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Toyota Solara Convertible

Posted on: October 16, 2011 | In Toyota

The Toyota Solara Convertible is one that many people are wanting when they want something that is small, affordable and still has the appeal of a sportier car. There are many of these cars that are on the roadways. However, with that being said there are many problems out there with the Toyota Solara Convertible that people should be aware of in order to make sure that they are doing the best that they can in order to find a car that is going to meet their needs. 

toyota solara

The top problem seems to be that some people find that over time the back window in their Toyota Solara Convertible simply falls out. This has happened to those that never have taken their car through a car wash or anything along that lines, and have treated their car with the soft and tender, loving care that it deserves. And this problem is not something that has been reported just a few times. Go to any automotive forum out there and people will find that there are quite a few problems listed that pertain to the back window falling out of the Toyota Solara Convertible.

So how can people prevent this? Most people are stating that this is something that all convertibles are going to have wrong with them, as the back windows are simply weaker since they do allow the person to drop the top and feel the air in their hair. However, other people are talking about the fact that when replacing this window on the Toyota Solara Convertible that they should consider getting one of these windows that is going to allow the rain to simply roll off of it rather than letting the water get into the car, which is also problem that many people find with convertibles that are on the market.

Even though this may be a problem with the Toyota Solara Convertible, the person that likes to drive and feel closer to the nature that they are driving in are going to find that the Toyota Solara Convertible is a car that they should consider. However, they are going to have to buy this used, as Toyota is no longer making the convertible options. This could be due to the number of problems with the back window that were filed with Toyota, and it became more of a headache for the company than anything else. 

When shopping for a used Toyota Solara Convertible, the person does want to double check a few things that are common problems in order to make sure that they are paying a good price for something that they may have to have some work done on. For example, they should check for mildew or molding around the back glass as this does signal that it leaks. The person should also be sure to ask if the back window has been replaced or not, as this could signal as to whether the car will be a problem for you or not. Overall, the Toyota Solara Convertible is a fun car to drive and look at, and for those that have one they usually love it for many years. 

Durability of the Toyta Prius

Posted on: May 23, 2011 | In Toyota

With gas prices still hovering around four dollars a gallon and a chance they may go up instead of down, drivers are looking for smaller cars with higher gas mileage. One of the best smaller cars on the market today is the hybrid Toyota Prius. It has an EPA rating of fifty miles per gallon, but the thing that has most new buyers a little concerned is the life of the battery pack and whether or not the electric components will work correctly after the newness wears off. 


In regard to the battery, the battery pack that comes in any new Toyota hybrid has a double sided warranty, which is one hundred fifty thousand miles or ten years in the states with California emission laws or one hundred thousand miles or eight years in every other state. If something happens to the battery during the warranty time, it will be replaced at no cost to the customer, but there is no pro-rating. 


The battery pack is one of the less frequent items that are replaced according to Toyota and this covers all Prius models. A good portion of the ones that were replaced were the ones that were damaged in an accident. If you have to replace a battery pack after the warranty has expired, the price will depend on the year of the car. If your Prius is from the years 2004-2009, you can expect to pay around twenty six hundred dollars. If the car is from 2001-2003 the replacement battery could cost around twenty three hundred dollars. Of course, you have to add in labor charges which could add another couple of hundred dollars onto the price. 


As far as the electrical components, there are some Toyota Prius on the road that has over two hundred thousand miles on them with no repairs at all so it is a safe bet to say that the electrical components hold up really well. Toyota Prius is also used as taxi cabs in major cities around the world. 

2011 Toyota Tundra

Posted on: May 9, 2011 | In Toyota

The Toyota Tundra is the signature truck that is offered by Toyota. Many people who want a truck, yet want one that is going to offer decent gas mileage and so forth are going to look into owning one of these. The 2011 Tundra is going to deliver the same quality that people have been use to when they drive Toyota. However, most people are a bit hesitant to buy Toyota due to the recall trouble that the brand found themselves in through the past few years. The good news is that the Tundra is still considered one of the best Toyota vehicles to own and the person is getting a Tundra that has went through vigorous inspections by Toyota to ensure that they do not find themselves in the same recall situation as they have in the past. However, with all the success that the Ford F150 has had, many people wonder if the Toyota Tundra can rival what the F150 has to offer, and the answer is somewhat, depending on your views.


The Tundra is able to haul and tow, so it is exceptional when it comes to being a work truck. The problems lie in the fact that it does not have a very big motor and many worry that it could not haul those heavy duty loads like other trucks are able to. However, due to the smaller engine, the truck does get better gas mileage than other types of trucks that are out there. A plus for those that are just wanting a truck to drive, a negative for those that need this for tough outdoors work. However, with that being said, the truck is considered a light duty truck, therefore it can take on some of the work challenges that many people face.


Another feature of the Tundra that is not going over well with people is the fact that the interior looks as though the plastic is something that would appear in a child's toy rather than on an adult's truck. The plastic is very bulky and black, giving off a cheap feel to the interior of the truck. In addition, those that have been able to test drive the Tundra have said that gages and knobs in the truck interior are somewhat cheaply made and do appear this way. So one strike against the Tundra.


Driving wise, the Tundra seemed to do great going from the off roads to the actual roads when it is test driven. The steering seems to be rather loose, thus those that are used to driving a truck with hard suspension are not going to find this to be a problem. Plus, Toyota has fixed a few problems that were noted from generations past of the vehicle, such as the noisy truck bed that seemed to jiggle when going over bumps. They have made this problem pretty much nonexistent with the new 2011 Tundra. Overall, for the money that the person is paying, they could do worse with the purchase of a truck like the Tundra. Good gas mileage and the ability to do some light work is going to fit most people's ideal of what they will need.

Toyota Corolla Not Impressing Buyers

Posted on: March 11, 2011 | In Toyota

Toyota has had its ups and downs in the market recently, with multiple recalls and switching up leaderships roles, they started to seem as if they were breaking through the trouble to once again gain success. However, with the recent findings by many who have long been Toyota fans, they are slowly slipping on their game and losing valuable customers. How exactly is this happening? Not only are the massive recalls that seem to be fresh each and every week affecting the consumers that consider the brand, however, the lineup of vehicles that they are offering is also affecting what people buy. 


In particular, the Corolla. The Corolla was once the car that was ranked right there with the Camry in terms of sales. However, it seems that the reign of the Corolla has ended. And why exactly is this? Toyota has not changed the Corolla for years. These cars do not even boast direct fuel injection, which is about as old school as you can get. In addition, they are good on gas since they are small, but they could be better if Toyota put the time and technology that they have on their other vehicles into the Corolla. 













The Corolla was last updated in 2008 and it does not seem that it should be expecting another update until sometime next year. Meanwhile, the competition is cranking out small cars that compete directly with the Corolla and offer many more features that are high tech and luxury in a small car. Thus, why so many people are turning to these, even if they are loyal fans to Toyota, since they can get much more for their money. 


Toyota is scheduled to make quite a few changes in the next few months. And one that they should consider is revamping the Corolla earlier than expected. After all, it could prove to be the one way in which the company keeps their brand on the road.

Toyota Prerunner

Posted on: November 30, 2010 | In Car Reviews

The Toyota Prerunner is a package that is available on certain models of the Tacoma truck that Toyota manufactures. The Tacoma is also offered in the X runner trim package. However, each package differs and appeals to a different demographic. The Prerunner seems to cater more to those people who want the ride of a truck, yet want an affordable priced truck. So what exactly does the Prerunner package for the Tacoma offer people? 


The most notable aspect of the Prerunner is that it is sets high above the ground much like a four wheel drive truck, however is only a two wheel drive truck. This feature intrigues many people because they get to have their cake and eat it too. They get the looks of having a four wheel drive truck while still getting the gas mileage of a truck that is not four wheel drive, which turns out to be a few more miles per gallon, and much easier on their wallets at the pump. In addition, most people like the option of removing the tailgate if they need to or desire to do so. 


The 2010 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner comes with many standard features. For the braking and traction of the truck, people can expect four wheel anti-lock brakes, traction control, electronic distribution on the brakes so that the front and back brakes bear the same amount of weight when the truck stops, drum brakes will be on the rear of the truck, while the front will be equipped with disc brakes. 


The Toyota Tacoma Prerunner also has an abundance of safety features available to the owners. For one, they are all equipped with air bags, including front air bags and side impact air bags. There is also the switch to turn off passenger air bags in the event that you have a passenger that is smaller sitting in the front seat. The passenger air bags also have dual stage deployment, which is some of the newest safety measures that automakers are taking. These air bags are smarter than your average air bag in that they deploy based on the pressure that the truck is feeling from the accident, which is truly unique technology. For a truck, it does have quite a few safety precautions in place that normally, only sedans and other cars bother with adding, which should give the buyer greater price of mind. 


The truck also has some great aspects in regard to the suspension on the truck. There is a thirty millimeter stabilizer bar that is placed on the front. There are also gas charged shock absorbers on the truck, with front suspension and rear suspension on top of the stabilizer bar. What exactly does this mean for the driver? This means that if you decide to do a little off roading, you have less of a risk of turning the truck over, compare it to a truck that doesn't have these aspects and you will find that the truck will have a much rougher ride because the frame is not as concrete as the Prerunner. However, since it is not four wheel drive, you do run a certain amount of risk when you take it off roading, so the driver must be aware of this and make the best decision for the situation. 


The looks of the Prerunner is similar to the other trim model of the Tacoma. However, the Prerunner does have front and rear mud guards, which gives it entirely macho look that so many people like. Plus, it had black over fenders, black door handles, tinted windows, bed liner, and of course the Prerunner Badge on the vehicle to prove that it is the Prerunner version of the Tacoma. 


In comparison, the Prerunner has a few other trucks that are somewhat similar. The first that comes to mind is the Ford Ranger, though the Prerunner is slightly bigger than the Ranger. However, the body style is somewhat similar. In addition, the Chevrolet Colorado is a comparable truck, though the Prerunner does sit up higher than most versions of the Colorado's. 


Cost wise, the Prerunner can start at around $16,000. However, there are tons of extras that a person can add to the truck to make it even more luxurious, which of course, will raise the price slightly.


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2010 Prius V

Posted on: October 31, 2010 | In Toyota

Toyota Prius is a fuel-efficient, technologically advanced and affordable car series in the midsize segment. In practical terms, the 2010 Prius V is a hybrid model that has been completely redesigned to offer new opportunities for users and the car is listed as “significant” according to some reviewers. The changes are evident in the interior and the car’s fuel efficiency, which is 51 mpg in the city and 48 mpg on the highway. Despite these promising figures, you need to sacrifice on performance for better fuel efficiency.

Ford Fusion Hybrid is in similar price range and offers 41 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway and as another comparison Honda Insight Hybrid (the cheapest hybrid model in the U.S.) offers 40 mpg in the city and 43 mpg on the highway.


One of the novelties of the new Toyota Prius V is its optimized configuration, which enhances certain characteristics of the car and also improves the fuel economy. The EPA tests indicate a fuel consumption of up to 50 mpg, which is an important fact for potential buyers.

A 1.8 liter engine brings a new enhancement in the long Prius line, along with some performance improvement on the electric motor. Earlier Prius models offer 110 HP and the new model now boasts 134 HP, but you shouldn’t expect that it will perform like a sports car. If speed and performance are your main considerations, the ideal alternative should be Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Prius V comes with three driving configurations: Eco, Power and EV. The “Eco” mode offers a balanced trade-off between performance and fuel efficiency. The “Power” mode delivers the maximum performance, but still far from being comparable to a standard sports car, and the “EV” mode turns off the gasoline engine, relying solely on the electric motor for short periods of time and at low speeds. Even in steep and winding roads, the Prius continues to perform with absolute efficiency.

Handling and Braking

Both are electronically-assisted, and an experienced driver will immediately notice its differences with hydraulic-assisted cars. Unlike other trims, Prius comes with 17-inches wheels, which offer reduced noise and more grip, but slightly lower fuel efficiency than other trims that use 15-inches wheels.

Interior and Exterior

Aesthetic changes are rather visible with its more refined body design, longer dimensions and fixed visibility problems due to the horizontal bar in the rear window found in previous models. Its hood design makes similarities with the Camry and the Yaris seems more than a coincidence.

Its exterior changes may not yet make it the most attractive model in the midsize-cars segment, however, the Prius series continues to provide excellent fuel economy and technology. The use of rear LED lights gives it a different appearance, as well as aerodynamic improvements that are contributing to a higher fuel economy as well. Some changes in size tend to confuse those who are familiar with the previous model, for example the seats are roomier than the 2009 models. The driver and passenger are separated with a console that contains climate controls and entertainment features.

The interior of 2010 Toyota Prius V is not too luxurious, but far better than the previous version. The cabin interior is more spacious than what you’ll find in Honda Insight. Unlike other Prius trims, Prius V comes with integrated foglamps and LED auto leveling headlamps. Optional sun roof is available for about $3,500 and navigational device for $1800.

Toyota prius


The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular hybrid models on the market, therefore it won’t be too difficult to find an accurate market price. Prius V is available for about $27,000 or $6000 more expensive than the baseline trim (Prius I)

Toyota Highlander Best Features for 2011

Posted on: October 29, 2010 | In Toyota

One of the contenders of sport utility vehicles for 2011 is the Toyota Highlander. Starting at $27,390 and offering drivers an estimated mileage per gallon of 20/25, top with great looks and conveniences it is no wonder it is still one of the favorites on the road.

The Toyota Highlander comes in different models with different performance, accessories, and utility features – the SE ($31,995), the Limited ($34,895), the Hybrid ($37,290), and the Hybrid Limited ($42,945). Starting prices go up as packages and accessories are added to tailor it to the driver’s wish list. The colors of the Toyota Highlander enhance the whole package. Available colors are Classic Silver Metallic, Blizzard Pearl, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Black, Sizzling Crimson Mica, Sandy Beach Metallic, Cypress Pearl, Nautical Blue Metallic, and Shoreline Blue Pearl. The interior colors available are Ash and Sand Beige, both in easy clean fabric. Not all colors are available for all models.

toyota-highlanderSome options to consider are JBL AM/FM 6 CD changer with MP3/WMA and nine speakers, XM radio, connectivity for iPod, Bluetooth, DVD navigation system voice activated and with screen touch and rear view camera, rear seat entertainment system (DVD), power lift gate with jam protection, and 19 inch 10 spoke alloy wheels. These are optional features that will enhance the experience of driving a Toyota Highlander.

Some great exterior accessories include body side molding, wheel locks, trailer ball mount and trailer, towing receiver hitch and wiring, running boards, cargo bars, door guards, exhaust tip, paint protection film, hood protector, mudguards, and a hybrid window sticker for hybrid model.

Some interior accessories that make owning a Toyota Highlander fun are an all-weather cargo mat, remote engine start, VIP security plus system, Wireless headphones, emergency assistance kit, iPod interface kit, ashtray kit, auto dimming mirror, cargo tote, cargo nets, cargo cover, carpet floor mats and other accessories to equip well your sport utility vehicle.

The Toyota Highlander can be built to the driver’s specifications with the site’s online feature to review different packages or by talking to a Toyota dealership. Different packages are available to please Toyota SUV’s lovers.

Although the Highlander seems a bit sparse compared to other SUV’s out there, the variety in models offered make up for this. One important issue is that the Highlander has a Hybrid model, which other SUV’s brands lack. It has many great standard features to please the driver.

One of the best features of the basic Toyota Highlander is the 50/50 split third row seat, the seven air bags, and the center stow second row seat. The SE offers a leather interior, a moon roof, a power lift gate, and heated front seats. The Limited offers and elegant wood grain trim, an automatic three-zone climate control, 10-way power seat (driver), and smart key. The Hybrid gives you four wheel drive on demand (electronic), EV and ECON modes, and Hybrid Synergy Drive. The Hybrid Limited, the most expensive on the line of Highlanders, offers the consumer more elegance and style with wood trim interior, a 10 way power driver seat, automatic climate control (3 zone), and smart key system.

No matter which 2011 Toyota Highlander model you choose, there is one to meet each driver’s wish list and add fun as well as elegance to the ride, including many utilitarian features as well.

2011 Toyota Highlander

Posted on: October 24, 2010 | In Toyota

The full-size, eight-passenger 2011 Toyota Highlander comes only one way — loaded up. It has a car like unibody design, which leads to better handling, less cabin noise, improved crash worthiness and easier entry and exit for passengers. Body-on-frame designs still have advantages as they are more rugged and better suited for towing. The Highlander, in contrast, is meant for people who like the image and versatility of an SUV but prioritize the ride, handling and comfort of a sedan.


Think of the Highlander as a kind of oversize Camry wagon that went clothes shopping at REI, and you’ve got the general idea. While these competitors continue to have their own advantages over the Highlander — more power, more interior room, more style and more personality — Toyota has made a number of changes for 2011 that make this utility vehicle an overall desirable package.


2011 Toyota Tacoma

Posted on: October 23, 2010 | In Toyota

2011 Toyota Tacoma is among the best of the compact sedans. It’s reliable and thrifty, but it’s also refined and comfortable. The 2011  Toyota Tacoma closest competitors include the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Extended Cab, the Ford F-150 Regular Cab 4×2, and the Nissan Titan. Upon introduction, the Regular Cab is equipped with a standard 3.4-liter, V6, 190-horsepower engine that achieves 16-mpg in the city and 20-mpg on the highway. A 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive is standard, and a 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is optional. The Limited Stepside Access Cab is equipped with a standard 4.7-liter, V8, 245-horsepower engine that achieves 15-mpg in the city and 19-mpg on the highway. A 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard. Some have described it as a baby Camry or a baby Lexus, the latter particularly true with a 2011 Toyota Tacoma LE equipped with the optional leather interior. Cloth or leather, the seats are comfortable and supportive.

Big heating and air conditioning controls, simple, straightforward radio controls, well-designed cup holders, and plenty of cubbies for storing stuff make for a convenient interior. Getting in and out of this four-door sedan is easy and the back seat is surprisingly roomy and comfortable. The four-cylinder engine revs smoothly and delivers good acceleration performance. 2011 Toyota Tacoma earns an EPA-estimated 32/40 mpg City/Highway when equipped with a manual transmission. Both the manual and the automatic transmissions offer smooth shifting, and the manual is very easy to operate. All models have a smooth, comfortable ride and offer response handling. 2011 Toyota Tacoma comes in one body style, a four-door sedan (not counting the Matrix, which is reviewed separately).

All 2011 Toyota Tacoma come with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder 16-valve engine and a choice of a manual or automatic transmission Three trim levels are available: the base CE, the S, and the luxurious LE. The 2011 Toyota Tacoma looks like a small Camry. Its ovoid headlights are similar and its rakish yet curved shape is in keeping with the newest Camry and Lexus ES 300. Thick A-pillars at the front and thick C-pillars at the rear give The 2011 Toyota Tacoma a solid look and hefty bumpers add to its substantial appearance. 2011 Toyota Tacoma comes standard with 15-inch steel wheels, but looks like it could do with larger wheels and tires that would fill out the wheel wells more effectively. Aluminum 15-inch wheels are an option for LE models. At the rear, The 2011 Toyota Tacoma has a high trunk line in keeping with the car’s high belt line. The taillights match the shape of the headlights nicely. Part of the taillight module is actually mounted in the trunk lid. This is fine except that the design causes the trunk lid to be narrower than it might be. The doors have reasonably wide openings, which makes getting in and out easier. That’s a benefit of the long wheelbase, which also means that the rear wheel wells do not protrude into the rear door as much as they do on some cars. Another benefit of a longer wheelbase is shorter overhangs at the front and rear (the distance from the wheels to the ends of the car). Short overhangs improve the car’s looks, and the handling.

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2011 Toyota 4runner

Posted on: October 19, 2010 | In Toyota

If you want serious off-road capability with Toyota quality, durability, and reliability, then the new 4Runner is an excellent choice or you can also check the 2011 Toyota Highlander. The  2011 Toyota 4Runner’s closest competitors include the Acura MDX, the Isuzu Rodeo, and the Volvo XC90. Upon introduction, the SR5 4X2 is equipped with a standard 4.0-liter, V6, 245-horsepower engine that achieves 18-mpg in the city and 21-mpg on the highway. The Limited 4X4 is equipped with a standard 4.0-liter, V6, 245-horsepower engine that achieves 17-mpg in the city and 21-mpg on the highway. A 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard on both trims.

The 2011 4Runner is a carryover from 2003. The 4Runner has grown up. The all-new Toyota 4Runner is bigger, smoother, and more comfortable than last year’s model.

The larger exterior dimensions of the all-new 2011 Toyota 4Runner translate to an interior that’s roomier by every measure. Shoulder room, hip room, and cargo capacity have grown. Impression of The 2011 Toyota 4Runner interior is its quietude, impressive given its ruggedness and off-road capability. Wind noise is the only sound heard because there is virtually no driveline or tire noise. The driver’s seat adjusts eight ways. All five seating positions offer adjustable headrests and three-point seatbelts. An unusual feature is a pair of small convex mirrors at the rear corners of the interior designed to help the driver see vehicles approaching when backing out of a parking space. Cargo space is well designed. The optional Navigation system calculates routes six times faster than previous systems, according to Toyota. The touch screen display flips up for CD/cassette and tilts in four positions to vary viewing angles for drivers of different heights. 2011 Toyota 4runner is loaded with the latest off-road electronic technology. Electronic traction control and Downhill Assist Control improve capability off road, while other features improve comfort and handling on the highway. Yet the new 4Runner is built on a rugged ladder frame and uses a live rear axle, a design considered dated as many SUVs move toward unit-body construction and independent rear suspensions. Toyota felt this design offered better off-road capability. The new 4Runner is much larger and roomier than last year’s model and ride quality has been greatly improved. 4Runner and you have a comfortable, well-equipped, highly capable SUV that can get things done. New 2011 Toyota 4runner V6 delivers more power than last year’s engine for exceptionally good acceleration performance. And a V8 is also available for the 4Runner for the first time. The V8, an option for all models, delivers better acceleration than the V6 when fully loaded, but you won’t need it unless you plan to do a lot of towing.

2011 Toyota Avalon

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With 2011 Avalon, Toyota’s designers have created an automotive expression of subtle elegance. Clean sweeping lines and balanced proportions give it a sophisticated, yet unpretentious presence. Upon introduction, both trims are equipped with a standard 3.0-liter, V6, 210-horsepower engine that achieves 21-mpg in the city and 29-mpg on the highway. A 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard. The 2011 2011 Toyota Avalon is a carryover from 2003. Avalon XL and uplevel XLS models are offered, both with a 3.0-liter V6, automatic transmission, antilock 4-wheel disc brakes, and front side air bags.


Both offer front bucket seats or a front bench for 6-passenger capacity. In the one change for 2011, an antiskid system with traction control and full-power brake assist is available for XL as well as XLS. Exclusive to XLS is an optional DVD navigation system with dashboard screen and remote control for use by passengers.


The 2011 Toyota Avalon offers Toyota’s Vehicle Skid Control (VSC) is an electronic system designed to help the driver maintain vehicle control under adverse conditions. It is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Factors including speed, road conditions and driver steering input can all affect whether VSC will be effective in preventing a loss of control. Also 2011 Toyota Avalon’s Brake Assist is designed to help the driver take full advantage of the benefits of ABS. It is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Braking effectiveness also depends on proper brake-system maintenance and tire and road conditions. Engine and chassis vibration has been minimized with a sophisticated active control engine mount. Road anomalies have been masked by gas-filled twin-tube shock absorbers. Power rack-and-pinion steering adjusts the amount of assist relative to speed. Gears have been precision-machined, heat-treated and machined again for smooth, fluid meshing. Separate anti-vibration sub-frames in the front and rear reduce ride harshness while adding rigidity for more precise handling. Enhanced control is achieved through a Vehicle Skid Control (VSC) system with Traction Control (TRAC) and Brake Assist. The power and the streamline look that The 2011 Toyota Avalon offers is incredible. 2011 Avalon as rewarding to look at as it is to drive. Whichever model you choose, you’ll be greeted by elegant lines, highlighted with a wide front grille and 16″ alloy wheels. All of which make a fine complement to the VVT-i V6 engine with its smooth, responsive power and outstanding fuel efficiency….because the way we see it, it’s time you drove exactly what you deserve! Combining confident handling characteristics with a luxurious ride is a delicate balancing act. Through exhaustive testing Toyota has arrived at Avalon’s unique blend of luxury and agility.

2011 Toyota Camry

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2011 Toyota Camry is engineered with a flowing open design that creates a feeling of spaciousness, while surrounding you in ergonomic comfort. Camry comes equipped with 4-cyl or V6 engines. The 3.0-liter V6 available in LE and XLE gains 18 hp this year to 210. Newly available for SE is a 3.3-liter V6 with 225 hp. Both V6s come with a new 5-speed automatic transmission. The 4 cyl comes with manual transmission or 4-speed automatic. Desire meets gas pedal. There's no rationalizing desire.


Take the Camry SE. It comes with a performance enhancing sport-tuned suspension and a sleek athletic profile. There's also the choice of a 192-horsepower V6 engine or a 157-hp 4-cylinder VVT-i engine. It feels wide open inside. 2011 Toyota Camry have added almost five extra cubic feet of space in all three models.


2011 Toyota Camry XLEs and the V6 SE include antilock 4-wheel disc brakes; ABS is otherwise optional. Optional on all Camrys are front side air bags and head-protecting curtain side air bags, which can be combined with an optional antiskid system on V6 models. Other options include a power-adjustable accelerator pedal for automatic-transmission models and a navigation system with dashboard touch screen. LEs come on 15-inch wheels; others have 16s. SEs include a firmer suspension and special trim. A new Limited Edition option package for 4-cyl/automatic LEs includes woodgrain interior trim, unique exterior trim, and 16-inch alloy wheels. Camry's basic design is shared by the ES 330 at Toyota's luxury Lexus division. No matter how grown-up and responsible you are, the stylish new sleek form of the Camry will rekindle feelings. From its eye-catching lines and impressive performance to its rich history, the Camry thrills right to the core of your inner child.


The 2011 Toyota Camry's closest competitors include the Audi A4, the Kia Optima, and the Volkswagen Passat. The LE is equipped with a standard 2.4-liter, I4, 157-horsepower engine that achieves 23-mpg in the city and 33-mpg on the highway .The XLE V6 is equipped with a standard 3.0-liter, V6, 210-horsepower engine that achieves 20-mpg in the city and 28-mpg on the highway. The 2011 2011 Camry is a carryover from 2003. The 2011 2011 Toyota Camry makes a great impression. Something you'll be reminded of every time you see it. Just named the Camry "A Best Pick" the highest overall rating in its class. It is a available with Vehicle Skid Control (VSC) and Brake Assist. After all, before fancy features come safety and security.

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