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2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon Review

Posted on: February 4, 2012 | In Acura

Review of Acura TSX Sport WagonThe 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon is a well-featured, spacious and efficient car, boasting more cargo space than competing sedans and more practicality than similar SUV-crossovers. Though the TSX sedan and Sport Wagon models are amped up versions of their sister car the Honda Accord, they bring their own personalities to the road. The TSX Sport Wagon is a great, fuel-efficient alternative to those currently seeking a smaller SUV or crossover. The TSX Sport Wagon offers a fun drive at a great value, and in this way smashes other competition in the wagon niche. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE insurance comparison tool above to save money on car insurance!


Car and Driver’s website lists the 2011 TSX Sport Wagon at the following prices:

  • TSX Sport Wagon automatic- $31,845
  • TSX Sport Wagon automatic with Technology Package- $35,495

The low price can be attributed to Acura’s foresight on wagon sales. The demand for wagons is currently so small that only 4,000 TSX Sport Wagons were distributed for 2011. The Sport Wagon was initially created to try to keep Acura car customers who wanted more space buying instead of losing them to larger SUVs. Additionally, Acura was able to make the new wagon so cost efficiently because the cheap, low-power engine was taken from the TSX sedan, essentially as a trial.

Engine and Performance

The TSX Sport Wagon houses the same 4-cylinder motor as it’s sedan counterpart, with a 2.4 liter 5-speed automatic with shift paddles on the steering wheel. Car and Driver’s website cites a zero to 60 mph time of 8.1 seconds, which falls short of competing wagons’ times. Though speed is not it’s strong suit, this Sport Wagon offers conservative style and performance that makes it a great buy. The small, underpowered engine glides this wagon along well-enough, but could use a power boost.

Comfort and Convenience

Like the TSX sedan, the base Sport Wagon is loaded with features that make this car a great buy. The Sport Wagon comes pre-loaded with Bluetooth wireless capability, phone pre-wiring, three months of XM satellite radio, auxiliary and iPod inputs and USB connection. Also, dual-zone climate controls in the front, leather-trimmed doors and steering wheel, audio controls on steering wheel and turn signals in the mirrors come standard with the base model.

For storage needs, the Sport Wagon comes pre-loaded with a front console, front seat-back storage and an overhead console in the front. Not to mention, this wagon comes with 60.5 cubic feet of storage behind the back seat.

With the optional Technology Package, a buyer will get navigation, Bluetooth, a powered tailgate, voice recognition capabilities and a ten-speaker audio set up including 15 gigs of built-in audio storage.


Review of Acura TSX Sport WagonNeither the 2011 TSX sedan nor the Sport Wagon were tested on the government’s more demanding 2011 safety tests, but on the less strict 2010 tests, earning the cars five out of five stars in all safety categories.
The TSX Sport Wagon’s anti-lock brakes (ABS) test better than the sedan’s, stopping in 127 feet from 60 mph versus the sedan’s 133 feet according to Edmund’s website. Additionally, the Sport Wagon includes both stability and traction control, front side air bags and full-length curtain air bags,

Available Colors

The 2011 TSX Sport Wagon is available in an array of attractive colors. These include Basque Red Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, Forged Silver Metallic, Graphite Luster Metallic, Premium White Pearl and Vortex Blue Pearl. These exterior paint colors can be paired with either Ebony or Taupe leather, which comes standard in the Sport Wagon.

Fuel Efficiency

Similarly to the TSX sedan, the Sport Wagon is extremely competent in the fuel economy category and quite fairly beats other competing wagons in efficiency. The EPA estimates 22 mpg city, 30 mpg highway. The TSX Sport Wagon rivals most closely the Volvo V50 wagon in fuel efficiency, but knocks Audi’s A4 Avant and BMW’s 328i Sport Wagon out of the running for most economical.

Owners’ Opinions and Competitors

Review of Acura TSX Sport WagonDue to little popularity of station wagons in general, it is difficult to find many owners’ opinions on the Web. If one thing is for sure, though, it’s that top car aficionado Websites such as Car and Driver and Edmund’s have much to say about the Acura TSX Sport Wagon. These Websites love wagons, and agree that the Acura TSX Sport Wagon is the best value and drive you can get out of a wagon in the U.S.

In looks, the TSX Sport Wagon rivals the Audi A4, which is praised as one of the most attractive wagons available. The TSX Sport Wagon receives a touch of class with 17-inch wheels and attractive chrome features and body molding.

Some top wagon competitors include the Cadillac CTS wagon, the BMW 328i Sport Wagon and Audi’s A4 Avant. Many reviewers comment on the fact that unlike it’s competitors, the TSX Sport Wagon is not quite sporty enough. At take-off and top speed, the TSX Wagon falls short of it’s very quick and agile competitors. Many buyers and reviewers alike would prefer if the Sport Wagon offered an engine upgrade, like the sedan’s V6, and a manual option. Don’t forget to enter your ZIP code into our FREE insurance comparison tool above to save money on car insurance!


2011 Acura TSX Review

Posted on: February 2, 2012 | In Acura

The 2011 Acura TSX is a slightly tweaked version of the 2010 model, with minor improvements to the engine performance, safety and overall look. Though these improvements are not drastic, the newer features and available options add extra benefits and quality to this already great value of a car. Though this second generation TSX is much improved over the first, the buyer looking for a sporty sport sedan should look somewhere else.

Review of 2011 Acura TSX ReviewThe TSX sedan is more luxury than sport, demonstrating this in the delayed quickness of the 4 cylinder. The 4 cylinder does not hold a candle to the V6 engine available in this sedan, though the agility of this car is not the reason consumers are buying. The excellent fuel economy, luxurious interior, great standard features and value price are why buyers keep buying the TSX sedan. Many buyers, and even reviewers, seem to favor the TSX sport wagon over the sedan for the sportiness, passenger and storage space, and practicality. Save money on car insurance by entering your ZIP code into our FREE insurance comparison tool above!


A buyer may find a 2011 TSX sedan for as low as $25k, but the more likely price range will be from $30 to $35 thousand. Different trim levels and optional features contribute to the pricing.

Motor Trend’s website lists common prices for each trim level:

  • Base  sedan- about $33k; Ownership cost of about $42k over 5 years
  • Sedan with Technology Package- about $38.2k; Ownership cost of about $47.9k over 5 years

Acura TSC Car Review 2011Engine and Transmission

The 2011 TSX is available in either a sedan or sport wagon model, though the latter was only produced in small quantities due to little demand for wagons. All models are front-wheel drive and include a 2.4 liter, 4-cylinder automatic or a 3.5 liter V6, which makes 280 horsepower. The V6 is only available in the sedan, and is probably the best newer feature of the TSX. Though the engine was available one year earlier, the V6 engine’s quickness and agility is still a crowd-pleaser. The 4-cylinder engine has been described as underpowered, though it does not retract from the value of the car.

The TSX proves again and again to be a great buy. The quality of the build has improved in the 2011  model; including contrasting stitching on the interior leather, a rejuvenated center console, a uncluttered dash and a minor, but noticeable, face-lift of the front grille and rear lights .In addition, the 17 inch wheels seem to be a popular feature on the sedan.

Comfort and Convenience

Other comfort features include heated front passenger and driver side seats, leather seats, fold-down back seat, fold-down rear center console, dual zone temperature controls for front passenger and driver, as well as blinkers in the side mirrors. Also, with new, thicker glass and sound-eliminating design, the car is less noisy and a more enjoyable ride.

The electronic features included in the base model are especially impressive. The lineup includes navigation, satellite radio and Bluetooth availability, an auxiliary input and a USB port. Beyond what is provided in the base model, the optional Technology Package includes:

  • Voice-activated navigation display
  • Phone readiness
  • “AcuraLink”  service
  • Hands-free Bluetooth for phone
  • Real-time traffic


The TSX includes 4-wheel ABS, remote security alarm, stability and traction controls, front/rear head air bags, overhead air bags, dual front air bags, ventilated disc brakes, Xenon HID headlights, electronic brake distribution, side-impact door beams, child safety locks on rear doors, lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH), and a tire pressure monitoring system with pressure indicators. Some car review sites rate the TSX in the top tier for safety for areas such as: driver torso, rear passenger torso, driver head and neck, rear passenger head and neck, driver pelvis/leg and overall front.

The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) rates the TSX “good” in all safety categories. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) rates the sedan at five stars for rollover resistance.

Available Colors

The TSX manual base sedan is available in Premium White Pearl, Graphite Luster Metallic, Forged Silver Metallic and Crystal Black Pearl, all with Ebony leather. Other trim levels, including the automatic base sedan and the V6, offer other color and leather combinations. Basque Red Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, Forged Silver Metallic, Graphite Luster Metallic, Premium White Pearl and Vortex Blue Pearl are all exterior color options. Add to this three leather color options– Ebony, Parchment and Taupe.

Fuel Efficiency

review of 2011 acura tsx

The EPA estimates 21 mpg city, 29 mpg highway for the manual; and 22 mpg city, 31 mpg highway for the automatic. With a hefty fuel tank capacity, about 18.5 gallons, this sedan is practical and efficient– The perfect commuter car.

Owners’ Opinions and Competitors

Acura owners on the Web consistently rate the TSX at about 4 stars overall, according to Edmund’s website. The owner reviews are generally concerning interior and exterior style and build, engine performance and overall drivability and quality. The TSX seems to be a fairly well-loved sedan. It is practical and fun at a great price. Overall, the TSX sedan provides a moderate number of options and features, great gas mileage, and sporty style.

If a buyer is looking for a spacious and extra comfortable family sedan, the TXS will not suffice. This sedan is more about looks, efficiency and quality. The TSX’s closest competitors are the 2011 Ford Taurus and 2011 Subaru Legacy. These sedans are about the same price, but the Taurus packs more horsepower and both are all-wheel drive. The interior of the Taurus is bigger in every way, while the Legacy is about size of the TSX. More owners commented on the quicker acceleration of both competing sedans. Commenters also tend to prefer the family features of both the Taurus and the Legacy over the TSX. Don’t forget to enter your ZIP code into our FREE insurance comparison tool above to save money on car insurance!



2012 Acura TL

Posted on: March 12, 2011 | In Acura

There are many new vehicles that are going to be released at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012, however, one that most people are looking forward to is the 2012 Acura TL. For years the TL has been a long standing model that is offered by the company. And because of this, rarely have we seen any changes in the car since most people like it the way that it is. However, with the 2012 TL, people are going to be able to notice some slight changes that are going to give the car much more character, and make it more luxurious and sophisticated. 


One of the biggest changes that designers for the 2012 TL point out is that the front end has been redone. There is a modified grill, headlights that seem darker, lower lights on the front end and a few extra curves and lines to give the car the feel as if it was wider and lower to the ground. This is going to be the most noticeable change that people are going to be able to spot immediately. In addition, the rear end has always had a few modifications done to it as well. For example, they have reporportioned the lines so that it looks more balanced when compared to the entire car to give off that wider feeling to the car. Designers are stating that with these small changes that have given the car the edge that it needs to once again be the dominant Acura on the roads. 


2012-acura tl

There are a few extra features that are going into the 2012 TL as well. For starters, the blind spot information system, which is going to warn drivers when they are turning or switching lanes if there is an object that they are going to hit. This is something that most drivers are going to love, however, it can always be turned off for those that find it annoying. There is also going to be the new option of the six speed automatic transmission that is going to improve fuel mileage. Previous generations of the TL have gotten around seventeen miles per gallon in the city, while getting around twenty-five miles per gallon on the highway. With the new transmission, these numbers should slightly increase. 


On the interior of the car there are a few changes as well. For one, the seats are now going to be heated and are ventilated, which is a luxury item that people in the past have not had in the TL, unless they specify this on a custom car. The stereo system is also getting an upgrade, as the Disk drive is now going to have 15 gigs of space, which means more songs that the person can make sure that they have with them when they travel. Plus, the Hard Drive is going to have the capability to identify a song for the listener. And for those that want the complete package, they can choose to get the Song by Voice package, which allows the driver to start their favorite song just be instructed the stereo to find it for them. Thus, increasing safety while driving since the driver does not have to fiddle with the controls. 


The car is going to be able to seat five comfortably, with enough leg room for those passengers that are sitting in the back. In addition, those drivers are going to love the layout of the interior since everything is within reach for the driver, such as audio controls on the steering wheel, a big in dash screen that will help to navigate or direct the driver to find a song. The gear shifter is also located in the center of the floor which gives the car a more sportier appeal. 


Overall, the 2012 Acura TL promises to be one of the cars that families are going to love since it can seat five, but still not give them the feeling that they are driving anything less than a performance car. The looks alone are going to be some that stand out against the crowd of other vehicles out there. And those that drive these are going to love how the car handles and sticks to the curves that it is put through, while still maintaining a feel of luxury on the interior.

2011 Acura MDX Features & more

Posted on: October 29, 2010 | In Acura

The 2011 Acura MDX has a curb weight of 4,550 pounds, the transmission is automatic and the engine is a 3.7L V6. Individuals interested in purchasing this vehicle should know that its base price is $42,580.

The 2011 Acura MDX is a SUV that possesses a new V6 engine. Just as Honda’s luxury brand vehicles provide versatility and a high level of performance so does the Acura MDX & 2011 Acura tl. The suggested retail price of the manufacturer is $51,855. This SUV’s engine is 3.7 liters and is a V6 with 300 horse-powers. The engine also possesses 270 pounds of torque along with a Drive-by-Wire throttle control. The fuel mileage is estimated to be 16 miles per gallon in the city, 21 miles per gallon on the highway, and an overall combined miles per gallon of 18. This vehicle has superb acceleration and vehicle control due to its new throttle system and its Super Handling All-Wheel Drive referred to as the SH-AWD. The automatic transmission which has six different speeds is designed with a Shift Hold Control, Grade Logic, and it is also furnished with Sequential Sport Shift paddle shifters.

Acura MdxThe designers of the 2011 Acura MDX have equipped the vehicle with many different specifications that are all very appealing to consumers. The drive train of the vehicle is an automatic transmission with six speeds and a manual shift control. The vehicle is able to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in an estimated time of less than 8 seconds. It is predicted that the 2011 Acura MDX will have 5 trim levels that already exist, but consumers will only be allowed to obtain the new diesel engine in a few selected trims. All of the vehicle’s safety features are identical to those that are found in the 2010 MDX. If car buyers opt to purchase the Advanced package trim they will be provided with an active sports suspension. Individuals that decide to purchase this vehicle may choose between two different warranties. This first warranty is for four years and 50,000 miles, it is a bumper-to-bumper warranty. The second option is for six years and 70,000 miles, it is considered to be a power train warranty. Owners of the 2011 Acura MDX will also be able to benefit with lifelong roadside assistance.

The interior features of the MDX include an Acura Premium Audio System that has seven speakers equipping owners with 253 watts of power. Individuals can enjoy around 1,700 digital channels on their XM Radio, but they will be required to sign up for a monthly subscription. Apple iPods along with other USB devices that use MP3, WMA, or AAC music formats can be plugged into the USB socket. Owners will be able to select specific music from their iPods or from their hard drives through a voice command with the use of the Song by Voice feature.

Under the hood changes for the Acura MDX has not yet been confirmed by Honda, but the maker of the vehicle has expressed the desire to provide consumers with an optional V6 engine that is fuel efficient for the 2011 model or the 2012 model.

Acura TL Best Features for 2011

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Starting at $35,305 the Acura TL is best described as a luxury vehicle that offers both, looks and elegance as well as performance. The TL SH-AWD model starts at around $38,855. It is offered in a 280 hp 3.5-liter v-6 (VTEC) engine or a 305 hp 3.7-litter v-6 (VTEC) engine for the TL SH-AWD model. The sleek and panther-like look speaks for itself, and this beast comes in Crystal Black Pearl, Basque Red Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic, Palladium Metallic, Grigio Metallic, White Diamond Pearl, Borealis Blue Pearl, and Mayan Bronze Metallic. All finishes seem to enhance the elegance of both models. The interior colors complete the package. They include Ebony Leather, Parchment Leather, Taupe Leather, Umber Leather (SH-AWD model), and Taupe Leather with black accents (SH-AWD).

Pricing goes up depending on the selected package. Packages include a technology package with 18-inch wheels, 6-speed manual with technology package, technology package and high performance tires, or the complete package (technology, high performance tires, and 6-speed manual).

The handling on this vehicle is outstanding due to a combination of performance braking system, suspension system, steering system, a rigid body structure, and a quiet and smooth ride – a marriage between performance and elegance. Lighting and visibility is enhanced with a rearview camera and HID headlights. So is access with the key remote functions. The navigation system is sophisticated and functional with tons of features such as voice recognition and real time weather and traffic, among others. The audio system excels offering surround sound system and iPod integration. It also has a Bluetooth hands free link. Keyless start is convenient. The seating is ample, comfortable, and luxurious. There is cargo area storage and cabin storage as well. One great feature is the automatic climate control and the GPS-linked automatic temperature control.

New Acura tlSome of the best safety features for the Acura TL are a tire pressure monitoring system and vehicle stability assist technology, which uses sensors and ABS to keep you safe on the road, by monitoring the speed of the vehicle, the wheel speed, the throttle position, the angle of the steering, among other issues. This quick response system operates in the background to prevent instability and ensure safety. Other safety features include six air bags system, child safety features using sensors to determine that the occupant is a child and adjust as needed, three point belts and head restraints, and enhanced crash energy management system in the body structure, and a security system. The security system allows this to happen – disable ignition, sound horn, and flashing lights – to make it hard to steal.

Accessories enhance this already-fantastic vehicle. Some accessories to consider are cargo hooks, all season mats, trunk tray, wood grain steering wheel or select knob, trunk drawer, cargo net, rear seat covers, door guards, wheel locks, underbody spoilers, splash guards, full nose mask, car cover, body side moldings, different alloy or chrome wheels, door edge film, deck spoiler, sport trim and/or grille, back up sensors, engine block heater, remote engine starter, and much more, depending on packages to be selected.

Ownership for the Acura TL comes with its rewards. It comes with a standard TLC total Luxury Care Roadside Assistance, and a 4-year/50,000 limited warranty.

2011 Acura TL

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With The new 2011 Acura TL, Acura set out to create an all-new vehicle with an exterior design that is more taut, athletic and powerful than before.  Enthusiast drivers appreciate the previous-generation TL for its high dynamic capabilities-it is a true driver's car that competes against the best near-luxury sedans. These enthusiasts are increasingly looking for more dynamic refinement and capability, and emotional styling.

With The 2011 acura TL uses crisp, taut lines instead of sweeping curves, satin trim in key areas rather than bright chrome, and a driver-oriented layout makes driving more engaging. After a few years of high-profile military engagements abroad and a stagnating economy and rising unemployment back home, one thing is clear: There's no stopping the sales of entry-level luxury sedans.



2011 AcuraTL



In fact, business has picked up for companies like Audi, BMW, Lexus and Mercedes during this period. Meanwhile, a steady procession of new arrivals like the Cadillac CTS, Infiniti G35 and Volkswagen Passat W8 has made this one of the most competitive vehicle segments, as manufacturers scramble to keep up with each other in terms of features, driving dynamics and upscale cabin furnishings.

2011 Acura's TL has never been the car to own in the entry-level luxury sedan segment, but we've always counted it among our favorites. Particularly in Type-S form, it offered consumers an appealing blend of performance, luxury content and value. Sure, it Acura TLwasn't as fun to drive as a BMW or Audi, or as opulently outfitted as either one, but with a fully loaded price under $30,000 for the regular TL and right around $34K for the Type-S, it didn't need to be. Acura had no difficulty selling upwards of 60,000 TLs each year – second only to the 3 Series in this price range until the Lexus ES 300 slipped past it last year. Still, the company knew that it was missing out on customers who really did want a bona fide sport sedan and/or a true luxury experience replete with top-grade materials and all the latest convenience and safety features.With the introduction of The 2011 acura TL, Acura will make a serious bid for these customers. Value is still in the picture, as the company will stick to its practice of offering fully equipped vehicles at competitive prices with short options lists.

Acura TL

But with the very desirable TSX now available for buyers who want something (relatively) affordable and compact, this TL doesn't have to cover as much ground. Gone are base and Type-S distinctions in favor of one 270-horsepower TL available with a choice of a manual or automatic transmission and priced around $34,000. Inside, just about every feature anyone would want in an entry-luxury sedan comes standard, while the overall design and the materials used give up nothing to the Europeans. Apart from feeling like the smart financial choice in the over-$30K bracket, this TL could bring out emotions you never thought you'd have for an Acura.

2011 Acura Type S

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Acura Type S

The 2011 acura type s philosophy has always been about engineering — applying precision and ingenuity to mechanical challenges, and in the process, enriching the way driving feels. The 2011 2011 Acura S-Class CL and the Base CL hug corners firmly and effortlessly, thanks to the help of Vehicle Stability Assist in the automatic, or a new short-throw, close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission instead. 2011 Acura type s performance under the hood: the engines in both models of the offer the performance and environmental benefits of Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control, earning both cars that all-important status as Low-Emission Vehicle.


Finally, of course, is the superior design of The 2011 acura type s down to the very structures of these cars which help keep them quiet. The highly rigid bodies were designed with NASA stress analysis software on a supercomputer, so the rides are smooth and quiet. The suspension is calibrated to muffle bumps yet convey a good sense of the road to the driver, particularly in the sport-tuned 2011 acura type s. On the outside, the grille, exhaust pipe, headlights, taillights and door handles are all new in The 2011 acura type s , and each feature amplifies the model’s aggressive performance-coupe character, from bumper to bumper and in between.


2011 Acura Type S

2011 acura type s never rests on past accomplishments. It can’t, because the innovative and perfectionist culture of the Acura division is always pushing the boundaries of technology. It stays on the cutting edge because it sharpens that edge itself. It was the first to introduce an in-dash satellite-linked navigation system, in The 2011 acura type s. And Acura is also the first luxury import brand to design and assemble cars , starting with The 2011 acura type s and Acura TL models. Acura has also brought to market an SUV in the Acura MDX, that is inspired by Acura’s luxurious history and endless pursuit of perfection evidenced even in the Acura Integra model.


Some key engineering highlights for Acura Vehicles include: development of the VTEC™ (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) system, the first-ever variable valve timing system for cars; an advanced double-wishbone upper and lower control arm suspension system; drive-by-wire throttle; and the development of advanced safety systems like a dual-stage front passenger’s air bag, a height- and position-sensing side impact air bag for the front passenger, and the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system.


2011 Acura Type S All this is evident in the engineering aspect of The 2011 acura type s vehicle. Acura engineering has set benchmarks for other marques, for nearly as long as there have been Acura cars.


But for some people out there, driving means a lot more than enjoyable transportation. In fact, for a select few, driving can even be more important than the destination. Because it’s part of who they are. For those people, we have created the Type S.Drawing on the same brain-trust and performance culture that bred the Acura NSX, the Type S carries precisely engineered Acura performance to a new and exhilarating level while spreading it to a broader range of automobiles. Naturally, it all starts in the engine.

2011 Acura TSX

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The 2011 Acura TSX is considered an entry level sedan, however the 2011 version is sure to attract those that are looking for a more sportier feel to their sedan, as it promises just that and more. The TSX is the basic Acura, however, it also includes some notable standards that many people will find is not available on other entry models out there from other manufactures.


The looks of the 2011 Acura TSX are another thing that most people are talking about. The headlights are Xenon headlights and have a slightly different shape the Accord's that most people are used to. The car also has a sunroof, 17 inch alloy wheels, power front seats, climate control, a seven speaker audio, and leather upholstery. These standards scream luxury and fun for the entire family. The standard version also includes a Bluetooth system with iPod integration and satellite radio, however many times the driver may get frustrated that the system is not listening to them. For those wanting to go all out and receive the extras, they can choose to have the ten speaker six CD changer installed, as well as a few extra safety features.



Safety features of the TSX are also noteworthy with the car being equipped with the standard anti-lock brakes, fully loaded air bags and so on, including stability control. All of which give you greater peace of mind.


As far as room goes, the past versions of the TSX have been a disappointment, as the rear seats were hardly big enough to accommodate children, much less adults, and were often referred as more of a two seater than a sedan. However, the new TSX has taken this flaw and corrected it with bigger seats and overall more room. The manufacturers boast that it seats five, however, four is more of the recommended number as the fifth person is going to hate riding anywhere in the car. Even if traveling long distances, the TSX will come in handy. While others agree that the TSX screams 'Road Trip' due to the room and the sunroof that screams fun.


The car does have dual exhaust, which is something that most people are loving because it does give the car a more sporty look and feel. Even the four cylinder version is equipped with dual exhaust. Under the hood, the four cylinder version is equipped with a 2.4 liter engine that is said to produce 201 horsepower. On the other hand, there is also the six cylinder version that most people are recommending more just because of the added power. The V6 comes with a 3.5 liter engine that is capable of 280 horsepower. Most reviewers have responded that the V6 version is going to be the way that most people will want to go if they are interested in power and want superior handling, otherwise they may be disappointed.


Overall, the 2011 Acrua TSX has really improved over past generations of the vehicle, with making the ride more sportier and increasing its appeal to consumers. For those that want a small car with room for passengers, but still want the feel of a sports car, then the TSX is the answer to your prayers. The interior is full of those technological advanced gadgets that will leave your friends impressed, however, if you are strictly wanting performance, then go with the V6 for full satisfaction.

2011 Acura RSX

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For those that are searching for a good small car, then the 2011 Acura RSX is a car that they are going to want to consider, as it is one that is built to give great performance when driven. The looks alone of this car scream performance to most people, as it has smooth lines and styling that has the car looking like it can take on anything that comes its way and outrun it. And with the 2.0 liter engine that is present in the car that delivers up to around one hundred and sixty horsepower, it can most definitely take on the competition whenever it needs to demonstrate its worth. In terms of transmission, the person will find that they can choose from the five speed automatic or manual transmission as well as a six speed automatic transmission. Of course, for those that want sports appeal, they are going to find nothing better than the five speed manual transmission to use.

For those that are looking at the exterior, they are going to find that there are some luxury items about the car that they have not noticed in other cars that are offered at the same price. For one, the person will find that they have heated mirrors on the car, which is going to help for anyone that is located in colder climates. However, they are going to notice one feature and this is just whether they are getting a RSX or a RSX Type-S. The Type-S is of course the more sportier version of the two, yet those that get the base model are not going to be disappointed. The Type-S simply takes the performance up a notch by increasing horsepower to around 200. Though both cars are still going to be able to dominate the competition as they are designed to do this.

The interior of the cars are something that most people are very surprised at when they first look into the car. The car appears to be something that is not an Acura at all, but could be mistaken for any fancy and expensive sports car that is out there. They are going to find that the interior is made to make the person feel as though they are racing at any time that sit behind the wheel. For example, the steering wheel is wrapped in leather, while the leather seats are meant to hug and conform to the drivers body so that they have a feeling of complete control, plus the look of the dashboard is something that is simply breathtaking. The gauges in the car are going to be surrounded by metallic, while the entire dashboard is one that speaks of speed and efficiency. There are also the standard things that people may not be expecting, such as climate control throughout the car, power windows, power locks, an adjustable height drivers seat, moon roof and so forth.

For those that wonder just how the car drives, they are going to find that they are impressed as the suspension system is one that is going to allow them to take those tight turns and corners as though they are racing a formula one race car. The transmission is also incredible in helping the person to get the most out of the vehicle with tight gear shifts that are going to make the engine purr. And overall, the car is exceptionally fun to drive.

Acura RSX2011 Acura RSX







The 2011 Acura RSX does offer a few add on packages that include front fenders, and a rear spoiler for those that are wanting to make their car appear a bit different from the others on the road and is going to be something that has heads turning. It is most definitely a step up from the past RSX models and one that is sure to impress even the most hard to please person.

2011 Acura RL

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2011 Acura RL

The 2011 Acura RL is the latest design concept change made by the automaker for this line of luxury sedan vehicles. For this model, there are some rather noticeable changes. The most noticeable perhaps is the front grill, which some experts have termed rather unflattering. So at this point, it is up in the air as to whether luxury sedan owners are going to embrace the new RL or not. However, Acura also used this model to change many things that past RL models have lacked. The 2011 Acura RL will be available in two trims, the Sedan and the Sedan with Navigation System which will allow the driver to control such things as the navigation and stereo by just directing a verbal command to the car.


For example, the 2011 Acura RL will have more power than the models before it. The standard model will have a 3.7 liter V6 engine, with the option for consumers to upgrade to the V8. However, after initial testing, most people found that the V6 engine performs well against those other luxury sedans that are utilizing the V8 engine. With the standard engine, it is cited at getting around 225 horsepower. Gas mileage wise, the 2011 Acura RL is still pretty impressive, getting around 18 miles per gallon in the city and 24 miles per gallon on the highway.



2011 acura rl

In addition, the 2011 Acura RL will contain better traction. Past models have always known to slip and slide in certain conditions, however the 2011 model promises better traction no matter the terrain. This is due to the all new all wheel drive system that not only improves traction, but also improve the handling of the vehicle as well.


Interior wise, the 2011 Acura RL will deliver the utmost in comfort and luxury. Leather seats are complimentary to the real wood that is used on the dashboard. The controls are all electronic and easy to read, however there are a slue of buttons on the dash, but rest assure they are very simple to use. In addition, the drivers seat has adjustable lumbar support, as well as both front seats being heated. The rear seats have the addition of an arm rest in the center equipped with cup holders to give everyone the convenience that they desire. In addition, the drivers seat is equipped with sensors to recognize the driver in order to adjust the seat and the mirrors to the drivers preference, a huge plus for those that share their car with someone else.


Those who have ridden in the 2011 Acura RL often speak of virtually not hearing the engine. This is due to the many aspects that Acura included in the car to dampen the drive noise in order to have a better riding experience. In addition, there are springs in the seats to lessen the effect of bumps and potholes on the roads for those riding in the car. Those who do sit in the rear of the car will be pleasantly surprised at just how much space that they have, including ample head room and feet room. Too many luxury sedans on the market seem to forget the passengers, however Acura has made sure to remember them with the 2011 RL.


Thus far with the 2011 Acura RL, most experts are predicting that the car will be a hit, despite the front grill change. Initial road tests of the luxury sedan have proved to be successful, when many commenting on the ride and overall feel of the car being excellent. Most are delighted and remark that the car is a true Honda product, holding to Honda's level of quality and advancements.

2011 Acura NSX

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2011 Acura NSX

The 2011 Acura NSX has long-since been regarded as the masterpiece of sportscars. This high-performance exotic coupe owes its staying power to a very special gathering of seasoned engineers with an unswerving passion for performance.The R&D labs and assembly stables that gave birth to the very first 2011 acura nsx , a location that provided the team with the ultimate reality check. Drawing on aeronautical materials and design, and eager to apply a host of revolutionary automotive engineering principles, they were able to realize the dream of a lifetime: The car that changed everything

Our staff is successful in providing you the best price quotes for 2011 acura nsx. We are motivated about sharing knowledge of 2011 acura nsx information. Visit us, more pictures and more links for Acura nsx information online. We offer a comprehensive help service area. The brand-new 2011 Acura NSX is no exception. Fully loaded and further streamlined for maximum comfort and drivability, The 2011 Acura NSX is fine-tuned and better than ever. Sleek Design and Total Luxury with the NSX.

Aesthetically proportioned and fashioned from top-grade aluminum, The 2011 Acura NSX is more than a peak performance car. Its exquisite lines and luxury interior inspire envy wherever it goes. The NSX sportscar has won glowing accolades as a prime demonstration of Acura's technical expertise.You can enjoy high performance as you travel in this full-powered mid-engined car. The 2011 2011 Acura NSX is available in automatic and manual transmission, with a three-litre version available for purchase. Whether you're racing around the track, accelerating on the highway, or simply driving it around town, the NSX adapts to all road conditions. Take in the breathtaking scenery as you drive, with The 2011 Acura NSX's all-round vision and contoured leather seats.

The 2011 Acura NSX's Lightning Speed Equipped with a 3.2-litre V6 engine, The 2011 Acura NSX hits 62mph in fewer than six seconds. It tops out at an amazing 170mph with a six-speed manual gearbox. An engine on par with the Grand Prix, the NSX engine reaches 8,000 rpms smoothly and easily.


Acura NSXPerhaps the most unique feature of the Acura NSX is its adaptability. Its V6 power runs smoothly at low speeds and high speeds alike. Its Formula One World Championship pedigree makes it a top-of-the-line vehicle, made from high-grade titanium and aluminum parts for maximum speed and minimum weight.

The 2011 Acura NSX is a high-powered masterpiece, accelerating and taking curves with pure ease. Imagine the power of an Acura NSX Turbo, suped-up and overhauled into a driving machine. Discover the Acura NSX Turbo, and its incomparable power and drive.Maintenance of Your 2011 Acura NSX Because it have an intercooler, the airflow to the radiator can become slightly blocked, causing the car to run hot. However, if your 2011 Acura NSX has a healthy radiator, you shouldn't experience overheating. If your car is running hot, talk to your mechanic about possible modifications, such as using both factory fans, running the thermostat colder, or drilling holes around the thermostat. With turbo kits, you can run 10-15 psi daily, easily and trouble-free. Your engine can handle the racetrack and suburban or city streets alike.

2011 Acura MDX

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The 2011 acura MDX was developed with the overriding goal of setting new benchmarks for luxury SUV performance. The 2011 2011 MDX's closest competitors include the BMW X5, the Land Rover Range Rover, and the Volvo XC90. Upon introduction, both trims are equipped with a standard 3.5-liter, V6, 265-horsepower engine that achieves 17-mpg in the city and 23-mpg on the highway. A 5-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard. 

That performance goal applies to the three main themes of the development concept; to establish new performance benchmarks in the SUV category for versatility, responsibility and dynamic performance. As the development process progressed, an additional development goal was added – furnishing the vehicle with an array of cutting edge features that effectively "defeat winter" for its driver and passengers – limiting the harsh effects of the cold winter months on MDX occupants.


A new drive-by-wire throttle system was included and the state-of-the art VTM-4 four-wheel drive system was revised to provide enhanced vehicle control during acceleration, cornering and braking.For 2011, Acura updated the exterior styling to give the MDX a muscular, performance-oriented look representative of its impressive powertrain. To that end, the front fascia has been redesigned with a sharper, more tapered look and an integrated chin spoiler was applied to reinforce the new styling and direct air to the sides of the vehicle.

Inside, The 2011 acura MDX receives an assortment of new features designed to make it even more comfortable and refined including brushed metal-look instrument panel trim, ambient foot lights and welcome illumination. On MDX models equipped with the available Touring Package, the eight-way power-adjustable driver's seat now features power-adjustable lumbar support that flexes to match the natural curve of the driver's spine.

2011 Acura MDX Review


The Touring Package also receives a more powerful (225-watt vs. 200-watt) Acura/Bose Music System with retuned speakers for superior sound reproduction.

All 2011 acurex MDX models are equipped with a standard Side Curtain Airbag system with side impact and rollover sensors designed to help reduce injury to occupants during an accident. A new Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which alerts the driver when tire pressure in one or more tires drops significantly below the recommended level, is standard on all MDX models. Outstanding performance has always been a fundamental Acura character trait. The development of Acura's first in-house designed and engineered SUV presented the opportunity for the engineers to sidestep the shortcomings of products already on the market and begin with a fresh approach to the SUV equation.