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Review of 2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Bluetec

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For those that are on the market considering a luxury sedan, they are more than likely not thinking about considering the 2011 Mercedes Benz E-Class Bluetec model, or simply referred to by most as the Bluetec, because it is diesel powered. However, those that are not considering this car are going to feel a little left out once they realize that the car has so much to offer and is a bit better than some of the other competition that is out there. In order to first know why you should consider the Bluetec, the person needs to realize that just because this is diesel running does not mean that it is going to have black smoke rolling out of it and smell awful. The Bluetec is clean burning diesel, which is actually better than gasoline for the environment, this is something that most people do not know, and if they did it would change their minds about not considering this car. 

So what can people expect with the Bluetec? People can expect to get two modes with the car for driving, which is the regular mode and the Sport mode. For those that run in regular mode they are going to find that it still beats out some of the competition, but when in Sport mode, they are really going to feel all of the 210 horsepower that the car has to offer. In terms of driving, it drives absolutely great. Since it is a luxury car, the ride is smooth, while the person can still hear the engine purr when they put their foot into the car. Something that many people are glad to have.

For those that ride in the car they are going to have an experience that they may have never had before. They are going to find that the ride is incredibly comfortable, with the car feeling as though they are riding on clouds. There is no worries about having to accommodate passengers that may be taller than average since there is going to be plenty of room in the front and the back. Something that is hard to find in today's cars.

With all this being said, there are a few things that people point out that they are no big fans of in terms of what the car is offering. First off, most people do not like the fact that in some of the gears it feels as though the car is not responding as well as it was before. Though, this is only found in regular mode, in sports mode, people are way more satisfied. Other people point out that the diesel fuel that the car runs is hard to come by, which is something that is going to keep some people out of the running for these cars. Overall though this car is great for those that are loyal diesel drivers. Regular folks should consider the car, but beware it does take a while to get used to diesel, not because of anything bad, it is just different from gasoline ran cars. However, most people are intensely satisfied with their purchase.

2011 Mercedes Benz S55 Amg

Posted on: October 23, 2010 | In Mercedes-Benz

2011 Mercedes Benz S55 Amg vehicles are created for driving enthusiasts who demand exhilarating performance. The standard features include 5.5L V-8 493HP engine intercooler supercharger, 5-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), navigation system, side door mounted air bags, curtain front and rear overhead air bags, rear side-impact air bag, air bag occupancy sensor, Baby Smart air bag child seat sensor, automatic, 18″ AMG superior alloy wheels, cruise control, and an ABS and driveline traction control. Mercedes-AMG GmbH, the creators of world championship racecars and high-performance cars for Mercedes-Benz, have applied their automotive magic to some outstanding Mercedes-Benz models. When Mercedes-AMG designs a vehicle, they focus their attention on handling ability, braking, acceleration, sport-oriented luxury, and exclusivity. Performance is designed into each AMG Mercedes at the outset, bringing driving dynamics, performance and poise into harmony. The results are remarkable automobiles that have earned the performance pole positions of their classes.

In 1971, AMG was preparing for its racing debut in the 24-hour endurance race at Belgium’s Spa-Franco champs circuit. The AMG team had prepared a Mercedes 300 SEL 6.9 for the event but it was severely damaged during training just two weeks before race day. Would AMG’s racing career be cut short? Not at all! This was actually the beginning of the AMG success story.



The completely demolished car was painstakingly taken apart and reassembled. The new drivers, Hans Heyer and Clemens Schickentanz, had barely enough time for a test drive. But the rest is history: Heyer and Schickentanz won their class and came in second overall. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz S55 Amg team has since applied its enthusiasm, experience and technical know-how to take the pole position time and time again. From 1986 to 1993, the AMG Mercedes 190E won 50 races in the German Touring Car Championship. From 1994 to 1996, motor sport enthusiasts witnessed 32 wins for the AMG C-Class, plus two championship titles and two driver titles in the DTM and the ITC, one of the most grueling racing series in the world.

Since 1997, AMG production sports cars have emerged victorious in the FIA GT Championship, taking the championship in 1997 and 1998.Buyers were standing in line for the C43 AMG when it was introduced two years ago. Based on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan, the C43 AMG was a 4.3-liter V8 super sedan. AMG, the performance house that builds Mercedes’ championship-winning sports racing cars, converts only 500 production cars per year, so they don’t tend to languish in the showrooms. In fact, they have to order the cars well in advance, then hope they can get one. Last year, super sedan enthusiasts were offered a more exclusive waiting line based on the E-Class sedan. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz S55 Amg is a 2-door, 2-passenger luxury convertible, or convertible sports car, available in two trims, the SL500 Roadster and the SL55 AMG Roadster.




The limits of performance are found in extremes. For 2011 Mercedes Benz S55 Amg, only the supercharged intensity of the racetrack is sufficient to test their performance systems. And because their engines win on the track, you know they’ll perform wonders in the S55 AMG– even in the most demanding of conditions. A lot of what Mercedes-Benz and AMG engineers know about high-end performance comes from their successful involvement in racing. Innovations and know-how developed and tested on the racetrack benefit anybody who drives an AMG Mercedes. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz S55 Amg Roadster is equipped with a standard 5.5-liter, V8, 493-horsepower, supercharged engine. A 5-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard on both trims.

2011 Mercedes Benz C230

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2011 Mercedes Benz C230 has got all power, passion and style – everything in a nutshell. 2011 Mercedes Benz C230 comes with a standard six-speed manual transmission, a 1.8L supercharged engine, 17″ wheels and sport-tuned suspension. Wagon is not yet available. The base price of 2011 Mercedes Benz C230 is $27,990. C230 versions have a 189-hp supercharged 4-cyl engine; they come in Sports Coupe and Sport Sedan trim.


Along with sport-tuned suspension this amazing car does have manual transmission, body cladding, and aluminum interior trim.


2011 Mercedes Benz C230’s engine is 4 cylinder, supercharged, DOHC and front engine RWD-based. Each Cylinder consists of 4 valves. With the displacement being 1,796 cc, the transmission of 2011 Mercedes Benz C230 is 6-spd manual, 5-spd automanual. The fuel economy of 2011 Mercedes Benz C230 is 21-23 mpg in the city and 31-32 mpg in highways. Sounds incredible ? But this is fact. This epoch-making car can generate 189 hp @ 5800 rpm with Torque being 192 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm. Suspensions are like this: F – Independent MacPherson strut and R – Independent five-link. Brakes attached with it are of two types: F – Vented discs and R – Solid discs.


At 2011 Mercedes Benz C230, the top speed is 130 mph that is electronically limited. The curb weight for 2011 Mercedes Benz C230 is 3350-3400 lbs(estimated) and overall length is 178.3 in. The wheelbase of 2011 Mercedes Benz C230 is 106.9 in. Overall width amounts to 68.0 in. for sedan and 77.8 in. for wagon whereas height is 55.1 in. in sedan and 56.7 in. wagon. The least-expensive cars from Mercedes-Benz backyard come in sedan, wagon and coupe body styles. Sedans and wagons are available with all-wheel drive vs. the standard rear-wheel drive. The main rivals of this car will be 2011-2011 Acura TSX, 2002-2003 BMW 325i and 2002-2003 Audi A4 3.0 and one thing for sure, this new car is capable of giving all its competitors a run for their money.

2011 Mercedes Benz C Class

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2011 Mercedes Benz C Class has been expanded to nine models, which includes sedans, wagons, and sport coupes. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz C Class brings the three-pointed star to the rest of us, with sedans starting at less than $30,000. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz C Class sedan, for example, is a delight to drive with its sporty engine, responsive transmission, and perfect balance of ride quality and handling.


Inside, it looks and feels like a Mercedes with high-quality materials and firm, supportive seats. Meanwhile, this price-leading car continues to attract first-time Mercedes buyers with its combination of style, space, and features. This terrific edition of Mercedes promises unlimited excitement with unrestrained joy.


Two new sports sedans will be joining The 2011 line, along with a new high-powered sport coupe, and a value-priced wagon. 2011 Mercedes Benz C Class has good bones, with exterior styling inspired by the big, luxurious S-Class sedan, technology shared with the latest E-Class, and an interior design all its own. Redesigned from its earlier edition, The 2011 Mercedes Benz C Class has been enjoying strong sales, particularly in the United States. It is powered by a 168-horsepower 2.6-liter V6 with three valves per cylinder. For 2011, C-Class sedans and wagons will be available with 4MATIC all-wheel drive ($1800), a big benefit in slippery conditions.


Recent redesign of 2011 Mercedes Benz C Class will definitely be paying big sales dividends. How big? On a year-to-year basis, deliveries jumped a healthy 48 percent in calendar 2001 and another 38.9 percent in the first nine months of 2002, impressive gains in the current difficult market. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz C Class features a radical roofline, aggressive front end and sassy styling all its own. A glass panel between the taillights contributes to rearward visibility and gives it a distinctive appearance. Inside, The 2011 Mercedes Benz C Class features aluminum trim instead of traditional wood. It is available with an optional Panoramic roof, nearly all glass from windshield to rear spoiler.

2011 Mercedes Benz Slk320

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The 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk320 comes in three models, all with a metal hardtop that powers in and out of the trunk. The SLK 320 uses a supercharged 4-cyl engine, the SLK320 a V6, the SLK32 a supercharged V6. The SLK32 has modifications to suspension, transmission, bodywork, and interior, all by Mercedes’ AMG performance team. The SLK230 and SLK320 come with a 6-speed manual transmission or an optional 5-speed automatic with manual shift gate. The SLK32 comes only with the automatic. All include antiskid/traction control, side air bags, and ABS. The SLK320 has 17-inch wheels that are optional on the other models in place of their standard 16s. Also standard is Mercedes’ TeleAid assistance system and its BabySmart right-side air bag deactivation feature. A power-retracting hard top continues, but is reengineered to take up less space when folded and is arched in profile rather than flat. Lower-body styling is completely changed, announced by four closely set oval headlamps bookending an arrow-like nose with twin horizontal air slots. Powertrains change too. Four supercharged engines and four transmissions are apparently on tap for Europe, but the U.S. will get just two models: an entry-level SLK320 Kompressor with a 190-hp 1.8-liter 4-cyl and an SLK270 Kompressor with a 260-hp 2.7 V6.


The 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk320 , powered by a 192-horsepower supercharged four-cylinder engine, is Standard equipment includes state-of-the-art safety equipment as electronic stability control and side-impact air bags. Heated mirrors and a Bose sound system come standard, along with high-performance tires and front and rear fog lights.SLK320, with a 215-horsepower normally aspirated V6. It adds the V6 engine, wood trim for the interior, power seats and a telescoping steering wheel. The Mercedes-Benz SLK has an aggressive front spoiler and grille design and a smoothed profile that makes the car look lowered to the ground. At the same time, a heftier-looking rear bumper and taillamp combination give the car a more substantial stance. Handles, moldings and mirrors are all painted the same color as the body for a more unified look.

Large turn signal repeater lamps built into the rear view mirror housings let other drivers know of your intentions. The 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk320 interior features machined aluminum trim for the SLK320 and a beefy steering wheel, although wood trim, in either brown eucalyptus or black bird’s-eye maple, is available. A year ago, Mercedes redesigned the seats to offer more comfort to more customers. They provide more lateral support to keep you in place is fast cornering. The SLK320 comes standard with electric adjusters that provide a greater range of adjustment than manual ones. From our vantage in the 95th percentile, we found the seats much more comfortable than the old ones. The seats have electronic systems that can tell when there is a passenger present, and can tell when a child seat has been installed, automatically disabling the right-side air bag system. Taller and larger drivers may find the SLK cockpit on the small side with the power top in place. But 25 seconds after you pull back on the red button, the top is completely stowed away under its steel cover in the trunk and the car is transformed into an aggressive roadster. On the other hand, you may have to rearrange your luggage when the top is stowed away in the trunk.

2011 Mercedes Benz Slk32 Amg

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The 2011 SLK32 Amg is a thoroughly modern coupe expressed in typical Mercedes-Benz style. Short front and rear overhangs emphasize its powerful appearance. As rewarding to own as they are to drive, the three models of the SLK remain as captivating a collection of performers as ever. Currently, the SLK Class consists of three distinct models: the SLK230 Roadster, the SLK32 AMG, and the SLK320 Roadster. For more information about any of these models, or 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk32 Amg specs of any kind, you’ve come to the right place. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk32 Amg comes standard with a 2.3-liter, 16-valve, inline-4 engine that delivers 192 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and produces 200 pounds-per-foot of torque at 5,000 rpm. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk32 Amg comes standard with a 3.2- liter, 18-valve, V-6 engine that delivers 215 horsepower at 5,700 rpm and produces 229 pounds-per-foot of torque at 4,600 rpm. Lastly, the SLK32 AMG comes standard with a AMG-built, intercooled supercharged SOHC 3.2-liter, 18-valve, V-6 engine that delivers 349 horsepower at 6,100 rpm and produces 332 pounds-per-foot of torque at 4,400 rpm. Equally dynamic in all models is the 5-Speed automatic transmission with SpeedShift technology that provides up to 35 percent faster gear changes.


Twin power domes on the engine hood, wide doors and a low stance are enduring design elements from classic Mercedes- Benz roadsters of the past. A car for all seasons, the SLK is equipped with a fully retractable hard top that turns the coupe into an open air roadster in just 25 seconds. Truly a state-of-the-art integration of form and function, the SL32 AMG’s subtle yet aggressive style hints at the power contained underneath its hood. Inside the main cabin, CFC- free air conditioning filters air electrostatically and has dual temperature controls to accommodate the differing desires of you and you passenger. The manually telescoping steering wheel, optional in the SLK230, can also be adjusted for personal preference.


Inside every SLK, the natural beauty of rich leather upholstery surrounds you. The machined aluminum trim of The 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk32 Amg creates the perfect accent to the coupe’s sporting character. While the high quality hand-polished wood of the SLK230 and the SLK32 AMG complement an interior cabin crafted solely for you comfort. Finally, by adopting the latest in passive and active protection, The 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk32 Amg Class also takes a comprehensive approach to passenger safety. Active safety measures such as Brake Assist, ABS, ASR Traction Control and ESP help the driver avoid accidents. Inside the SLK, steel rollover bars, head restraints, driver and passenger front air bags, and door-mounted side impact air bags help keep passengers from harm. Should a Tele Aid service subscriber ever need emergency assistance, emergency response personnel are on hand to ensure that help is on the way.

2011 Mercedes Benz Slk230

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The 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk230 rides more quietly and offers sharper handling. It’s a much better car than last year’s model, more poised. Standard equipment on the 230 includes 16-inch wheels, leather upholstery, dual-zone climate control, a cassette stereo with Bose speakers and auto-dimming rearview and driver-side mirrors. The 320 adds eight-way power front seats, wood trim and a telescoping steering wheel. Should this not be enough, there are a number of options to consider, such as heated seats, HID headlamps, a trunk-mounted CD changer and a Sport package that includes an AMG-style body kit and five-spoke 17-inch AMG wheels fitted with high-performance tires. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk230 supercharged 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engine makes 192 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque. Those who prefer the smooth torquey feel of a V6 can go with the SLK320, which offers a 3.2-liter V6 good for 215 hp and 229 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed manual is standard on both models; a five-speed automatic (with TouchShift automanual capability) is optional. Acceleration is respectable with either SLK — the 230 can sprint to 60 mph in about 7.5 seconds and the 320 beats that time by about a second.


The 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk230 also has reinforced A-pillars, integrated roll bars behind each seat and emergency tensioning seatbelt retractors for enhanced rollover protection. BrakeAssist automatically applies full braking force when a panic stop is initiated. A “BabySmart” system allows owners to use a special car seat sold by Benz dealers that deactivates the passenger-side front air bag when installed. SLK230s count leather seating and machined aluminum accents among their standard features. SLK320 versions add generous amounts of real wood trim. Besides being a safety benefit, TeleAid offers a concierge function that allows one to make airline or dinner reservations. Occupants will find the seats roomy and comfortable for long-distance cruising, though limited lateral bolstering makes them less suitable for fast runs on twisty roads. Trunk capacity is 9.5 cubic feet, generous for a roadster. 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk230 offers a smooth, quiet ride.


It is stable at high speeds and in crosswinds. Better yet, with the frame, suspension and steering alterations, this is the best-handling big Mercury we’ve ever driven. The 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk230 is brand new for 2011, the third frame design since 1990, and the first with hydroformed front and rear extensions and new crossmembers. Also new for 2011: speed-sensitive variable power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering; a redesigned independent short- and long-arm front suspension, optional dual side air bags, new headlamps, side markers, grille, front fascia and decklid applique, new seat styles and materials, new instrument panel woodgrains, new wheels on all models, and a new overhead console design. 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk230 has standard antilock brakes and traction control; fold-away, power-adjustable and heated outside mirrors, and a storage pouch in the driver’s seat. A dual-media radio with AM/FM cassette and single CD player is now. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk230 ‘ 4.6-liter single overhead-cam V8 is smooth and quiet, yet delivers strong acceleration with plenty of power for quick passing. It’s one of the best engines Ford has ever built in terms of quality and durability, and features a coil-on-plug ignition system that is simple and reliable. The transmission delivers smooth, precise, quick shifts. Like many transmissions on the market today, it requires no maintenance for the life of the car.

2011 Mercedes Benz Slk Class

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2011 Mercedes Benz Slk Class is dynamically elegant class that takes technological exclusivity to the highest level. The standard specification includes a list of major milestones in automotive technology: Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC™) – the electrohydraulic brake system which now incorporates convenience functions such as Tailback Assist and Anti-stall Assist – as well as load-adaptive self-levelling rear suspension, adaptive front air bags, two-stage belt force limiters and large windowbags, to name just a handful of the 20-plus innovations that form part of the standard package. Among the highlights making their debut in The 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk Class are the bi-xenon headlamps with Active Light System – which follow the movements of the steering wheel and thus substantially enhance the driver’s range of vision when cornering – as well as the new EASY-PACK tailgate, complete with hydraulic drive system for easy opening and closing at the touch of a button.


The EASY-PACK system is the Mercedes-Benz answer to the need for intelligent load compartment management, comprising a whole host of detail solutions which substantially enhance variability, practicality and safety in the new Estate. Highlights of the EASY-PACK system include a newly developed, split-folding rear bench seat which can be folded forwards in its entirety in just a few simple steps, thus creating a large, flat loading surface in the rear. The load compartment capacity is between 690 and 1950 litres (VDA measuring method), depending on how the rear seats are arranged. Assuming the stowage compartment in the spare wheel well is used, the new E-Class is capable of transporting up to 90 litres (15 percent) more than its predecessor. Another new innovation for estate cars, the hydraulically operated EASY-PACK load compartment floor (optional) can be moved backwards by 400 mm at the push of a button, thus making it easier to load and unload heavy objects. Mercedes-Benz has also developed a special EASY-PACK load securing kit (Fixkit) which allows separation of the load compartment according to requirements as well as safe securing of the load. The kit includes telescopic bar, retractable belt, four load securing rings and sliding fixing elements that lock into two aluminium rails.


The chassis of The 2011 Mercedes Benz Slk Class is based largely on the sophisticated axle systems that feature on the E-Class Saloon and ensure extremely high levels of safety, agility and comfort. The multi-link independent rear suspension is made entirely of aluminium and comes with level control fitted as standard. Unlike the previous hydropneumatic system, this self-levelling suspension is based on fully supporting air reservoirs which keep the vehicle at the same level, regardless of the vehicle load. In other words, the spring travel on the rear axle remains constant whatever the load, thus ensuring optimum ride comfort at all times. Three distinctive design and equipment lines – CLASSIC, ELEGANCE and AVANTGARDE – meet different customer requirements. Offering a generous amount of space that can be used in a variety of ways, as well as intelligent practicality, the can easily cope with a wide range of transport tasks, making it the ideal partner for work, travel, recreation, sport and shopping.


2011 Mercedes Benz Sl55 Amg

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The 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl55 Amg has quintessential elegance and ease mated to stunning power and performance offering a driving experience which is more dynamic than ever. From its sculpted rocker panels to its five-spoke 18-inch alloys to its four chrome exhaust tips, this car exudes class — with an edge.Like the 500, among the SL55’s best attributes is its structure. It is a true hardtop in every sense of the word, even if that hardtop disappears into the trunk in only 16 seconds. With the top down, it never flinches. With the top up, you’d swear it was one seamless piece. Beneath the long, lovely hood is a handcrafted version of the 500’s 24-valve aluminum V-8, now 5.5 liters, supercharged and packing 493 horses and 516 lb-ft of torque. That, ladies and gents, is almost a Viper. The design of the striking front apron, which dominates the nose of the vehicle, recalls the look of the Formula 1 Safety Car. For optimum braking performance, sensitivity and resistance to fading, the front wheels of the SL 55 AMG with the Performance Package are equipped with a composite steel brake system.


But The 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl55 Amg relatively ponderous weight and deliberate refinement keep it from behaving like a Viper. Fortunately. Still, this large roadster’s 0-60 in 4.5 seconds can hardly be called lollygagging. It is quick, fast and arrogant, exhaling a lusty exhaust note more characteristic of Corvette than Mercedes. This Benz is just full of surprises. The five-speed electronic transmission can be shifted to manual mode and controlled with your fingertips by buttons mounted on the back of the steering wheel. Unlike many such manumatic setups, this one allows you to run the gears all the way up to redline. Even the cornering remains surprisingly flat despite the heft and size of this roadster, thanks to carefully tuned electronics that govern suspension. It affords naughty fun in the twisties without imposing the least ride discomfort on its passengers. Of course, who would notice, ensconced in its sumptuous leather buckets, perfectly bolstered via infinite adjustments. A wash of wild red leather accented with brushed aluminum, black leather and suede, this interior is not exactly the tasteful subtlety we expect of Mercedes.


But it certainly captures the spirit of this car. As for its other attributes, the wonders never cease. Everything happens with the touch of the button, if that. Among the options on mine were doors that unlock automatically when you approach with an electronic card in your pocket. The same signal starts the engine with just the push of a button. No keys necessary. Racing technology comes to the road: with the addition of the new AMG-Performance Package. Developed by Mercedes-AMG, this high-performance version of the successful roadster is a compelling tour de force with looks and technology closely derived from the official FIA Safety Car used in last year’s F1 Grand Prix season. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl55 Amg with the Performance Package owes its enhanced dynamic characteristics to an extensive range of revisions to its body, engine cooling system, brakes and suspension.

2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500

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The 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500 is a sinuous, sensuous roadster with dramatic styling and a major-league price tag. Comparable vehicles to The 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500 include the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, the Jaguar XK Series, and the Volvo C70. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500 is equipped with a standard 5.0-liter, V8, 302-horsepower engine. It is equipped with a standard 5.5-liter, V8, 493-horsepower, supercharged engine. A 5-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is standard on both trims. Two large round instrument pods carry the primary instruments, using smart, colorful purple graphics shared by no other Mercedes-Benz. The instrument panel and center console are well organized and feature the Mercedes COMAND screen that operates the sound system, navigation system, and telephone, with redundant controls on the new steering wheel.


Slide into the cockpit, belt up, press the button on the console and, 16 seconds later, its retractable power steel roof changes it from the open-air fun of a convertible to the quiet comfort of a luxury coupe. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500 is packed with every bit of automotive technology that Mercedes has perfected over the past dozen years, and that’s a lot of technology. It does everything well, with the single exception of hauling cargo.


The 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500 has more standard equipment than just about any other two-seater in the world today. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500 5.0-liter V8 engine develops 302 horsepower. 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500 come with a completely new electronically controlled, magnesium-housing 7G-Tronic 7-speed automatic transmission, the world’s first, with closer ratios for quicker acceleration, instantaneous downshifting and higher fuel economy. The two higher-performance versions will retain the 5-speed automatic for a while yet. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500 version is brimming with incredible levels of performance. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500 uses a newly developed, hand-built, 5.5-liter supercharged engine with more than 493 horsepower to catapult itself from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, making it the fastest production Mercedes-Benz roadster ever. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500 is the latest addition to the lineup, carrying a silky smooth 6.0-liter V12 twin-turbocharged engine. Whereas the SL500 V8 carries a supercharger and makes 493 horsepower and 516 foot-pounds of torque, the 5.9-liter V12 packs the same 493 horsepower but generates a staggering 590 foot-pounds of torque, more than any other Mercedes engine of this size.

The engine is a bit heavier than the supercharged V8, but it more than makes up for it with prodigious torque and electric-motor smoothness throughout the rpm range. The 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl500 is surely one of the most beautiful cars in the world. From the jutting chin of its front bumper to the four-eyed headlamps to the traditional front fender air intakes to the shoulders over the rear tires to the five-spoke alloy wheels, it is not only the new style leader for Mercedes-Benz, but the new style leader for the entire segment. Mercedes says the new SL simultaneously pays homage to its legendary great grandfathers while offering a new interpretation of excitement. The narrow, wing-like chrome gills are reminiscent of the first SL Roadsters and are echoed in the hood. The four-eye headlamp pattern has the two lamps on each side melding into one another. They represent the latest in lighting technology with a circular Fresnel lens that concentrates the light emitted by the standard xenon headlamps. From the side, the rising beltline contributes to the car’s rake. At the rear, the triangular taillights use 27 LED bulbs designed to illuminate more quickly.

2011 Mercedes Benz Sl Class

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The 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl Class is surely one of the most beautiful cars in the world with completely new interior design, different from the CL coupes and very different from the Mercedes sedans. Two large round instrument pods carry the primary instruments, using smart, colorful graphics shared by no other Mercedes-Benz. The instrument panel and center console are well organized and feature the Mercedes COMAND screen that operates the sound system, navigation system, and telephone, with redundant controls on the new steering wheel. Below center, just ahead of the shifter, are the ventilation controls, similar in style to the twin round controls used in the M-Class SUVs. Voice activation for the phone, radio and ventilation system is optional.



The leather-covered seats that come with the car are superbly comfortable for grand touring, but if you need more and want more, 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl Class offers both dynamic multi-contour seats that give a continuous massage, or seats with active seat ventilation. The standard seats are larger and more sumptuous than the previous models because there is simply more room in the cockpit, with more room to adjust the seat for tall drivers and more room to rake the seat back. That’s because the new automatic folding steel top design doesn’t take up as much room as the old fabric convertible top.


With the steel top up, The 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl Class turns into a coupe as quiet as a church on Wednesday, allowing the occupants to relax and cover ground while the new 10-speaker sound system (with separate 100-watt amplified subwoofer) bathes the interior in sound. With the top stowed, a 16-second process, the sound system compensates automatically for the increased road noise. Mercedes worked long and hard to ensure that with the top down and the side windows down, you can still hold a normal conversation with your traveling partner even at very high road speeds. An interesting new feature is the optional Keyless Go card, an electronically coded card that replaces the normal fob-and-key arrangement. As long as you have Keyless Go in your pocket or purse, you simply walk up to the car, touch the door handle to unlock the car, and then, once seated, you touch the knob on top of the shifter to start (or stop) the engine.

Pretty handy when you’re in a hurry or a rainstorm. Passive safety features include front and side head-and-thorax air bags as well as new knee bags, and an automatic rollover protection bar that snaps up to protect you if the top is down. From the jutting chin of its front bumper to the four-eyed headlamps to the traditional front fender air intakes to the shoulders over the rear tires to the five-spoke alloy wheels, the SL is not only the new style leader for Mercedes-Benz, but the new style leader for the entire segment. The air inlets in the front fenders were inspired by the original 300SL. The narrow, wing-like chrome gills are reminiscent of the first SL Roadsters and are echoed in the hood. The four-eye headlamp pattern has the two lamps on each side melding into one another. They represent the latest in lighting technology with a circular Fresnel lens that concentrates the light emitted by the standard xenon headlamps. From the side, the rising beltline contributes to the car’s rake. At the rear, the triangular taillights use 27 LED bulbs designed to illuminate more quickly. The interior design of The 2011 Mercedes Benz Sl Class is different from the CL coupes and very different from the Mercedes sedans. Two large round instrument pods carry the primary instruments, using smart, colorful purple graphics shared by no other Mercedes-Benz.


2011 Mercedes Benz S600

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The 2011 Mercedes Benz S600, the most popular model, offers plenty of power for quick passes, merging into fast freeway traffic, and accelerating out of corners. The 2011 2011 Mercedes Benz S600 is a beautiful line of cars, sleek and aerodynamic. They are smaller yet roomier than the bulky pre-2000 models they replaced. And they are extremely sophisticated. Microprocessors and onboard sensors instantaneously determine forces acting upon the car, filter the data, and adjust the handling. There’s much technology here and learning all of the features takes some time. It exudes the tremendous presence of a Mercedes S-Class. The S600 delivers much more responsive performance, with crisp acceleration that should please any closet hot-rudder.

The top-level 2011 Mercedes Benz S600 and the high-performance S55 AMG get even more power for 2011. A lot more power. As if they needed it. Fast traffic is a description fits an S600 and an S55 AMG. The S600 represents the ultimate in Mercedes-Benz luxury and power. The S55 AMG is a limited-production high-performance model.


For 2011, the S-Class comes with new safety systems that can actually anticipate a collision, and prepare driver and passengers to get through it as safely as they possibly can. Electric seat belt tensions are activated, and the power seats adjust to a lower and more upright position. Mercedes-Benz calls this system Pre-Safe, and points out that it is the only system in production today that engages before the impact, when milliseconds can minimize the energy spikes that cause serious injuries. Also new for 2011 Mercedes Benz S600 is the availability of 4Matic all-wheel drive.

The 2011 Mercedes Benz S600 offers a lot, as it should, given its price and reputation. It represents the state of the technological art of the high-performance luxury sedan. Its interior comfort is unsurpassed; its styling is aerodynamically efficient. It exudes status. The S-Class is a better choice for many of us than the new BMW 7 Series, which is marred by a driver interface that’s a real challenge to learn. The S-Class cars have a daunting set of features that requires some study of the owner’s manuals, but it isn’t insurmountable. Soundstage positioning, it’s called. According to Mercedes, “From a driver in the car alone, listening to talk radio, to a car full of people, listening to symphonic or vocal music, there is an audio setting to make the listening experience more enjoyable.


The 2011 Mercedes Benz S600 we drove featured a substantial cup holder sprouting out of the left side of the passenger seat. It works well, but it rubs against the passenger’s left leg and we couldn’t figure out how to remove or stow it. Speaking of stowing things, there aren’t enough places to stow things in the S-Class. “People have stuff!” complained one passenger. Also, drivers who are not familiar with driving a Mercedes may find themselves turning on the cruise control when they meant to signal a turn. The roofline, the C-pillar, creates a blind spot when you look over your right shoulder. But there’s no blind spot through the windshield, not even in the spray of a truck in the rain, thanks to powerful wipers with no less than six nozzles to spew washer fluid.