Sitemap 4

2011 Volvo S60R sedan : This new Volvo is packaged with the most powerful engine in the Volvo range. Volvo’s newly developed five-cylinder 2.5 liter in-line turbocharged power plant produces 300 horsepower and 295 ft. lbs. of torque between 1.950 and 5,250 rpm. When the safety geeks at Volvo start pulling out those terms you know you’re in for a long day of technology. Instead they put us on the Las Vegas International Speedway with the R-cars to show us the performance they were so proud of. The new Volvo six-speed manual gearbox was specially designed to handle the high torque delivered by the engine. The short-throw shifter allows fast gear changes enhancing the connectivity between the car and driver. This vehicle is being marketed to pre-college men age 35-45. With only 4,000 being sold in the U.S. we’re betting Volvo will hit their market.

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