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2012 Jeep Cherokee SRT8

Posted on: July 7, 2011 | In Jeep

For 2012, Chrysler is bringing the 2012 Jeep Cherokee SRT8 to the playing field, and it is definitely going to be one of those vehicles that people are going to be on the look out for since it is the fastest Jeep that Chrysler has ever made. The SRT8 is built for performance and that is just what people are going to get with this Jeep. The Jeep is capable of 465 horsepower, and Jeep is saying that the vehicle can go from zero to sixty miles per hour in 4.8 seconds, with the top speed of 155 miles per hour, which is impressive to say the least. All of this power comes from a 6.4 liter HEMI V8 that took a lot of time for engineers to make work to its fullest potential. One of the main concerns that people are having with the Jeep SRT8 is whether all of this power that the Jeep has is going to interfere with the gas mileage and put the SRT8 on the lower list of cars that people are going to want? This is a valid concern, and it is one that Jeep had already thought of. In order to make sure that the fuel performance is something that is not going to interfere with the number of SRT8's that are sold, the engineers added in an active valve exhaust system that is going to help cut out four of the eight cylinders in order to increase the fuel mileage by around thirteen percent. They also have put a huge gasoline tank onto the SRT8 which means that they believe that the SRT8 should be able to get around 450 miles to the tank. 

2012 new jeep grand cherokee-srt8

The Jeep SRT8 is going to have great handling thanks to the new handling system that the makers at Jeep have included on the SRT8. This is going to help the handling of the Jeep which has sometimes been a problem with the Jeep's since they seem to drive more like a truck, and Jeep was wanting the SRT8 to handle with the ease of a car and not so stiff handling. In order to do this, they have put the SRT8 on the WK2 platform that also includes a new traction system that helps with the handling of the SRT8. They also added in some powerful brakes for the SRT8 that is going to help the Jeep to stop while going sixty miles per hour in around 112 feet. 


The looks of the SRT8 are going to be much more aggressive than what Jeep Cherokee users are used to. They are going to find that the SRT8 has a different look to it, with much more chrome in place that really helps define the new look. The interior of the SRT8 is going to have more of a racing feel to it, which includes a flat bottom steering wheel, suede seats and lots of extras that are going to make a person fall in love with the SRT8. Overall, the SRT8 is one that most people are going to be glad to see in person.


2011 Jeep Cherokee

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2011 jeep Cherokee doesn’t park – it strikes a pose. And it doesn’t just drive – it makes appearances. It all starts with the distinctive slotted grille. And just gets better. 2011 jeep cherokee’s unmistakable design looks natural against any backdrop, from the mountains to the movie theater. Then, with its potent 265-horsepower V8 down to its painted rock rails, the standard for 4×4 performance and style has been set. Three models – the Grand Cherokee Overland, Grand Cherokee Limited, and Grand Cherokee Laredo – all take on they’re very own persona, while the definitive 7-slot grille serves as reminder of their roots. As adventurous as some Jeep owners are – many are simply your average family looking for a stylish Jeep vehicle to ferry the family about in. 2011 Jeep cherokee is the right jeep to drive. 2011 jeep Cherokee is a 4-door, 5-passenger luxury sport-utility, or sport-utility.



The 2011 Cherokee’s closest competitors include the Acura MDX, the Lexus GX 470, and the Volvo XC90. Minor irritants aside, 2011 jeep Cherokee is rugged, has a superb diesel engine and the overall build quality is the best we’ve seen in a Jeep for a long while. Off-road it will gladly tackle heavy-duty tracks. The 2011 2011 jeep Cherokee is freshened for 2011.


2011 jeep Cherokee is a mix of the traditional Jeep look – round headlights and the trademark seven-slot grille – with a modern, chunky wagon-style body. 2011 jeep Cherokee is even more of an outstanding package that offers customer’s versatile interior space, nimble handling, easy maneuverability, on-road refinement and legendary off-road capability. Jeep offers two different capacity diesels in the Cherokee – a direct-injection 2.5-litre mated to a five-speed manual and a 2.8-litre that comes in the five-speed automatic only. There are also new shock absorbers and springs and the car has been lowered slightly to improve its dynamics. The result delivers vastly more car-like behavior and its on-road manner and stability are much improved. There’s no faulting 2011 jeep Cherokee’s inherent strength. It boasts one of the strongest Jeep bodies ever and meets all front- , offset- and side-impact crash-test criteria. Side curtain air bags also supplement the dual front bags. Inside, 2011 jeep cherokee gains leather-and-cloth seats, trip computer and automatic dimming rearview mirror.


The cabin is roomy and well insulated from engine noise. There’s no turbo lag and the diesel will rocket away from traffic lights and provide plenty of mid-range overtaking urge, although once you hit 110km/h the engine seems to run out of steam. 2011 Jeep Cherokee standard featues includes Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Rear Stabilizer Bar, AM/FM Radio With Memory Capability For 2 Drivers, Scan and Infinity(R) Speaker System With 6 Speakers Total; CD Player, Automatic Climate Control, Keyless Entry Operated Via Keyfob, Front Driver Power Seat Adjusts. For driving as far as possible into the uncharted wilderness The 2011 Cherokee will be available with a new factory installed Navigation Radio, a first for this model. And 2011 jeep Cherokee is no pretender. In 4×4 trim it’s fully capable of scrambling up rock strewn trails or for that matter, stretches of backcountry without trail at all. Its high ground clearance, capably stiff chassis and well protected undercarriage are features that separate 4WD equipped Jeeps from most alternative SUVs now coming to market. 2011 Jeep cerokee’s top model is capable of a great deal more than the majority of its mere look-alike competitors, most of which are clear pretenders when the going gets tough, while The 2011 jeep Cherokee offers at least as much and often a great deal more in creature comforts. With its 2011 upgrades, Jeep should be in good enough shape to keep Jeep customers coming back, and even convert a few new ones along the way


2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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2011 jeep Grand Cherokee continues to give 4×4 buyers a winning combination of capability, authenticity, prestige, comfort and style. The 2011 2011 Grand Cherokee is freshened for 2011. An available navigation system and a 2-wheel drive version of the most-expensive model highlight 2011 changes to Jeep’s flagship. 2011 jeep Grand Cherokee continues in Laredo, Limited, and top-line Overland trim. All are 5-passenger, 4-dr wagons. Laredo and Limited come with an inline 6-cyl engine, Overland with a V8. The V8 has 235 hp in base form, 265 in the high-output tune standard on Overland and optional for Laredo and Limited. The 6 cyl uses a 4-speed automatic transmission, the V8s a 5-speed automatic. Antilock 4-wheel disc brakes are standard. 2011 jeep Grand Cherokee offers rear-wheel drive, Jeep’s Selec-Trac 4WD that can be left engaged on dry pavement, or all-wheel-drive systems called Quadra-Trac and Quadra-Drive.


All 4WD versions include low-range gearing. For ’04, Overland is available in 2WD as well as AWD. Head-protecting curtain side air bags are standard on Overland, optional on other models. Torso side air bags are not offered. The new navigation radio provides audio directions and has a small map screen. Power-adjustable pedals and a tire-pressure monitor are available.


2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee enters The 2011 model year with a new appearance, expanded model line and unique features as this legendary 4×4 continues to set the standard for all other vehicles in the class it created. Grand Cherokee is even more of an outstanding package that offers customers versatile interior space, nimble handling, easy maneuverability, on-road refinement and legendary off-road capability. 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee gives customers even more options than before by expanding to five models: Laredo, the new Special and Freedom Editions, Limited and Overland. The 2011 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s fresh look starts with a new front fascia, new grille and new fog lamp appearance for all models.In keeping with the Jeep brand’s “go-anywhere, do-anything” philosophy, The 2011 Grand Cherokee is offered with a new factory-installed Navigation Radio for the first time. This new system combines a 4.9-inch full-color display, AM/FM Stereo, CD Player and navigation system all in one unit.2011 jeep grand cherokee with the 4.7-liter High Output V-8 engine, a high level of standard equipment and premium appointments, making it the most powerful and luxurious Grand Cherokee ever.


2011 jeep Grand Cherokee has a unitized body (Unibody) instead of a separate body bolted onto a perimeter frame. This Unibody architecture incorporates the structural strength to make it rugged and durable at reduced weight, and features energy-absorbing front and rear impact zones, a passenger safety cell and high-strength steel side-impact beams in all doors. This unitized body is the optimum level between a strong body shell and a more impact-absorbing structure. 2011 Jeep grand cherokee is the first sport-utility vehicle to offer a tire pressure monitoring system. Sensors mounted in the valve system of each tire, including the spare, transmit information to the vehicle’s overhead console. If the vehicle is driven without the driver being properly belted, the system will periodically activate a chime and illuminate a light in the instrument cluster to remind the driver to buckle up. The driver should then instruct all occupants to buckle up as well. The Jeep brand has a long tradition of integrating safety into every vehicle, and 2011 jeep Grand Cherokee leads the way with several industry firsts. 2011 jeep Grand Cherokee created the luxury sport utility segment. 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a classic.

2011 Jeep Liberty

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Not only for traditional Jeep buyers, 2011 jeep Liberty is also for a new generation of SUV buyers who value on-road refinement and ruggedness. Rated at 210 horsepower (157 kW) at 5,200 rpm and 235 lb.-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm, 2011 jeep Liberty offers abundant engine performance to match its world-class design. The 3.7-liter is mated to the smooth-shifting NV3550 five-speed manual transmission or an available four-speed automatic. When equipped with the automatic transmission and the trailer tow group, this engine provides tow capability of 5,000 lbs. that is unmatched in the segment. In addition, 2011 Jeep Liberty Renegade standard equipment includes new rock rail protection and black accent bodyside moldings for 2011. For 2011 Jeep Liberty gets a passenger side, instrument panel-mounted grab handle. Two new color options for all 2011 Liberty models are Deep Molten Red and Timberline Green. Featuring the Jeep-engineered, coil spring independent front suspension, 2011 Jeep Liberty combines excellent overall ride, handling and precise steering control on-road with Jeep 4×4 capability.



2011 jeep Liberty’s Jeep-engineered, coil spring independent front suspension combines with a link-coil rear suspension to provide exceptional on-road refinement, while maintaining its legendary Jeep 4×4 off-road capability and durability.


All Jeep Liberty models are available in both two- and four-wheel drive. A tire-pressure monitor and hands-free cell-phone link are newly available on 2011 jeep Liberty. Jeep’s compact SUV is a 4-dr wagon with a tailgate that swings open to the left and carries the outside-mounted spare tire. The base Sport model comes with a 150-hp 4-cyl engine. Optional on Sport and standard on Limited and Renegade models is a 210-hp V6. The 4 cyl uses manual transmission, the V6 gets manual or automatic. 2011 jeep Liberty offers rear-wheel drive or a choice of two 4WD systems, both with low-range gearing. 2011 Jeep Liberty’s Command-Trac 4WD must be disengaged on dry pavement. Selec-Trac 4WD can be left engaged on dry pavement. 2011 jeep Liberty’s 5000-lb towing capacity is tops among compact SUVs. Head-protecting curtain side air bags and ABS are optional. Four-wheel disc brakes are standard. 2011 jeep Liberty has standard 16-inch wheels; 17s are optional on some models. A 65/35 split folding rear seat is standard, and leather upholstery, heated front seats, and a sunroof are available.


Renegade’s exclusive appearance features include a roof light bar and “bolt-on-look” fender arches. Jeep Liberty is a fun, capable and affordable Jeep that provides the perfect balance of go-anywhere capability, high level of refinement and distinctive styling. 2011 jeep Liberty clearly stands apart among car-based sport utilities in terms of capability, as well as truck-based offerings in terms of on-road refinement Winning praise from owners and magazines alike, 2011 Jeep Liberty will continue to delight customers with new features for 2011. Liberty clearly stands apart among car-based sport-utilities in terms of capability, as well as truck-based offerings in terms of on-road refinement. To complement the already long list of safety highlights on 2011 Jeep Liberty, three new safety features added are the Enhanced Accident Response System, BeltAlertâ„¢ and tire pressure monitoring system. Important active and passive safety features provide protection and peace of mind customers expect from the sport-utility pioneer. 2011 Jeep Liberty is created to expand the breadth of the Jeep lineup and broaden the brand’s global appeal. Contemporary styling and exceptional feature content excite loyal Jeep customers and appeal to new ones.

2011 Jeep Wrangler

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Few vehicles can match The 2011 Jeep Wrangler off road and certainly none in this price range. 2011 Jeep Wrangler has 5 models. 2011 Jeep wrangler SE, 2011 Jeep Wrangler X, 2011 Jeep wrangler Sahara, 2011 Jeep wrangler Sport, 2011 Jeep wrangler Rubicon. All 2011 Jeep wrangler model now come with a six-cylinder engine. A four-speed automatic transmission is available on all models, eliminating the notoriously outdated three-speed automatic that Jeep buyers suffered with for years. You can order four-wheel disc brakes for much better stopping ability. The side mirrors have been massaged for less wind noise and a better view over your shoulder. And many convenience features are available in 2011 Jeep wrangler.2011 Jeep wrangler has become” general-purpose utility vehicle.2011 Jeep Wrangler is designed primarily for performance off the road.


2011 Jeep wrangler has a tilt steering wheel which is standard on all Jeep Wrangler models. Jeep’s tradition-bound compact SUV is available with a soft top and plastic side windows or an extra-cost hardtop with glass windows.


The base SE model has a 147-hp 4-cyl engine. X, Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon models have a 190-hp inline 6 cyl. Manual transmission is standard. A 4-speed automatic is optional. All 2011 Jeep Wranglers have Jeep’s Command-Trac 4WD that must be disengaged on dry pavement but includes low-range gearing. Four-wheel disc brakes are standard on Rubicon and optional on Sport and Sahara; the SE and X have rear drums. ABS is available on all but the Rubicon and SE. A 30-inch tire package is standard on Sahara, optional on Sport. Rubicon is intended for severe off-road use and comes with 31-inch-equivalent off-road tires, front- and rear-locking differentials, and special low-ratio gearing. Also for ’04, X, Sport, and Rubicon gain a standard CD player already standard on Sahara. All models o9f 2011 jeep wrangler include a fold-down windshield, removable doors and top, and a weatherproof interior.

Drivers may choose the standard soft top, the extra-cost steel hard top, or a package that includes both, in matching colors. The hard top comes with roll-up windows, a rear wiper-washer and rear defroster.



2011 Jeep Wrangler models are durable and rugged enough for off road fun. Great looks, the “go-anywhere” Jeep attitude and the addition of extra equipment should make The new 2011 2011 jeep Wrangler a blockbuster success, just like its big screen partner. As with all Jeep models, The 2011 jeep comes with a full peace-of-mind warranty package and European roadside assistance cover for three years/60,000-miles plus a seven years’ unlimited mileage anti-corrosion guarantee. 2011 Jeep Wrangler is a classic symbol of summer cruising and off-road rambling. The 2011 2011 jeep Wrangler is the icon of the Jeep brand, and there are no direct competitors. As Jeep says, there’s only one.



2011 jeep is the long-awaited answer to enthusiasts’ prayers, as capable as some modified rock-crawlers, but available right off the showroom floor. All the models of 2011 jeep Wrangler will happily take drivers as far down the trail as they want to go. The 2011 2011 jeep Wrangler’s closest competitors include the Buick Rendezvous, the Nissan Xterra, and the Toyota RAV4. Driving a Wrangler every day on the road, however, requires some concessions.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

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The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is among the top sport utility vehicles in the Unites States. The standard features associated with The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 are 60/40 split folding rear seat, dual-zone automatic climate control, water-resistant storage compartment, memory function for seats, Boston Acoustics AM/FM/CD six-speaker premium 276-watt AM/FM/6CD with MP3, engine immobilizer, machined-face 17-inch aluminum wheels, power adjustable pedals, adjustable roof rack crossrails, leather upholstery, TPM with display,

rain-sensing automatic wipers, eight-way power driver’s seat, power locks with remote keyless entry, power passenger seat, electrochromic rearview mirror, driver information center, one-touch power windows and automatic headlamps. The 2011 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 will be available at $39,300.

The optional features are Sirius Satellite Radio, navigation system, side air bags, front and rear electronic limited slip differential, trailer tow group, ParkSense rear backup system and 5.7-liter Hemi V8 with Quadra-Drive II.





The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 ensures safety of its occupants with traction control, electronic stability program, LATCH system, Brake Assist, ABS, tire pressure monitor, front air bags etc. Rear park assist and side curtain air bags are optional. The 2011 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 has been designed in Detroit, Michigan. The vehicle comes with the basic warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles.
The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 has got 6.1-liter ohv 16-valve V8 engine instrumental in offering 420 horsepower. The powerhouse is equipped with 5-speed automatic transmission system. Thanks to 5-speed automatic transmission system, The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 offers excellent fuel economy – 14 miles per gallon in the city and 21 miles per gallon on highways.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8




2011 Jeep Commander

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The 2011 Jeep Commander is charismatic and awe-inspiring. It has got some unbeatable features. The car comes with 4.7-liter sohc 16v V8 engine capable of offering 235 horsepower at 4500 RPM and 305 pound-feet of torque at 3600 RPM. 5-speed automatic transmission system has made the powertrain. Thanks to 5-speed automatic transmission system, The 2011 Jeep Commander produces amazing fuel economy – 15 miles per gallon in the city and 20 miles per gallon on highways.

Also to watch out for is extensive range of standard features containing power sunroof with skylights, the SmartBeam intelligent headlight system, rear cabin climate controls, air conditioning with dual-zone temperature control, power adjustable pedals, security alarm, AM/FM stereo with a six-disc in-dash CD player and MP3 capability with six Boston Acoustic speakers, eight-way power driver seats, four-way power passenger seats, leather-trimmed bucket seats with memory, universal garage door opener, Sirius Satellite Radio with one-year subscription, tire pressure monitoring display etc The optional features include saddle Brown seating surfaces, 17-inch chrome-clad wheels, full map GPS display with navigation radio and engine block heater.  The 2011 Jeep Commander ensures safety of its occupants with ABS, Brake Assist and electronic stability program, side curtain air bags, multi-stage frontal air bags, front seatbelts with pretensioners and force retractors. The 2011 2011 Jeep Commander is spacious enough can accommodate seven passengers. It has got three-row seating arrangement as well. The vehicle can haul 68.9 cu. ft. of cargo. The 2011 2011 Jeep Commander can tow up to 6500 Lbs and carry up to 1230 Lbs. of payload.