For 2011, the engine got a small boost to 275. All this makes The 2011 Oldsmobile a good choice — but not a great one. Ride quality is soft and comfortable, but handling around corners is sloppy. Some of the interior materials are noticeably low in quality. And resale values are likely to plummet following Oldsmobile’s impending demise. In a segment that boasts more universally appealing contenders like the Acura MDX, Mercury Mountaineer, Toyota 4Runner, Volkswagen Touareg and Volvo XC90, The 2011 Oldsmobile is no better than average.


The 2011 Oldsmobile is available in one four-door body style in both two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations. The Oldsmobile is powered by a potent 4.2-liter inline six generating 275 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque.


A four-speed automatic transmission is standard. Towing capacity is 6,200 pounds for the 2WD Oldsmobile; the AWD iteration can trailer up to 6,100 pounds. EPA mileage ratings are 16 city/22 highway on 2WD models and 15/21 on AWD models. On the options list are goodies such as a driver-seat memory system, heated front seats, an upgraded Bose stereo, XM Satellite Radio, a rear-seat DVD entertainment system and polished aluminum wheels. On AWD models, you can also get a load-leveling rear air suspension that improves ride and handling characteristics when The 2011 Oldsmobile is carrying heavy loads of passengers and cargo. The 2011 2011 Oldsmobile’s interior is more welcoming than the cabins of its Chevrolet and GMC counterparts. Leather and restrained touches of wood trim add tasteful, low-key opulence to its cabin; there’s a fair amount of plastic in evidence, but it has a pleasingly textured feel. Some of the materials used are low in quality, though, particularly the switchgear. Maximum cargo volume with the rear seats folded is 83 cubic feet.


2011 Oldsmobile Alero

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2011 Oldsmobile Alero’s powerful engine, responsive suspension and standard ABS are there to help to manage the risks of the road. Every bump, flare, wheel, rack and rail was designed with a specific purpose. At the same time, every feature on its exterior looks cooler than any other vehicle of its kind on the road. Fender Flares makes styling for aggressive off-road adventures. The 2011 2011 Oldsmobile Alero is styled with extra-wide fender flares, stamped out of high-carbon steel, not glued on as a separate piece. These fender flares help protect the exterior finish and accentuate the aggressive off-road styling. Car has ample room for five and stadium-style seating so backseat drivers can give you commentary. There is lots of cargo room. In fact, fold down the back seats and you’ve got a four-wheel-drive tent. There are also pockets and holders and nets for things like maps, cups, sunflower seeds, binoculars, surf wax and more of life’s basic necessities.

Seating cargo includes stadium-style seating, rear cargo and hooks, center console, power outlets, nets,side seat pocket, rugged leather package, 360° Interior View. Dashboard features are Rockford Fosgate, In-Dash 6 CD Changer, Steering Wheel Controls, Supercharged Interior. Stadium-style Seating.


2011 Oldsmobile Alero has rear seats that are raised several inches to provide a better view of the road and a more sociable atmosphere. The bump in the roof helps prevent any bumps to the head in the event you encounter any bumps in the road. The rear seat also splits and folds down for easier storage. The audio system is powered by Rockford Fosgate. And it is designed for 2011 Oldsmobile Alero, which means it’s dialed in way better than some off-the-shelf system. There are powerful internal amp cuts the distortion and eight premium speakers. All of which is controlled by steering wheel-mounted audio switches.

2011 Oldsmobile Alero is built on a heavy-duty truck frame made for wonderfully unforgiving conditions. Alero comes with Four-wheel drive and the available Dynamic Control Package. Power source is one of three gutsy engines as A 210-hp Supercharged V6 for mountain-climbing boost, a 180-hp regular V6, or a torque 143-hp 4-cylinder. Eaton provides a roots Blower-type. It’s no off the shelf model either, but customized by the folks at Eaton just for this V6. This is a perfect match, also there are modification in car by Nissan engineers on V6. As a result a thumping 210 horsepower and 246 lb-ft of torque. And a boost that is immediate, consistent, and on tap at any altitude. Additionally, since the whole thing is factory-installed, the original new Vehicle Limited Warranty backs it. Boxed Ladder Frame, Unlike some SUVs. It is built as a heavy-duty truck. A steel-reinforced ladder frame with full-length box-section MIG-welded rails that provides minimum flex, rugged strength and a solid ride. Avoid’s an accident in the first place. Alero protects if the unavoidable does happen. Rather, 2011 Oldsmobile Alero always comes with at least 50 standard safety features – from structural elements like the front crumple zone to advanced restraint systems like the dual-stage front air bags. Dual-stage Air Bags.




Alero standard dual-stage supplemental front air bags have two different inflation levels, depending on the severity of the impact. In a less severe crash. The front air bags are designed so as to deploy with less force. Sensors in the seat belts know if you’re belted in or not and deploy accordingly. First-aid Kit is tucked inside the rear bulge. The available first-aid kit has bandages and blankets, tweezers and scissors, antiseptics, adhesives, even a tick-removal kit. Because the last thing you want is to have a minor mishap make you turn back.

2011 Oldsmobile Aurora

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The 2011 Oldsmobile Aurora comes with trimmer dimensions and redesigned suspensions, improved handling and stability, with new lightweight engine having improved fuel efficiency. Two models are available: 3.5L and 4.0L. 3.5L comes with a 3.5-liter V6 engine. An optional All-Weather Package adds traction control and the Precision Control System, Oldsmobile's name for an electronic stability program designed to reduce the chance of skids. 4.0L is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 and comes standard with traction control, the Precision Control System, and larger (17-inch) wheels and tires.

The 2011 Oldsmobile Aurora is 6 inches shorter than the 1994-1999 models. The smaller, tighter shape gives it a cleaner, more nimble look. Its profile is smooth and fluid with a raked rear window. Rear fog lamps give balance and symmetry to the rear of the car, while enhancing safety. A steep backlight and large, wrap-over tail lamps minimize the horizontal length of the deck lid. Instead of a front grille, the designers opted for lower intakes in the bumper to reinforce the Oldsmobile character.


The interior comes with smooth, soft leather seating surfaces. The leather is light-colored, in the latest Euro fashion, and the real burled walnut wood surfaces are delightfully restrained. The interior gives off the aura and aroma of a BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Oldsmobile interior designers have figured out the ambiance that makes the European and Asian luxury cars generally so appealing. The Indy Racing League uses a modified version of this same engine to run the Indy 500.

2011 Oldsmobile Aurora provides ample foot room and body space to stretch out in. The Aurora also has Oldsmobile power mirrors, windows, door locks, and steering, auto day/night rearview mirror, and a rear-seat trunk pass-through. For those who want a truly lavish interior, one can order a power sunroof and a Bose 12 CD stereo system. The exterior of The 2011 Oldsmobile Aurora follows the high profile interior with front and rear fog lights and 235/55HR17 tires mounted on nifty alloy wheels. The steering feels super-light. Parking requires no effort. When you couple that behavior with the smaller size of the new Aurora, it makes you feel like you could thread a needle with this luxury sedan.

The 2011 Oldsmobile Aurora V8 is the smaller-displacement version of the Cadillac Northstar engine that appeared on the original Aurora, but it has been significantly refined and updated for the new car. Emissions are improved, fuel efficiency is improved, and it makes the same 250 horsepower on regular gas that the previous engine made on premium fuel.


The V6 engine found in The 2011 Oldsmobile Aurora 3.5L comes from the mid-size Intrigue, and it's a twin overhead-cam design derived from the V8. Both engines use four valves per cylinder, a more efficient and expensive arrangement than the two-valves-per-cylinder pushrod V6 engines you'll find in the big Buick and Pontiac sedans. Aurora's V6 makes 215 horsepower, the same as it does in the Intrigue. But the Aurora 3.5L weighs about 250 pounds more than the Intrigue, so it doesn't feel as much like a hot rod as the Intrigue does. Gas mileage is respectable at 18/28 mpg (city/hwy). With traction control, an automatic load-leveling suspension and an anti-skid system, The 2011 Oldsmobile Aurora keeps all that power under control. A standard 4-speed automatic transmission enables this dual overhead cam powerhouse to produce 250 hp at 5600 rpm and Aurora has 260 lb-ft of torque at 4400 rpm.


2011 Oldsmobile Bravado

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The 2011 Oldsmobile Bravado is wild and sporty. Time proven and stylish it is sharper than ever before. Comparable vehicles in the marketplace to The 2011 Oldsmobile Bravado include the Chevrolet All New TrailBlazer, the GMC Yukon Denali, and the Toyota Sequoia. The 2-Wheel Drive is equipped with a standard 4.2-liter, I6, 275-horsepower engine that achieves 16-mpg in the city and 22-mpg on the highway. The All-Wheel Drive is equipped with a standard 4.2-liter, I6, 275-horsepower engine that achieves 15-mpg in the city and 21-mpg on the highway. A 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard on both trims.


The all-new 275-hp Vortec 4200 DOHC inline six-cylinder engine combines the efficiency of a V6 with more standard power than all V8s in its class. With a displacement of 4.2 liters, producing 270 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque at 3600 RPM, and 90% of peak torque available between 1600 and 5600 rpm, you get deep reserves of power on call whenever you need it to pass and merge.


2011 Oldsmobile Bravado, the all-aluminum engine design gives you such a smooth, quiet ride GM engineers had to fit it with an ignition interlock to prevent attempts to restart it. The five-link rear suspension system eliminates the heavy, stiff leaf springs normally used on truck chassis. The result is a smoother, car-like ride that maintains more consistent contact with imperfect road surfaces. The 2011 2011 Oldsmobile Bravado features a front suspension system that incorporates a coil-over-shock modular design and double-A arm configuration for exceptional damping and stability, and durable performance on a variety of road surfaces. The available SmartTrak all-wheel-drive system offers driving control under varied road conditions. It operates in 2-wheel drive under normal driving conditions. But, if the system senses wheel spin, it reacts in only ¼ of a second to direct the right amount of power to the wheels with the most traction.


2011 Oldsmobile Bravado features a standard four-wheel antilock braking system. Under maximum braking effort, the system modulates brake line pressure to help prevent wheel lockup, helping the driver to retain steering control and steer clear of an obstacle. The 2011 2011 Bravado features a front suspension system that incorporates a coil-over-shock modular design and double-A arm configuration for exceptional damping and stability, and durable performance on a variety of road surfaces. 2011 Oldsmobile Bravado a specific vehicle. It is a trusted name.  Fine tune your search parameters by becoming aware of bravado as it turns heads and impresses experts.

2011 Oldsmobile Intrigue

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The look and feel of The new 2011 2011 Oldsmobile Intrigue is exciting to many car enthusiasts. Comparable vehicles to The 2011 Intrigue include the Buick Century, the Hyundai XG350, and the Toyota Camry. Both trims are equipped with a standard 3.5-liter, V6, 215-horsepower engine that achieves 20-mpg in the city and 30-mpg on the highway. A 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard.


The 2011 Intrigue is basically a carryover from 2003. When the maker of this vehicle was working on the style of this vehicle they were looking to give The 2011 Oldsmobile Intrigue a new look and a style all their own. Features of 2011 Oldsmobile Intrigue is a standard award-winning 3.5L Twin-Cam V6 engine and available Precision Control System that enhances your safety by working with Intrigue’s inherently balanced performance.


An inviting interior adds a level of sophistication to its performance personality. When reviewing The 2011 Oldsmobile Intrigue we found plenty of passenger room, many times when we review new cars we find that the room available to passengers is limited, this was not the case with The 2011 Oldsmobile Intrigue. This years version of The 2011 Oldsmobile Intrigue is similar to last years, although many interior and exterior changes have been made. Standard features also includes AM/FM Radio, Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, Antilock Brakes, Antitheft Radio, Antitheft Vehicle, Automatic Transmission, Cassette, CD Player, Driver Seat, Power Passenger Seat, Leather Seats, Power Sunroof, Rear Defogger, Tachometer, Tilt Steering, Traction Control.


With the recent changes in the market, we are most likely to be focusing on cars that are both economical and sporty, The 2011 Oldsmobile Intrigue offers this, which makes it quite an attractive vehicle.


An aluminum construction that translates directly into enhanced driving confidence and control; the lighter weight helps Intrigue handle with agility and security. The performance you receive from this vehicle you will come to know and respect. Intrigue’s fully independent suspension helps deliver controlled handling and response. L-shaped front lower control arms, “tri-link” rear suspension and variable-rate bushings help produce superb ride and handling. The gas-charged twin-tube struts with 4-stage valving, engineered exclusively for Intrigue, combine with a sophisticated chassis system to provide an agile and responsive automobile. Intrigue’s premium components dramatically reduce steering wheel play and enhance on-center feel. Intrigue is designed for anyone searching for the pure joy of driving. When the maker of The 2011 Oldsmobile Intrigue made minor refinements to this vehicle it was visible and apparent. This allowed it to compete better with other makes and models in it’s class.

2011 Oldsmobile Silhouette

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The 2011 Oldsmobile Silhouette is a practical, fun to drive vehicle which offers economical transportation and state of the art safety features. It sports a 3400 SFI V6 engine which provides a robust 185 hp at 5200 rpm and a 210 lb-ft of torque at 4000 rpm, 90% of peak torque is available from 1800 rpm all the way to 4000 rpm. The 2011 2011 Oldsmobile Silhouette is available in five trims: GL, GLS, Premiere, GLS AWD and Premiere AWD. Safety features include dual-stage front and front side air bags, daytime running lights, traction control (standard on GLS and Premiere and optional on GL), and an anti-lock brake system (ABS). GL – Sihouette GL features cruise control, power windows and locks, front and rear A/C and heat combination, plus 16″ aluminum wheels, captain’s chairs with third-row removable 50/50 split-bench seating. Remote keyless entry is standard and a CD player makes the drive all the more pleasant.


Upscale, refined and always ready to please. 2011 Oldsmoblie Silhouette has a variety of seating configurations, convenience and entertainment features, and safety systems to accommodate whatever life brings your way. The new 2011 2011 oldsmobile Silhouette joined the minivan mainstream with more conservative styling and numerous convenience items as standard equipment. Premier Edition of 2011 oldsmobile Silhouette Minivan is a very comfortable family vehicle, with optional DVD player and fold-down LCD screen. The front and second row seats are bucket and captain’s chairs, respectively, with the rear a split-folding bench seat. The Silhouette Premier Edition is loaded with DVD player, a drop down LCD screen, input jacks for video games or video cameras, driver’s side power sliding door, a stowable third-row seat and heated front seats. The 2011 2011 Silhouette exterior compliments the interior with useful features including a roof rack, rear privacy glass, fog lights and alloy wheels. The 2011 Oldsmobile Silhouette offers just a 3.4-liter overhead cam V6 which produces 185 hp at 5200 rpm and has 210 lb-ft of torque at 4000 rpm. The 4-speed automatic harnesses the V6 and yields 19/26 mpg (city/hwy) (AWD gets 18/24). Traction control and load-levelling suspension and 225/60R16 tires are also standard on The new 2011 2011 Oldsmobile Silhouette Minivan. On the Gl model comes an overhead console with trip computer, compass and an outside temperature indicator. GLS model, as well as 8-way power seats in front with driver’s seat memory, power sliding passenger side door, dual zone climate control and rear climate features including A/C and heater. 2011 Oldsmobile Silhouette, all models are great buys.