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Mercedes CLK Cars

Posted on: October 27, 2010 | In Mercedes

The Mercedes CLK cars are some of the most distinguishable Mercedes out there, as they have what most people have termed the classic Mercedes look. So what makes these cars so special when compared to other luxury brand cars? The most important aspect setting the Mercedes CLK cars apart from other high price brands is the safety that the CLK cars offer. These cars are widely known for holding up well in the event of an accident. The most notable feature is that Mercedes CLK cars do not have dead bolt locks that automatically lock once you reach a certain speed. The engineers at Mercedes omitted these from the car in the event that an accident did occur and these locks would be stuck, making it impossible for the person to get out, and possibly trapping them into a dangerous situation. The CLK cars are come equipped with standard dual front air bags, with rear air bags being an option that a buyer can choose. There are also anti-lock brakes, ISOFIX mountings for those children seats in the back, and it also has the electronic stability program.


So now that safety has been established, what else can the Mercedes CLK cars offer a potential buyer? Probably the most notable aspect is the exterior and interior looks of the car that are completely unique to the Mercedes line, the CLK being no exception to this rule. The CLK line of cars all have the classic Mercedes look complete with the trademark three point star on the hood of the car and an overall laid back look that is not aggressive, and the distinctive round headlights of the CLK car. The exterior looks of the car also have function for the car, as it allows for a driver to see in their blind spot much easier. The interior looks of Mercedes CLK cars carries over from the exterior. There are lines around air vents in the dashboard that resemble the headlights and the interior flows from one aspect to another.


Performance wise, those interested in Mercedes CLK cars will have seven engines to choose from that include five gas engines and two diesel engines. Among those five gas engines you can choose from having a four cylinder, six cylinder or a V8. Top of the line for the Mercedes CLK car is the V8 engine that will cost a person a substantial amount of around $100,000 or so.


Another question that is common on the lips of those buying cars is whether or not the car is practical? For example, many cars out there look good, but once you get them home you find that they are just not practical for your situation. With the CLK car being a coupe, many people tend to worry about this aspect. However, the Mercedes makers have headed these concerns off by making sure that the back seat of the CLK can accommodate passengers and is comfortable. Furthermore, the problem that many coupes face with people having a hard time getting into the back seat because of seat belts and front seats not moving forward enough is nonexistent with the CLK coupe. The front seats backing will lean forward to touch the steering wheel while the seat belt is attached far out of the way and automatically comes forward for the driver and the passenger when the engine is started.


In addition, Mercedes CLK cars come with numerous extra options. For example, front and rear parking sensors, a telephone adapter kit, heated leather front seats and the option to add metallic paint in order to make your CLK car stand out from the crowd. However, if the extras are not something that you are interested in the basic CLK still comes with standard equipment that other cars do not have. For example, electric windows, climate control and sixteen inch alloy wheels.


Mercedes CLK CarsThe CLK has been in production since 2002, meaning that the newer models are even more advanced than the last. However, even purchasing a pre-owned CLK you have the peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing something with quality engineering and the utmost of comfort and reliability.


In summary, Mercedes CLK cars are considered one of the top of the line cars in their class. They have the safety that consumers want and come equipped with those extras that add a spark of individuality, and are overall a great buy for anyone wanting a car that is considered luxury while still having the sleek sportier look that the people love.