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Chevrolet Trailblazer 2012,2013

Posted on: October 16, 2011 | In Chevrolet

The Chevrolet trailblazer 2012 is one that many people are keeping their eyes open for when they are ready to shop for a new SUV. This SUV is seating five, making it one of the mid size SUV's that is on the market. Those that are serious about considering this as their new vehicle will find that the Chevrolet trailblazer 2012 is available in two models, the LT and the SS, with the LT being the introduction model that most people are going to find on lots. However, for those that spring for the SS, they will find that they are getting the more sportier version of the Chevrolet trailblazer 2012 that could set their SUV out against the rest of the crowd.

Chevrolet TrailBlazer

The specifics of the Chevrolet trailblazer 2012 really depends on the type of model that the person ends up getting. The LT model is going to have a 4.2 liter engine that gets around 285 horsepower. However, there is an option with the LT that will allow people to choose a 5.3 liter, V8 engine if they so choose which boosts the horsepower up to around 300. Those that choose this model will have their choice of part-time four wheel drive or rear wheel drive as to which drive train the SUV offers. Plus, they will automatically have a four speed automatic transmission no matter what the engine size that they choose. The LT model does come in 1LT, 2LT, and 3LT, which is basically has a difference of the package that is offered with the Chevrolet trailblazer 2012.

The 1LT version will give the person the basic package, which include 17 inch wheel, a CD player, automatic seats and so forth, the OnStar system and satellite radio. This is what most consider to be the bottom of the line when it comes to the Chevrolet trailblazer 2012. The 2LT version is a bit upgraded with automatic climate control that is done automatically throughout the entire vehicle, leather seats, heated mirrors and other additional features that are going to make the Chevrolet trailblazer 2012 a bit more luxurious. The 3LT is top of the line for the basic model and includes memory in the drivers seat, eighteen inch tires, and a BOSE music system.

For those that are really wanting top of the line with the Chevrolet trailblazer 2012, they are going to find that the SS is the model to choose. The SS comes equipped with a V8, 6.0 liter engine that is going to give around 390 horsepower. They will find that this is a lot of power that they can have in order to have fun and get to where they are going. They also get the option of having two wheel or four wheel drive part-time. In terms of the packaging that is offered with the Chevrolet trailblazer 2012 SS the person will find 20 inch tires, high performance brakes, and a tighter steering package for that sports tuned feeling to driving this.

Overall, the Chevrolet trailblazer 2012 is one that most people are eager to see. However, they may be slightly disappointed with the interior, as it has not seen any major improvements in the past few years. Yet, this is still not stopping many people from making the Chevrolet trailblazer 2012 one that they are going to have for their families and enjoy driving.

Review of 2012 Chevrolet Equinox

Posted on: August 20, 2011 | In Chevrolet

The Equinox has been the smaller SUV that Chevrolet has been focusing on for the past few years, and it has been a decent seller for the company. The 2012 version of the SUV is not going to see many changes from pervious years, yet, there are many things that people are going to love and hate about the small SUV that could affect Chevrolet in the long run. One of the newer additions that people are going to notice to the small SUV is the fact that it now has warning systems available that can help the person know when they are crossing over the yellow line while driving and the front end collision warning system. Of course, this is something that is going to cost the person extra to have, yet is still nice to have as an option. As standard equipment for the 2012 year, people are going to find that the rear camera is something that is set to stay, which is a nice addition to the Equinox and does bump it up on the list of many people. However, they are going to find that the use of video equipment in the back seat is no longer even available, which for those with kids, may be the down turn of why they should not buy the new Equinox. 


So what are the strengths of the 2012 Equinox? The leg room for passengers that are riding in the back is probably the main reason why so many people consider this small SUV. They are going to find that the back seat is adjustable allowing for as little or as much room as the person is going to need in order to feel comfortable. The ride of the Equinox is very smooth and not jerky as many other small SUV's on the market are. The person is getting the ride of the larger SUV's out there, without having to pay the price when they buy the SUV nor paying the price at the pump.   

So with all the good pointed out, what is some of the negative that people are finding with the Equinox? Most people are pointing out that the controls on the dashboard are a bit hard for drivers to reach. This could cause many to be concerned about safety, especially if they have children that are of the driving age and like to fiddle with the controls. Other people also point out that the steering is a bit lacking when compared to the rest of the Equinox and what it has to offer. Often stating that the steering is just there, and does not really boost up the Equinox at all.   

The Equinox is available in both front wheel drive and all wheel drive which is giving people many more options than what they are use to having. With that being said, the gas mileage is probably the main concern of people, and they are going to find that the front wheel drive Equinox is going to offer 22 miles per gallon in the city and 32 miles per gallon on the highway. The all wheel drive version is going to offer slightly lower than this, which is to be expected. Is the Equinox a good buy for families? Most definitely since they are going to have the room and the ride that matters. 

Review of 2012 Chevrolet Sonic

Posted on: August 19, 2011 | In Chevrolet

For years, companies like Chevrolet have been trying to cross over into that small car segment, without much success. Consider the Cobalt and other cars that were sold, yet they did not stay on the market for too long. However, Chevrolet is hoping to change this with their new Sonic. And it would seem that Chevrolet has finally gotten it right with the Sonic, as it is a good looking small car, that has a sporty edge to it, while still being something that is fun to drive and something that people are going to want to have.   

2012 sonic

The interior of the car is a step above the competition and does not try too hard. Which could be one of the reasons that so many people are liking it. No longer are people having to try to figure out what this and that does, they know with the Sonic since it is very straightforward. Seating is not bad as well, and everyone is comfortable. Unless, of course, you have two very big people in the back seat who may feel as though they are bit cramped. But that sort of thing is to be expected with all small cars in this segment.   

The engine is borrowed from the Cruze, which is why the car is so much fun to drive. The Cruze is a heavier car, yet with the engine in the Sonic, the person is going to be able to have fun thanks to the lighter design of the car itself. They are going to find that they have two options, a 1.8 liter Ecotect four or the 1.8 turbo liter four. Either one is a great choice and they are going to find that transmission wise, people are getting to choose between automatic and manual.   

There are two body styles of the Sonic being offered. There is the four door sedan, which is rather dull and what most people expect with a sedan. Yet there is also the five door hatchback, which is really the bread and butter of this car, and something that everyone should consider. They are going to find that looks wise, the hatchback option is going to be the one that stands out in the crowd of small cars that are on the market.   

The person is going to find that in terms of driving, it is very solid. And they are going to find that it is fun to drive, with the ability to speed up fast and slow down impressively. But is the small car safe? This is one of the worries that most people have and the fact is that Chevrolet has done all that they can do to make sure that this car is safe to drive. There are ten air bags in the car to help in the event that the car does become involved in a crash. And they used strong steel in the underbody to help minimize damage to the car and provide impact resistance. For those that are wanting a US made car that is going to compete with the other foreign small cars that are out there, it would seem that Chevrolet has out done themselves this time.

2012 Chevrolet Spark Review, Pictures & more

Posted on: July 9, 2011 | In Chevrolet

Chevrolet is going to make a step towards taking over the small car market with the new Chevrolet Spark that it is introducing in 2012. This car has not been getting much recognition, however, there is no reason that people should not be lining up to at least learn about what this car has to offer. The car was first introduced to the European market, where it did fit in. Now that it is coming to the United States most people wonder just how well the Spark will do here? The Spark can be compared to the Smart cars that are out there, and everyone that has followed the market for these cars knows that they are not necessarily a big seller in the United States. But, with that being said, the Spark has a few characteristics that are going to make people turn their head to look, while others may have them running in the opposite direction. 


One of the cosmetic aspects about the Spark that has most people frowning is the fact that the car seems to be all headlights. The headlights are the most dominant thing that people are going to notice when they look at this car which makes the hood and the front end in general stand out in a crowd. This could be a good or bad thing. However, professionals in the market point out that those cars that have these kind of front ends in the design spectrum are usually having to be redesigned within a small amount of time because people get tired of this look. So from this perspective, the Spark is going to be old news by 2014 or 2015. 



2012 Chevrolet Spark 2012 chevrolet spark










There are some good points about the Spark that are really gaining the attention of those out there. For starters, even though the design on the exterior may be a turn off, people are going to find that the interior is something that they are going to love. There is a lot of room for five passengers, even though the car is so small. And this includes the leg room, head room and overall shoulder room that the person has in the car. And with the ability to fold down the rear seats, it allows it to have great storage in the rear. 


So how does it perform? The person should keep in mind that this car was not designed to be winning any races, it was in fact designed to be more fuel economical and be an option for those that want a car that is going to give them decent gas mileage. However, the official engine size has not been released for the United States, nor has the estimated fuel mileage. The European version of the car, would not be satisfactory to most American's since the engine is not really designed to give performance. So is the Spark something to consider? For those that want a subcompact car that is going to be on the green side, then this is really the only option that Chevrolet is going to offer them. However, for those that want a good family car, they may want to reconsider before they purchase this. 

2012 Chevrolet Malibu review and pictures

Posted on: July 8, 2011 | In Chevrolet

The Chevrolet Malibu has always been a good seller for Chevrolet, with many people liking the fact that this is a mid sized car that is very affordable. And the person is going to find that with 2012, the few changes that Chevrolet is making to the Malibu is not going to change it to the point that it is not going to be desirable, however, they have listened to what people want and are making adjustments that are going to please the consumer first and foremost. So just what can people expect with the 2012 version of the Malibu? They are going to find that the engineers have added a few lines to the body style in order to give it more definition and appeal. The front and back end are going to be what most people are going to notice has the biggest change in styling. 




The front end is receiving wider headlights, and the hood is going to seem as though it is a bit taller. The back end is also going to receive different and wider lights, and the back end of the trunk is going to receive a few more details to it to make it pop when it compared to the recent models. Overall, the looks are going to be a bit more on the sporty side of things and offer something that people are really going to love in terms of the luxurious appeal that the car is not going to have with those that are looking at one of these cars. 


There are also some changes that are going to be taking place under the hood, so to speak. The new 2012 Malibu is going to be placed on the new Epsilon II platform that GM is using for the Buick Lacrosse and Regal. With this new platform, the Malibu is going to be a bit wider and taller, which is also going to increase the amount of interior space that the person is going to have to deal with as well, which is always a plus for most people. The interior materials are going to see a boost in the quality of what is being used, which is always good. However, most people are hoping that they did not change the interior too much as this one of the most favorite parts of the Malibu.


With everything that this is to be changed about the Malibu, there are those that are predicting that the new Malibu will also come with an e-assist program that is going to help make the car much more economical when it comes to the fuel mileage, as an option that people can choose to have or not. However, this has not been confirmed yet, though it would seem that this is the direction that they are going. Another important note about the new Malibu is the fact that this is going to be a car that is going to be sold globally without any changes from one location to the next, which is the first for Chevrolet. get great discount on Chevrolet Car Insurance


2012 Chevrolet Sonic

Posted on: July 5, 2011 | In Chevrolet

For 2012, Chevrolet is pulling out a new car that is meant to take the place of the Aveo, that as people know has not done that well in the market these days. The new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic is set to start to go on sale in 2012 and is meant to be a great option for those that are looking for smaller cars, like the main competition of the Ford Fiesta. For those that are interested they are going to have the choice of a small four door sedan or a five door hatchback version of the Sonic, which does give the person more choices than what they had in the past. But, what is Chevrolet hoping to accomplish with the Sonic? They are hoping that this will open up the small car market to them, which is a market that they have been closed out of for quite some time. 


The new Sonic is going to be offered in a 1.8 engine that is going to get around 135 horsepower and can be combined with a six speed automatic or five speed manual transmission. The other option is the 1.4 engine that is combined with turbo, which is going to get around 138 horsepower and only comes with the six speed manual transmission as an option. With the small engine sizes, people are going to find that they are going to get some excellent gas mileage, but the actual mileage has not been released as of yet. In addition, on the interior of the car they are going to find that they are not getting something that is cheap and roughly made. The interior has Bluetooth capabilities, has the OnStar system ready to go, while also offering a dashboard that is chromed out and feels more like it belongs in a luxury vehicle or at least one that is a bit more sporty. This is something that has received a bit of criticism since most people think that Chevrolet did a little overkill on the interior to make it competitive with other small cars in the market. 


But, is the Sonic going to compete with the other cars that are on the market? This is the question that most people are wondering, as it is already starting to be compared to the Ford Fiesta. The current excitement for the Sonic shows that people are interested in the car and that they may be willing to consider the car for their next purchase. However, there are many that point out that the Sonic just over killed the image that they were trying to gain. And that the Ford Fiesta has nothing to worry about. While others complain that the Sonic is really not a new car at all, it simply is the Aveo renamed. 


For the sake of Chevrolet the car should do well, it is being offered at a decent price with prices starting at around $17,000, which is pretty competitive with the current small car market. The world will just have to watch and see how well the Sonic does once it is released onto the market, but more than likely it will flourish since it is the only small car that is offered by Chevrolet.

Review of 2013 Chevrolet Malibu

Posted on: April 22, 2011 | In Chevrolet

The 2013 Chevrolet Malibu has been one of those cars that most people are paying attention to, even though it is not set to release until the summer of 2011 if all goes as planned. There are many styling differences from the 2013 Malibu when compared to the Malibu of 2011, and that is what the maker was wanting when they decided to come out with this car. However, probably the most talked about feature is that this is a world car, the first of its kind. What does this mean? It means that Chevrolet has done something that no other car maker has done in the past and designed one car that will have the Malibu title that is meant to appeal to all those all over the globe. It is definitely something unique, and this is why many people are willing and eager to get their hands onto the car. 


The styling differences that people can expect with the 2013 Malibu is that immediately upon seeing it the person is going to see the styling that has been used. It is reminiscent of the more sportier brands of vehicles that the brand offers, such as the Corvette and the Camaro. The designers for the Malibu decided to integrate these styling cues in order to make the car look as though it would be enjoyable to drive. They wanted an athletic build, but still with enough class about it so that people were getting that familiar sedan feel with it. Though, it still has that rugged edge to it that makes it look as though when behind the wheel you are going to have tons of power. 

Malibu 2013

The car had a wider stance when compared with the Malibus of the past generation which helps to give it the look that designers were going for. However, it also has the added benefit of making the car handle better since it can grip the road and a more wider angle. Therefore, performance is a definite part of the package as well. The engine is going to be a series of four cylinder options that are going to allow the car to have great gas mileage, something that is becoming more and more important to those that are on the market to buy a new car. 


Overall, the person is going to see that the new Malibu is not like past generations. It is still going to have the reliability and the performance that people are wanting. However, it is adding in some styling changes that are going to make it appeal to many more people. For years, the Malibu has been one of the best selling sedans that Chevrolet has to offer, and with the 2013 model, it is clear that the car's firm reputation will stay intact.

2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Posted on: March 20, 2011 | In Chevrolet

For all those out there that are crazy for the muscle cars of the past, then they are going to be getting a pleasant surprise for 2012. Chevrolet is releasing their 2012 Camaro ZL1 is sure to please many care enthusiasts out there. People can expect to find the same great performance that they are used to with the muscle cars, while also some of the finest and most advanced technologies are going to be incorporated into these vehicles. It is definitely going to be one of those cars that people are going to want to have and collect for later on in life. 


One of the biggest technologies that people are going to find present in the Camaro Zl1 is the Track Tuned Suspension complete with Magnetic Ride. What exactly is this? This is going to be the one thing that ensures that every ride that you take in the car no matter, the weather or the road conditions is going to be one that you enjoy. Sensors in the car monitoring the tires and the amount of bumping and so forth and then automatically adjust the car to deal with these so that the passengers and driver are never really bothered. 


Another neat feature about this car is the exhaust. Instead of running the same exhaust all the time, the car is equipped with ways in which the car control the fuel mileage and horsepower that is being let into the engine. For example, when the car is running at fast speeds, the car is going to automatically stream the exhaust in a different way in order to give more horsepower to the motor. While the car is being driven in lower speeds, there is not change from the way that the exhaust is moved through the car. Engine wise, people are going to love the 6.2 liter, Supercharged V8 engine that the car has. It produces around 550 horsepower. The car is equipped with a six speed manual transmission that allows for drivers to shift almost immediately when they reach the speed that they are wanting. 


One of the ways in which the designers were able to make sure that this car performed as well as it does was to place carbon fiber inserts into the hood of the car. What exactly did this do? The carbon fiber makes the entire body of the car lighter which helps improve performance, as well as fuel mileage without the added extra weight that was on sports cars of long ago. In addition, the hood was designed at an angle in order to lessen the resistance that people are going to feel from the wind and speed that they are going. 













The interior is also going to be a shock to many people, however the reasons for the change are those that are going to benefit people. The steering wheel and the shifting knob are covered in suede. This is able to give the person a more firm grip which gives them better control of the car in those situations in which they need. In keeping with better control of the sports car, the car is also outfitted with microfiber suede seats which keeps the driver and the passenger from slipping and sliding, while also providing a nice and comfortable ride. 


The interior is also outfitted with a hidden USB port so that people can plug up their musical devices and listen through the Boston Acoustics premium sound system that is one of the best that there is on the market. Safety wise, the Camaro is also proven itself worthy. The stopping power of the car is amazing when compared to other cars that have this amount of power that are on the market. The reason for the great stopping power has to do with the six piston calibers on the front brakes and the four piston calibers that are on the rear brakes. 


Will the 2012 Camaro meet the dreams of those that have always longed to have one of these cars? Definitely, since it is combining everything that people are wanting, speed, beauty and high technology into one neat little package that is the 2012 Camaro. There is only expected to be a few of these cars made, which is most certainly going to increase their value in the future, to those that collect cars.

2011 Chevrolet Malibu Review

Posted on: November 1, 2010 | In Car Reviews

The 2011 Chevrolet Malibu is one of the best selling mid size cars for the Chevrolet manufacturer. For those that want a car that is still great on fuel, but also has a roomy interior, then the 2011 Chevrolet Malibu is the car that is worth your time to investigate.

So what is so different from the 2010 Malibu to the Malibu models for 2011? In all actuality, not much has changed between the year. However, there is one change that many people consider to be one of the wisest decisions that Chevrolet has done. This is dropping the antique four speed automatic as the cars entry level transmission. Doing so, consumers believe that the Malibu will become even more appealing to buyers with the exception of this transmission from the mix.

The styling of the 2011 Malibu is literally a replica of the 2010 Malibu. The new Malibu has a 17 inch or 18 inch wheel finished, depending upon which version of the Malibu the consumer purchases. Part of the appeal of the Malibu is its wheel design that makes the Malibu has the ultimate in passenger space which makes the Malibu so appealing to the consumers. The wheel base of the Malibu is some of the largest in the mid-size car models, meaning that you get the most room for your dollar with the Malibu.

When it comes to the mechanics of the 2011 Malibu, there is still going to be a choice for consumers to choose from engine wise. There are two engines to choose from. The standard issued engine is the 2.4 liter four cylinder engine. This engine delivers around 160 horsepower, with 160 pound per foot of torque. On the 2T and LTZ models, consumers have the options of getting a 3.5 liter six cylinder engine that has around 252 horsepower and 251 pound-feet of torque. All the Malibu’s come with a standard six speed automatic which also contains a steering wheel shifter for drivers to imitate shifting gears if they want.

The brakes on the 2011 Chevrolet Malibu is still the standard four-wheel disc brakes. These brakes are equipped with anti-lock to aid in those times that drivers need to make an immediate stop. The car is also equipped with electronic stability control which seems to be the standard norm for all mid-size cars.

The standard 2011 Malibu comes with a steering wheel that is able to be tilted for ultimate comfort, a drivers power seat that includes lumbar support, remote keyless entry, and power windows, locks and mirrors. As well as, satellite radio and a port to plug in digital devices is also standard. There are other aspects that people can purchase with certain Malibu models. For example, the ability to start the engine remotely, pedals that can be adjusted with the flick of a button, rear sunshade that is power operated, leather upholstery, Bluetooth wireless phone connectivity and a USB interface for iPods or other devices.

Another standard feature is the OnStar program, which is part of its safety system that alerts professionals in the case of a crash that can get immediate help to you. In addition, the Malibu is sporting air bags that not only protect the front of the body, but also the torso and curtain side air bags that are supposed to protect the head. However, these are excellent strides towards having a completely safe vehicle, the model does fall short in a few areas compared with other styles of cars in the mid-size car category.

The good news is that the price for a 2011 Malibu only had a slight price increased when compared with the 2010 models. The base price for a typical Malibu with no added extras is $22,695, which is only $150 more than the 2010 model. The Malibu LTZ is priced around $27,735. Of course these prices will vary according to the car lot and whether the dealer is running a sale on the vehicle.

2011 Chevrolet Malibu

The mileage per gallon that the Malibu gets is around 22 miles per gallon while in the city, while interstate wise, the Malibu gets 33 miles per gallon. These figures are mostly unchanged from the 2010 Malibu models. In comparisons with other cars in the same category, the Malibu does not get the amazing gas mileage rates that other cars do, however, most people agree that for the extra space that it is an even trade off.

Overall, the changes to the 2011 Chevrolet Malibu’s are nothing extreme, however, the 2010 models were received with open arms, which means that the 2011 models will more than likely have the same reception. Chevrolet did a good job of finding past problems and correcting these with the 2011 model which will become a favorite among die hard Chevrolet fans.

Chevrolet Volt Best Features

Posted on: October 27, 2010 | In Chevrolet

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt is expected to be a hit with drivers. The elegant lines of this vehicle are something to talk about, but it is the primary feature of this car that is catching driver's attention – that is the fact that the Chevy Volt is powered by electricity without having to be plug constantly as it has an onboard generator to keep it going. Plugging has been one of the issues with other electric cars; people do not seem to bother with having to plug a car too often. However, with the Volt, a lithium-ion battery pack drivers who want to be more eco-conscientious can now enjoy a vehicle that will get them a bit farther on electricity power, therefore, reducing emissions to none, while eliminating the fear of having to plug constantly for longer rides. It also works with gas when needed, so drivers can rest assure that they will get to their destination without worries of losing time or being stuck. It gives 40 miles on the charged lithium-ion battery. This battery outlasts most hybrid hydride cells, the type of power of most hybrids today. A cooling and heating system will assure that the battery is kept at a good controlled temperature. Charging time for this battery is 10 hours for a 120-v source and less than four hours on a 240-v source of power. Well-designed gauges let the driver know battery power, as well as the range to cover, and to refill or recharge. The touch screen let owners program schedules for charging and it offers tips for more efficiency. Another great feature related to the lithium-ion battery is that the warranty covers a 100,000 miles/8 year ownership.



Some of the best features of the Chevrolet Volt that are standard are the electric drive unit which offers 150 hp and 273 lb – ft of torque, four wheel anti-lock disc brakes with electro-hydraulic power, an electronic stability control system, a tire pressure monitor, three interior 12v power outlets, touch sensitive control center, XM radio, XM NavTraffic (standard for 3 months), Bluetooth, cruise control, USB port, six Bose speakers and a subwoofer, 30 GB hard drive for audio storage, a voice recognition audio system with MP3, DVD, and navigation, climate control, air bags for front, sides with a passenger sensor system, 5 year OnStar, remote start, pedestrian alert chirp sound, power doors and windows, and much more.

Chevy Volt


Other packages are available as add-ons such as heated seats, ultrasonic parking assistance, rear view camera system, and much more. However, the Volt offers tons of standard features that are considered add-ons on other vehicle brands.


The Chevrolet Volt starts at $40,280 (msrp), however, with the federal tax credit it comes down to $32,780. Colors for the Volt are Black, Crystal Red, Cyber Gray Metallic, Silver Ice Metallic, Viridian Joule Tricoat, and White Diamond Tricoat. These classy colors make the Volt a statement amongst drivers as they go great with the elegant and sporty look of the vehicle.

The Chevrolet Volt is backed by a Bumper-to-Bumper limited warranty (3 Y/36,000 miles), Drivetrain/power train limited warranty (5 Y/100,000 miles), Rust Warranty (6 Y/100,000 miles), a Roadside Assistance Program (5 Y/100,000 miles), and the Battery and Voltec Component Warranty (8 Y/100,000 miles).

2011 Chevrolet Surburban

Posted on: October 23, 2010 | In Chevrolet

Climbing into a 2011 Chevrolet Surburban is a challenge for some. Cleverly designed seating maximizes the hauling potential of The 2011 Chevrolet Surburban. A short prop rod locks it into place. The one-piece seat can be removed and is mounted on wheels, but it weighs 75 pounds, so removing it is a lot easier with a second person to help. After removing the third-row seat, flip the bottom of the second row forward, fold the seatback down (again, no need to remove the headrests), flip the floor extension down and you’re looking at one of the biggest cargo spaces in the world of SUVs. It’s nice and flat, so you could stretch out and go to sleep here. (We know. We’ve done it.) Loading cargo is easy because there’s plenty of space for it.


The spare tire lives underneath the vehicle, freeing up rear cargo space. The optional cloth bucket seats in our LS were okay, but didn’t offer as much support as we would have liked. The LT’s leather seats seem more supportive, but there’s still room for improvement. Big and cushy, they are similar to the seats found in all of GM’s full-size pickups and SUVs.


The second row is quite comfortable. Headphone jacks (standard on LT, optional on LS) allow rear-seat passengers to listen to CDs while those up front turn on the radio. Even the third row is surprisingly comfortable for an adult; slide your feet under the seat in front of you, and you can ride back there for fairly long distances. But getting back there requires folding and flipping the second-row seat out of the way, best for younger people. The third-row seatback folds down without having to remove the headrests, then the whole thing flips forward to substantially increase cargo capacity. A short prop rod locks it into place. The one-piece seat can be removed and is mounted on wheels, but it weighs 75 pounds, so removing it is a lot easier with a second person to help. After removing the third-row seat, flip the bottom of the second row forward, fold the seatback down (again, no need to remove the headrests), flip the floor extension down and you’re looking at one of the biggest cargo spaces in the world of SUVs. The second row is quite comfortable. Headphone jacks (standard on LT, optional on LS) allow rear-seat passengers to listen to CDs while those up front turn on the radio. Even the third row is surprisingly comfortable for an adult; slide your feet under the seat in front of you, and you can ride back there for fairly long distances. But getting back there requires folding and flipping the second-row seat out of the way, best for younger people. Climbing into a 2011 Chevrolet Surburban is a challenge for some. Younger, taller people find it easy. Running boards make it easier for others.



2011 Chevrolet Equinox

Posted on: October 20, 2010 | In Chevrolet



Engine Specs :

Thanks to the prowess of standard 185 horsepower 3400 V-6 engine, 2011 Chevrolet Equinox will definitely set the road on fire.

Safety Specs :

The 2011 Chevrolet Equinox is technologically most advanced among all the SUVs on road. That's why driving a 2011 Chevrolet Equinox is always safer and enjoyable. The front wheels of the Chevrolet Equinox have traction. If the front wheels develop any technological snag, the traction sends power to the rear wheels. Add to that, the 5-speed automatic transmission – this outstanding technology will make the life of the engine longer.

Optional Equipment or Standard Equipment :

Thanks to fold down front passenger seat and a split-folding rear seat, you can accommodate more cargo in the Equinox if required. Moreover, this awesome SUV has got height-adjusting cargo shelf than acts as a temporary desk or a luggage privacy screen. So, the Chevrolet Equinox is your safest cargo carrier.