Ford in 2011 and Onwards

Ford has always been a staple auto maker in the United States. And for 2012, the automaker is proving why they are still considered one of the best automakers that are in the world with what they are offering for this year and the upcoming year. Most of these models are already on the floors of showrooms and being sold, which is putting a huge dent into the competition since most of the cars are something that the competition has yet to rival. For example, the 2012 Ford Focus available in sedan models and the hatchback model is doing tremendously well. Most people are finding that if they want an affordable small car that still has an edgy look to it, while also being something that is going to get great gas mileage, then they have found the car for them. And with the availability of an electric version that runs on battery, Ford has hit a home run once against with the Focus that is one car that is more than likely never going to go out of style.

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The Explorer is yet another one of the vehicles that Ford is sporting this year that has seen some rave reviews. The main difference that people are going to see with the new ford Explorer is the fact that it is completely different from the old body style. The most common complaint of the old body style was the fact that people felt as though they were driving a truck and that the vehicle used way too much gas. Taking these comments to heart, Ford developed the Explorer on a new car like frame and improved gas mileage by quite a bit. Those that want even more gas mileage are going to find that the EcoBoost option is going to greatly increase the amount of gas mileage that they are getting, which is one of the reasons that so many people are considering these cars as their own.

Of course, the Lincoln brand owned by Ford has also come out with the MKZ, which is competing with some of the most luxurious brands that are on the market and it really has all the bells and whistles at an affordable price for those that are wanting something that is going to stack up against the major luxury brands that are out there. Things such as touch screen navigation, integrated ability to use Iphone, and the fact that the interior is going to scream luxury, most people are falling in love with this car. So what is in the future for Ford?

They have plans to redesign the Ford Mustang come 2014, which should be an interesting time and something that people are going to be keeping an eye open for. The Ford C-Max is rumored to start up soon with its origins lying in the great selling Focus. Plus, Ford is always working on ways to increase gas mileage and customer satisfaction. Most people will agree that whatever Ford has done thus far is going to be something that is going to keep people coming back for more and more.

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