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2011 Daewoo Lanos

Posted on: October 20, 2010 | In Daewoo

The 2011 Daewoo Lanos is a fun filled car to drive and is very reliable. If it weren’t for the vertical chrome Infiniti-like grille, you’d have a difficult time telling this car from a Toyota Corolla. But, 2011 Daewoo Lanos’ 1.6-liter, 105-horsepower, 4-cylinder engine is a tad noisier than any Toyota 4-cylinder when moving off the line. Though only 105 h.p. no driver can have complaints about power when leaving the light. There is preconceived notion that Lanos would be a ’98 version of the LeMans, meaning no-frills transportation. The only similarity between Lanos and LeMans is stiff seats with small side bolsters that don’t offer a lot of lateral support.


The 2011 Daewoo Lanos differs from LeMans in that it is attractive on the outside (thick body side moldings offer good body-panel protection) and very roomy and well appointed on the inside. In the Lanos you can slip into the back seat and find sufficient room for two adults.


Those two adults better have shorter than normal legs and be prepared to sit with torso reclined so as not to knock the noggin on the rear window glass, but it was a chore that can be done. The only problem with the back seat is that the back doors don’t open real wide to allow for easier entry and exit. That can be remedied. The trunk is spacious, and the rear seat backs fold as one or separately for more cargo room. Up front there is ample room. Another problem with the seats is that the designer apparently overdosed on U.S. fashion magazines. The cloth seats are multi-colored–blue, red, yellow and white–with a variety of novel designs. The rather fashionable bottle blonde who nukes our daily nourishment took one look and said, “Ick.” An “ick” wouldn’t force Armani to change careers, but in the world of automotive haute couture, it should give pause for second thought. Lanos is built on a 99-inch wheelbase and is 167 inches long in four-door version, 160 inches in three-door hatchback. In The 2011 Daewoo Lanos Standard equipment includes power steering, dual air bags, 5-speed manual transmission, four-wheel independent suspension. AM/FM stereo with cassette, central locking doors, power windows, driver-side manual/passenger-side power mirror. In The 2011 Daewoo Lanos optional equipment will include anti-lock brakes (on SE and SX), remote keyless entry, 4-speed automatic transmission, cruise control, air conditioning (SE and SX only) and power sunroof (SX only).

2011 Daewoo Leganza

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The 2011 Daewoo Leganza is nimble, with a firm but cushioned ride – not luxurious, but not too harsh, either. The steering wheel moves too easily, though, and does not re center quickly enough. Wind noise is very low. The interior is well styled, with polished faux wood at strategic points. the driver’s lock controls all the other locks. In The 2011 Daewoo Leganza room is similar to the Camry and Stratus. Tall drivers need not fear The 2011 Daewoo Leganza, and even the seat belts and tilt wheel are suitable for normal sized people. The engine is noisy and buzzy when pushed. The engine also tends to bog when first starting out. Gas mileage is about right for a V-6, which it is not. Power is better than one would expect on the freeway, and passing is very easy, even up hills or with the air conditioner on.


The transmission is prone to lurching. (A manual transmission, which we recommend, is also available, though according to the EPA, it does not increase gas mileage much).


Daewoo’s manumatic has no overdrive, and makes it easy to accidentally move two gears at once. However, it does allow starting the car from second or third gear, handy in winter. A performance shifting option makes gas mileage low but lives up to its name. In The 2011 Daewoo Leganza the radio has many features but is mediocre in sound quality, and hard to operate. The climate control, which lets the driver specify a temperature, has a gimmicky display but works. Air conditioning is acceptable, if not up to American-car standards. The only badly designed control is the cruise, in The 2011 Daewoo Leganza which has an on/off switch on the panel and requires a twisting motion on the end of a stalk to set or change the speed. No cancel button.


There are two-cup holders up front but most cups and bottles will not fit. The doors have map pockets, and the front seats have back pockets. A clever feature is a remote control integrated into the key – no separate dangling thing needed to open the doors.


The 2011 Daewoo Leganza is worth a drive, if you are price sensitive and like cars that let you know when they are accelerating and shifting, but do not betray their high speed with wind noise. The first lady says it takes a village to raise a child. If she were writing about cars, she might say it takes an entire planet to create a Korean car. The 2011 2011 Daewoo Leganza, which debuted a year ago, gets its looks and its name from the Italians. Its basic engineering was developed under a German technical director. Daewoo offers three-year, 24-hour roadside assistance, typical of many American makes. And The 2011 Daewoo Leganza value – its out-the-door price undercuts most mid-size competitors – reminds us of the Japanese when they first hit the U.S. market in a big way in the ’70s.

2011 Daewoo Nubira

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The 2011 Daewoo Nubira stands on a new platform and is roomier all round. With this, Daewoo reaches world standards that would impress the most finicky European driver (and his family). Multiplying all the boot dimensions show that there’s pretty good if not class-leading luggage space. And although this is a saloon, the rear seat splits 60/40. Several weeks of intensive testing have led to the significant modifications such as, – Pininfarina; the Design Company has transformed the interior, the trim materials, and textures.


Moreover, The 2011 Nubira is backed by three years free servicing, a three-year warranty, a three years’ AA recovery, and an Institute of Advanced Motorist course.


The elegant interiors have three circular displays with crisp, clear graphics for the drivers of The 2011 Daewoo Nubira. Adding to the styling is the contrasting dark and light gray exterior finish, strong, clean-cut contours on the bonnet, and a distinctive grille. A touch of class with its bottle and cup-holders, and a sporty look with its metallic center console adds to its uniqueness. The 2011 2011 Nubira also comes with a pullout tray under the front passenger seat, and a cool compartment in the glove locker! The 2011 Daewoo Nubira comes with a choice of either a 1.6 or a 1.8-litre engine. The 1.6-litre engine has a top speed of 187 km/h and the 1.8-litre engine194 km/h.


Two new twin cam four-cylinder engines with four valves per cylinder give power to this medium family saloon. Some amazing safety features such as, a four-channel ABS from Bosch combined with electronic traction control and regulate wheel slip in both braking and acceleration on low grip surfaces add reason to buy a 2011 Daewoo Nubira. Also, the standards of cornering balance ride and body control is way beyond anything the previous models of the Nubira could ever have managed. With 7.1 and 7.5 liters of regular fuel per 100 kilometers, both engines are very fuel efficient – as can be expected, The 2011 Daewoo Nubira is intended to continue the Daewoo tradition of offering a lot of car for the money. So if you want to see just how much a car can change to catch up with its best rivals world over, test-drive a Daewoo Nubira! Get a free quote and know more about its pricing details!