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2012 Ford Explorer Hybrid

Posted on: October 16, 2011 | In Ford

With more and more automakers trying to be more environmentally friendly and offer options to their consumers that are better on fuel consumption, there comes the Ford Explorer Hybrid. The Ford Explorer Hybrid is more often found in the four door option, however, there is the two door option that is out there. Within the Ford Explorer Hybrid family there are three models to choose from, the XLS, XLT, and the XLT Premium for 2011. The XLS is the basic trim level that has things such as power windows and locks, and a single CD audio system. Each level of trim adds upon the last, with the XLT offering power mirrors, a cassette/CD system, better wheels, keyless entry and speed control. The SLT Premium is the top of the line and has things such as climate control in the rear, automatic headlights that go on and off when needed, and it even offers heated leather seats, making it at a luxury level that other cars simply cannot compete with.   

In other offering, the 2011 Ford Explorer Hybrid has a cargo space that is going to hold around one hundred pounds, making it the perfect option for those that have families and tend to haul a lot of things with them. Add into the fact that the engine is one that gives the person 203 horsepower, with a 4.0 liter V6 engine and still great gas mileage, it is a winning solution for most people.    

However, the most appealing factor about the Ford Explorer Hybrid for 2011 is the fact that it is developed on a car platform that is actually giving it much better handling than the Explorers of the past. And with better handling, there comes less a change of roll over, which is common with SUV's and this improves the safety rating. So how will the Ford Explorer Hybrid for 2012 shape up?   

It is going to be very similar to the 2011 version, simply because the model was completely redone just a few years earlier. It is coming with features such as the third row seating so that the person can seat seven when they have to, which can be folded down electronically for much more room in the cargo area, and less energy that the driver has to put forward. They are also going to find that it is equipped with smart 4WD, which is basically going to allow the person to go from one type of terrain to another with no worries that they will become stopped due to the terrain that they are in.   

All in all, the 2012 Ford Explorer Hybrid is going to be the vehicle that professionals and families can rely on. They have the looks of the Explorer, while also getting great gas mileage and an interior that is going to rival any luxury vehicle out there.

Ford in 2011 and Onwards

Posted on: September 22, 2011 | In Ford

Ford has always been a staple auto maker in the United States. And for 2012, the automaker is proving why they are still considered one of the best automakers that are in the world with what they are offering for this year and the upcoming year. Most of these models are already on the floors of showrooms and being sold, which is putting a huge dent into the competition since most of the cars are something that the competition has yet to rival. For example, the 2012 Ford Focus available in sedan models and the hatchback model is doing tremendously well. Most people are finding that if they want an affordable small car that still has an edgy look to it, while also being something that is going to get great gas mileage, then they have found the car for them. And with the availability of an electric version that runs on battery, Ford has hit a home run once against with the Focus that is one car that is more than likely never going to go out of style.

ford motors

The Explorer is yet another one of the vehicles that Ford is sporting this year that has seen some rave reviews. The main difference that people are going to see with the new ford Explorer is the fact that it is completely different from the old body style. The most common complaint of the old body style was the fact that people felt as though they were driving a truck and that the vehicle used way too much gas. Taking these comments to heart, Ford developed the Explorer on a new car like frame and improved gas mileage by quite a bit. Those that want even more gas mileage are going to find that the EcoBoost option is going to greatly increase the amount of gas mileage that they are getting, which is one of the reasons that so many people are considering these cars as their own.

Of course, the Lincoln brand owned by Ford has also come out with the MKZ, which is competing with some of the most luxurious brands that are on the market and it really has all the bells and whistles at an affordable price for those that are wanting something that is going to stack up against the major luxury brands that are out there. Things such as touch screen navigation, integrated ability to use Iphone, and the fact that the interior is going to scream luxury, most people are falling in love with this car. So what is in the future for Ford?

They have plans to redesign the Ford Mustang come 2014, which should be an interesting time and something that people are going to be keeping an eye open for. The Ford C-Max is rumored to start up soon with its origins lying in the great selling Focus. Plus, Ford is always working on ways to increase gas mileage and customer satisfaction. Most people will agree that whatever Ford has done thus far is going to be something that is going to keep people coming back for more and more.

Review of 2012 Ford Explorer

Posted on: August 31, 2011 | In Ford

The Ford Explorer has always been a good selling large SUV that is on the market, however, for the 2012 version of the Explorer, most people are going to find that it beats out a lot of the competition on the market. And the reason for this is the fact that Ford is offering so much with this SUV that is going to appeal to buyers. The first offering is the fact that the person can choose to get the turbo four cylinder engine option, which is something that most people are liking since it is not only still offering great fuel mileage, but great performance as well. The person also gets the option of the six cylinder option that they can choose from as well, which is always there for those that do not want a four cylinder. 


One of the things that most people are talking about is the fact that the interior is very upscale. They are going to find that the materials used to make the interior are something that they are simply not used to with the Explorer, and it is one of those things that are appealing to most people. They are going to find that this is going to make the Explorer be even more appealing to those that may be in the market looking for a large SUV that has style and luxury. However, with that being said, most people are a bit put off by the cargo room and the third seat room that is found in the Explorer, simply because other competitors are going to offer more room than the Explorer. Though, most people are willing to look over this minor detail.

Another factor that people like about the new version is the fact that there are many advancements in the interior such as the high tech offerings that do make it something that out does the competition. However, with that being said, the MyFord Touch that is installed on these vehicles is something that can give the person a bit of headache since it does have some development issues that have not been figured out yet.

So what does it drive like? Most people are giving the driving of the 2012 Explorer two thumbs up. They are stating that it handles great and responds to the drive well. The ride of the SUV is something that most people are very impressed with as it takes bumps and weaves in the road without really making the driver or passengers feel it at all. However, the person should be aware that it may take a while in order for the person to get used to driving this vehicle since it is a bit bigger than what most people are used to, though this seems to be the only complaint that people are having with the driving of this vehicle. So is the 2012 Explorer something that people should try out? Most definitely as they are going to find that it is a step up for Ford and is one of the best bigger SUV's that is on the market.

2012 Ford Mustang

Posted on: July 25, 2011 | In Ford

When people think of muscle cars, they automatically make sure that they include the Ford Mustang in this category. Thanks to the reputation that this car has garnered over years of being on the market, it is considered the pony car to own by many people that are out there. However, for the 2012 year, there are going to be quite a few changes that are going to be implemented. Now, not all Ford Mustang fans are excited about the changes, but with a new age comes new ways, and this is the attempt of Ford to make sure that their Mustang is appealing to the greater amount of the consumer market. One of the changes that most people are talking about is the color changes that Ford is putting out there. Many people are unhappy with their new choices, while others are ecstatic. For example, they will no longer be offering the sterling gray color, which is a favorite among many die hard Mustang fans. In place of the Sterling Gray a rumored Yellow Blaze California Special is going to be offered to take its place. The question that most people want to know is why they are removing the beautiful gray from the options? Another color change is going into effect for the V6 version and GT versions for 2012 and this is the interior color for those that choose the Lava Red color exterior and Premium model. They are going to see gray or plum colored interior, which is a nice change. 


ford-mustangThe biggest changes are not going to happen to the regular Mustang, but to the Boss and Boss Laguna Seca versions of the Mustang. The Boss is going to have the bright orange that most people love to have on a car so that they stand out against the crowd, which is sure to happen for those that have an Orange Boss in their garage. In the interior of all Mustang's, the person is going to see some minor changes to the interior, however, they are more than likely going to go unnoticed by those that are driving them because they have to be found in order to be seen. For example, some changes to the door trim, the headliner, and the A pillar which are going to have a dark charcoal finish this time around. 


One of the newest editions to the engine section for the Mustang for 2012 is the fact that they are adding an optional effort power steering feature. And just what will this feature do? It is going to allow people to choose just how much effort that they want the power steering feature to put forward. And they can choose from normal, comfort and sport. Of course, there are going to be other extras that the person can choose from just as they have in years past, but for 2012 these are the main changes that people are going to notice. Though there are some changes, the Mustang is still staying the Mustang for the majority of people out there who are worried, they no longer have to.

Update on the 2012 Ford Focus

Posted on: July 6, 2011 | In Ford

The Focus is one of the cars that has become a staple for Ford, and has gotten them tons of attention since they are one of the leading sellers when it comes to the small market cars that people want. For 2012, the Ford Focus is a bit changed from previous models, and most of these changes are going to be something that consumers are going to love since they are adding a new look to the car. The looks of the car are going to be the first thing that people are going to notice with the 2012 Focus. Mainly, the person is going to notice that the Focus is more rounded and is in most people's opinions, much more aerodynamic than the Ford Focus has ever been in the past. And perhaps the biggest thing that people are saying about the new looks of the Focus is the fact that it just appeals to the sportier side of people since it does have that sporty characteristics about it. 


There are many other changes that the Focus has seen with the 2012 year. One of the most important is the fact that Ford has made some improvements that are going to help the driving of the car. A new chassis system allows for tighter control of the car around corners. As well as a tighter suspension to help with steering and handling. And one of the best systems that Ford has added to the 2012 Focus is the fact that is has a new cornering assist system that is meant to help the person when handling curves at higher speeds. Another item that people are going to notice when they are driving the new Ford Focus is the fact that it has a new transmission in it. The new 2012 Ford Focus is coming with a dual-clutch six speed automatic transmission that is going to give the person the efficiency that comes with a manual transmission, however in an automatic version. 

2012 ford focus images

For 2012, the Ford Focus is going to come in seven different trim options that are available to the consumer. The S Sedan which starts out at $16,500. The SE Sedan that costs $17,400. The SE 5-door that costs $18,200. The SEL Sedan that costs $20,300. The SEL 5 Door that costs $21,100. The Titanium Sedan that costs $22,2000 and finally the Titanium 5-door that costs $22,700. All of the trim levels are offering gas mileage that is rather impressive with around 27 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per gallon on the highway. Those in the industry have labeled the 2012 Ford Focus the small car that people should be looking out for since it is going to make a huge statement in the market, and is going to be an option for those that are looking for a smaller car with good gas mileage. The 2012 model of the Focus is also offering a huge number of accessories that the person can opt to have placed on their car. Accessories that are going to change the looks a bit such as a hood deflector, to other items that are placed in the interior to add to the amount of organization that the car has.


Review of the 2011 Ford Explorer: The SUV to Have

Posted on: April 16, 2011 | In Ford

One of the most anticipated vehicles for this year is the 2011 Ford Explorer. It seems to be that those who want an SUV are going to find exactly what they are looking for with the offering that Ford has for this year. There are many reasons why people are turning to this SUV in order to turn it into their new family vehicles. These include the performance factor of the SUV including the driving of the vehicle, the safety that the vehicle is offering and there are even those that are buying the Ford for all of the technological aspects of the SUV that are some of the most high tech that people are going to be able to find. 


The 2011 Ford Explorer is a part of the EcoBoost line, which is making it special in most people's eyes right out of the gate. Though the Explorer can still be purchased as a regular model, those that are wanting the most from the gas mileage, then they are going to want the EcoBoost model. However, even the regular model is boasting a better gas mileage than those of the past have given. The EcoBoost line is giving the person around 237 horsepower from a 4.0 liter engine. While the regular model is giving the person around 290 horsepower from a powerful V6 engine that has 3.5 liters. The gas mileage is something that is going to be one of the performance factors that are going to influence the person to purchase this. The main reason is that the SUV is getting around seventeen miles per gallon, which is more than some minivans that are on the market. While the SUV is offering a more luxurious aspect to driving around seven or so people, just as a minivan. The handling on the SUV has been improved since they are building on a new platform that allows them to utilize a frame that is not quite as large as a big truck, and because of this, the SUV is going to drive more like a crossover or a large car, something that most of those who have driven these in the past can testify is usually not the case. 


Since luxury seems to be the game that the 2011 Ford Explorer is playing, people can expect to find some huge technology pieces in the vehicles that are adding to the luxury of the SUV. For example, a back up assist is enabled in the SUV, as well as the MyFord Touch which acts like OnStar that is available on General Motors vehicles. However, the biggest thing about the Ford Explorer is that they are offering a Terrain Management System which allows the person to manually adjust for the terrain that they are encountering. 


The safety of the SUV has been awarded for its creativity and the fact that the SUV is meant to protect all of those that are riding in the SUV at all times. Such things as the collision warning system that is in place is one way in which Ford has made sure that people are aware. Standard equipment includes air bags, automatic door looks and so forth.

2012 Ford Focus

Posted on: March 19, 2011 | In Ford

The Ford Focus has always been a car that dominates the small car sector, and the 2012 Ford Focus is set to deliver the same performance as it has ever since it first started. There are going to be some major differences that those who have driven a Focus before are going to notice right from the beginning. For starters, the 2012 Focus is going to handle better since it has been given a new chassis and suspension that helps to hold the car tighter to the curves. While the cornering assist system is also responsible for much of that better handling which helps the car to stick to the curves so that the driver does not overcompensate. The Torque Vectoring Control is also one of the reasons in which driving has been improved and this allows all the tires to have pressure on them in order to make sure that no part of the car is getting off the road. 


The engine for the 2012 Focus is the 2.0 liter, Ti-VCT 14. What this means is that the new Focus is going to have a better direct charge that is going to allow for more efficient performance without using more power. In fact, this is making the Focus an even greener car than it was years ago. Something that the company is proud of, and rightfully so. 


In addition to these two things changing, people are going to notice that shifting is considerably easier now that the car includes a six speed auto power shift, which makes sure that the shifts are effortlessly and more in control. Because of the better shifting, the car actually gets better fuel mileage. Another aspect that the new Focus is going to put into the world is the Electronic Power Assist Steering or simply referred to as EPAS. This takes in to account the drivers abilities and adjusts so that the car handles better and just overall drives better. This means that those once bumpy roads that made the car go this way and that way are a thing of the past. 


The exterior of the new Focus has changed a bit as well. Those that are familiar with Focus are going to automatically notice the Z lines on the body that is not only for improved looks, but also helps against the wind so that the car is getting better performance and fuel mileage. The lights on the car are something new as well, the most dominant difference being the rear lights that are split vertical, once again keeping with the 'Z' theme. 


The designers were able to make the car lighter through using Boron steel in order to make it strong, while still maintaining safety as a number one priority. This is another reason why the company believes that the 2012 Focus is going to be the car of choice for many people. The car is also going to be equipped with 17 inch aluminum wheel as the standard choice. However, for those that are wanting to add some luxury, they can go with the 18 inch low profile tires to get a bit of distinction to their Focus. 












There are quite a few standard equipment and extras that people can choose from with the Focus, that is turning the car into quite the luxury option instead of just another small car on the market. For example, the MyFord Touch which works to help people who are standard and need help, as well as providing directions and so forth. They are also including the new SYNC software, a voice activated travel system, HD radio, windshield wipers that can sense the rain, parking technology for all those that have difficult making those parallel parks work, push button start, and MYKEY, which is the new software that allows parents to control just how fast their kids can drive in the car with or without the parent present, something that many parents are going to find helpful. 


Overall, the new Focus is going to be one that is very impressive to those that are looking for a great ride for fuel mileage and one that is considered safe. Safety wise, the car includes curtain air bags in the front and the rear of the car, as well as the other standard air bags. The car is going to be one that does great things for Ford Motor Company

Ford Gushes About Electric Car

Posted on: January 10, 2011 | In Ford

Electric cars were once considered those futuristic models that we saw on the science fiction channels of television, however with the introduction of the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt, what was once considered out of this world is now a reality for many. Adding to the mix of electric cars is the 2012 Ford Focus. Thus, the competition begins in the electric motor world. 


Ford is maintaining that their electric Focus is going to take the world by storm and put the Leaf out of commission. This is because the Focus is going to be able to charge much more faster when compared to the Leaf. According to figures that Ford released, it will only take three or four hours for the Focus to charge on a 240 volt outlet that can be found in most homes. However, the Leaf, its main competition takes around seven hours to recharge on a 220 or 240 volt outlet. The winner is clearly the Ford Focus in this scenario. Since it means that people can charge their car while at work and not have to worry about it. While those with the Leaf are going to have to make sure to plug their car up overnight if not, then they will be stranded the next morning. 


Another point that Ford is making about the electric Focus is that it can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge. The Leaf was given an estimate of around 75 miles on one charge. Also, Ford is pointing out that their charging stations are going to cost anywhere from $500 to $700 less than what the charging station for the Leaf or the Volt runs. This is great news since the majority of those that are going to purchase electric cars are going to take into consideration all of these things. 


So who will be the winner in the battle of the electric cars? At this point it is really too early to tell.

Ford To Put Technology Into Other Vehicles

Posted on: January 3, 2011 | In Ford

With everyone worried about the rising cost of gas, automakers are answering these worries with technology that can ultimately save a driver hundreds of dollars a year on gas. Ford has the impressive stop start technology that automatically shuts the engine down when the vehicle comes to a stop then restarts it when the vehicle goes again. Ford says that this can save around four percent on gas bills. 


The technology was originally designed to be used with their hybrid vehicle, however, as the success and the demand from consumers for more fuel efficient vehicle increases, Ford Motor company has decided to implement this technology into a wider range of vehicle starting in 2012. 


Many people were worried when the technology first came out that it would require additional maintenance and would interfere with the functioning of the vehicle. However, as those who have any Ford hybrid know, this is not the case. The car will still use the air conditioner, radio, heater and whatnot when in the stop position, however, the engine will be the only thing not in use. The driver does not have to do anything differently than they normally would to go, which means just press the gas and go. In addition, Ford has said that there is no more maintenance that goes into the cars than normal. 


fordWith this announcement, many people are wondering just which vehicle Ford will add to the list of those using this technology. However, right now there are only ideas of what vehicle will receive the technology. Many people are speculating that the pick up truck offered by Ford may receive the technology, and if it does, it is sure to add to the selling power of the truck. And Ford will definitely see a boost in their sales for the addition of this technology that is the first of its kind.

Transit Connect Expecting Huge Increase in Sales

Posted on: December 21, 2010 | In Ford

The Turkish unit of Ford Motor Company plans to increase sales by 50% to the United States in 2011. This is a huge percentage of sales, however completely possible. The reason why is because they are supplying the United States with a van that is to be used as Taxis and service vehicles in some of the major cities in the US including, Los Angeles, Washington, Boston and Chicago. The van is also a finalist in the race to pick up the Taxi service in New York City, which if they win, would boost their sales dramatically. However, the company expects sales to rise, regardless if they win the bid for New York. 


The reason that these vans are becoming more popular as use for Taxis and service vehicles, for organizations like the postal service, is because the vans are outfitted with electrical engines that mean less fuel consumption. Plus, the vans allow for more leg room for passengers, as well as trunk space. All of which could be great for those who utilize Taxis to get anywhere. 


The vans are shipped without the engines, then a Canadian company, Azure Dynamics, fits the electrical engines into the vans. The van is then shipped to those cities that are utilizing them. Ford Otosan, the company that manufacturers these vans, expects to make around 240,000 vehicles this year, then they expect to sell around 300,000 of these vehicles that will then ship to places all over the globe. 


With all of the taxi companies that are located in the United States, the future of the Transit Connect look bright. As professionals point out, taxi companies are always looking for ways in which they can reduce costs, by utilizing the Transit Connect they can reduce the cost of fuel which could reflect price savings onto the customer. The deal with New York taxi companies is to be finalized at the beginning of 2011. 

Ford Has Great Year

Posted on: December 17, 2010 | In Ford

Ford has announced that they expect the sales rate for December to be the same as it has been for the past few months, which means selling around 12 million vehicles annually. This is great news for the automotive sector, as well as those that believe that the economy is not improving. This signifies otherwise. 


However, many are wondering just what is driving the sales rate of Ford to be so high? Many speculate that it is their offering of small vehicles. However, Ford has announced that the average consumer is spending more on the vehicle that they are purchasing by buying those that are luxurious. For example, people are opting for leather seats over cloth, and basically wanting a car with all the bells and whistles. 


Ford has also said that this year marks one that has been very good to dealers and making profit. They state that this is due to the used car market. With the economy, not many people are buying brand new, which has put their used cars on a pedestal, and more people are purchasing these used vehicles that dealers are offering great deals and limited warranties on. Ford is doing so well that they are actually considering handing out employee bonuses to those employees who are going above and beyond other employees, this is something that Ford has not been doing for the past few years due to financial problems, which is great news for those working for Ford. 

Another contribution to the increase of sales is being given to the MyFord technology that is being installed on new Ford and Lincoln cars. This has allowed the company to compete more with Chevrolet who offers a similar service. However, given the age of MyFord they have experienced a few glitches with the technology, but they were quick to respond, which put them a step ahead in many people's books.

Ford Has Plans for Kentucky Plant

Posted on: December 11, 2010 | In Ford

Ford has decided to invest around $600 million into their Louisville Kentucky plant to overhaul the plant. This is great news for those living in the area, as Ford is the major job producer in the state. Right now, the Ford plant employed around 4,000 workers, with this investment, they hope to increase this by 2,900. In the end, Ford is hoping to employ around 6,900 employees in Kentucky. The Ford plant is often thought to be the prestige place to work for those that choose not to go to college after graduating from high school.


The construction on the plant is set to begin this month. One of the biggest additions that Ford is excited about is the addition of a new body shop and these new improvements are supposed to be finished by late 2011, in which the plant will reopen at this time. Ford says that the Kentucky plant will most likely be the most flexible of all the plants that Ford owns, simply because they can make around six different vehicles all at once. 


The Kentucky plant will be a part of the manufacturing of the new Escape. Which Ford has decided to make a prototype of and include it in the Detroit Auto Show that takes place in January. However, not many details have been released concerning the new Escape, however, Ford did say that this was only the first vehicle that would be manufactured in the new Kentucky plant. 


Most people are viewing this as a sign of progress in the economy, and hope that this will be something that many other companies take notice of and follow in the same footsteps. However, outside of the auto industry, the number of jobs are still not increasing as fast as those that are found in the auto industry. One thing is for certain though, Ford is becoming more and more popular with consumers and the unemployed.