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Renault Suspects Foul Play

Posted on: January 22, 2011 | In Renault

The French automaker Renault, has suspended without pay three of its executives for what they are terming unethical behavior. It seems that the three executives could have been leaking vital information about Renault's electrical vehicle line, thus, Renault is taking the accusations being thrown around very serious.


The investigation into these three executives has been in progress for the past several months. In a statement, Renault said that through the investigation they do know that these three executives were making careless decisions and using Renault funds in order to fund these decisions. However, it is not certain whether the executives did leak vital information about the technology being used in Renault or not. If it is discovered, they will be dismissed permanently with little hesitation by the company. 


France has always been obsessed with the economic warfare part of every company and for valid reasons. The times that something occurs like this are not rare in France like it is in the United States, thus why the government encourages ethical behavior in the workplace in order to prevent these kind of problems. 


Renault works with Nissan and each may have been switching ideas about the electrical car sector that Nissan is already a part of. It could have been this kind of information that the executives were giving to the highest bidder, however, without a full investigation no one can be certain of exactly what these three people did. 


One thing is for certain is that if the executives are found guilty, they will get their punishment handed to them. This kind of behavior is frowned upon anywhere, and it is going to be harder for these people to find other employment after such a scandal. Those that are involved with Renault have not spoken out that much, however, one source did say that usually with this kind of suspension without pay, the person is fired quickly afterwards.