Question about buying a new car #3536

am getting ready to buy a new car, and have absolutely no knowledge about cars. Are there any tips that someone can give me in order to make sure that I do not purchase a huge mistake that I will regret later?


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Since you do not know much about cars, the best advice that can be given is to take the car to a mechanic to look over that you trust. This is the most sure fire way that you are going to make sure that you are getting something that is going to stand up against the way that you drive. However, if this is not an option for you, for whatever reason, then you should make sure that you take a few tips in with you. First, rub the inside of the exhaust and see if you find fresh oil, this could mean that the car burns oil. Check the tread of the tires to make sure that you are getting something that is safe. You may also want to consider checking all the liquids to make sure that they are not mixing, which could signal a huge problem. Make sure to test drive and feel for any vibrations as this could be a problem later down the road.

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