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Review Car Tires

Posted on: March 6, 2012 | In Car Accessories

For some consumers, purchasing new car tires is a daunting experience; different treads, sizes, and weather applications seem to blur together. However, buyers should realize that a properly chosen tire is imperative for safe driving. The tire itself is the one portion of the car that grips to the road. So, if you are looking for a set of new tires, it may be helpful to look through different tire websites for comparison deals. For the best deal on auto insurance, simply plug in your ZIP code within the FREE comparison tool above!

review car tiresDriving Quality

Have you ever seen those large wheels and thin tires on the road? The shiny wheels provide a level of glamor to the vehicle’s aesthetics, but tire buyers should be aware of the effect the narrow tires have on the overall driving standard. Thin tires make the ride more bumpy than a thicker tire choice; the narrow rubber does not have as much of a buffer from road imperfections. As a result, drivers will need to compare aesthetics with ride comfort.

Hauling a Load?

In general, passenger car tires are certainly less expensive than lightweight truck tires. In fact, many small pickup drivers use passenger car tires on their vehicles to save money. This is a smart choice if the truck does not haul items on a consistent basis. However, if a pickup hauls heavy items in its bed or pulls a trailer, it is imperative to have truck tires.

The truck tires have a higher load capacity. Internal structuring and designing of the truck tire makes it more sturdy for constant heavy item transport. On the other hand, passenger car tires do not have the extra stability needed for hauling; it is possible to damage the passenger tire under a lot of weight. A damaged tire can easily cause a blow out or a potential accident.

Do You Need New Tires?

Some consumers may be confused over whether they need new tires period. A good way to tell if you need tires, especially if a sales associate is trying to convince you that you do need new tread, is to check the tires with a penny. Place the penny, with Abraham Lincoln’s head facing downward, into a tire groove. The tire still has good tread for dry conditions if part of Lincoln’s head remains hidden behind the tread. If all of Lincoln’s head is visible within the groove, it is time for new tires.

The grooves help water to escape from under the car so that hydroplaning does not occur. The penny test provides a simple way to measure the minimum tread depth of 2/32ths of an inch. For a consumer confused about purchasing tires, this is an extremely easy test to verify any concerns.

Tire Type

reviews-of-car-tiresTires are available for different weather conditions. For those that live in desert areas, where rain and snow are not a normal occurrence, a summer or all season tire would be appropriate. These tires offer a good dry grip on the road with a comfortable ride since the tread’s grooves are not very deep.

However, drivers that live in snowy areas should consider either an all season tire, or even snow tires. Snow tires offer large tread depths so that it can move across icy and snowy roads with ease. Areas that receive light snow and heavy rain can consider an all season tire for almost year round comfort.

There are specialized alternatives to the basic commuting tires offered by most tire dealers. High performance tires will have a thin sidewall and tread built for racing. Alternatively, off road tires have a variety of different sizes and tread types based on the intended application, such as sand or mud.

Speed Ratings

Many consumers do not realize that tires have specific speed ratings. This rating is based on the tire’s ability to release heat; as the tire moves down the road, it generates heat from friction with the ground. Drivers with mostly street driving needs can usually purchase a low speed rating tire, designated as “S” or 120 MPH (miles per hour) to 180 MPH.

However, most drivers use a variety of different road types, from urban streets to fast freeways. As a result, many consumers opt for a higher speed rating of “T” or 118 MPH to 190 MPH. This rating will allow the tire to release enough heat to stay structurally sound at freeway speeds.

Replace All the Tires?

car tire reviewsDepending on the vehicle’s braking system, it is common for one pair of tires to wear out faster than the other two. This uneven wear is normally caused by front disc brake structures; the front tires receive more wear from constant braking in traffic. The back tires will have some wear, but not as much as the front.

In this case, it is common to simply replace the more worn pair of tires, rather than replacing all four tires. However, drivers can improve the tread for all the tires if they are rotated on a regular basis. As a result, the wear will be evenly spaced across all four tires, making them last longer. Once all four have been worn down, the driver can simply replace all of the tires after a long lifespan.

In the end, consumers should look for tire deals before they have a major blow out. Make sure you have the best auto insurance coverage in case of emergencies. Enter your ZIP code into the FREE comparison tool below now!

Some Strange And Unique Accessories That Car Manufacturers Are Building Into New Cars

Posted on: July 14, 2011 | In Car Accessories

If you are the kind of person who loves cars that come with interesting gadgetry or simply want a car that stands out from the crowd then you will be pleased to know that many car manufacturers are coming out with some unique and in many cases strange new accessories that they are building into their cars. Let's take a look at some of the off beat accessories that you can find in new cars today. 


One built in accessory that sounds cool, but that some drivers may find a bit annoying is the built in rain sensing wipers. These are wipers that use an infra red light to detect a certain amount of moisture or dirt on your windshield and automatically turn on the wipers to clear it away. While drivers may eventually get used to their wipers turning on suddenly it can be a bit unnerving to new car buyers the first few times this happens. 


Purchasers of the 2011 Kia Soul can be amazed or annoyed as the case may be by these cars inclusion of the glowing speakers accessory. These glowing speakers just don't glow, but the light actually pulsates in time with the music. 


Not to be outdone the Ford Mustang offers adjustable dashboard lighting. Using a button you can change your dashboard lighting to several different colors and various hues. Now, your dashboard lighting can match your moods! 


For those who prefer foreign made cars that have a really sweet smell you might want to check out the 2011 Fiat 500 with it's own built in perfume dispenser. You even have a choice of three fragrances to choose from so that your car can smell exactly the way you want it to. 


On the little more frightening side of the built in accessories is the self parking feature that comes with the Lexus (LS) sedan. You have to line up a square into the back up camera, release the brake and this car will steer its way around other cars and into the parking space. You do however, have to brake again to bring the car to the stop. While it might be a space age invention, it seems a bit scary to be saying "look ma no hands!" while fitting into that tight parking space. 


Of course, if you really like built in accessories that are almost complete useless, then you will love the Soda Can Cool Zone. This is a special compartment that keeps soda pop cool on those long trips. The only problem is the cool zone only works while the car is actually running and leaving that soda in the cool zone compartment on a hot day could lead to some messy results.


While some of these new built in accessories are gaining attention, chances are many of them aren't going to be around for long. After all, it is not exactly like any of these accessories are really going to improve the safety or the long-term enjoyment of your car and once the novelty of some of these gadgets wears off new car buyers might well find themselves more annoyed than pleased with these kinds of accessories.

Fun And Useful Accessories For You New Car

Posted on: July 13, 2011 | In Car Accessories

There is an old saying that states that the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys and this saying certainly holds true when it comes to men (and more than a few women and their new cars). When most people get that brand new car there are two things they immediately want to do with it. They want to show it off to all their friends and they want to rush right out and buy some new car accessories to make that new car truly their own. What accessories the new car owner chooses has a lot to do with their own personal taste, but here are some of the most trendy accessories that new car owners can choose from. 


The first on the list has to be a GPS system. While many new models of car comes with a GPS system built in, others don't and most new car users want to have such a system both for its usefulness and because it is so darn much fun. With all the technological advances today there are several GPS systems to choose from and the most popular models are those that actually speak to you. There is nothing more fun that taking a girl out on a date and having your GPS system direct you right to your parking space at the restaurant. The amusing part is most guys who get a GPS system that actually talks always choose the ones with the sexy female voice! 


Another trendy accessory has become the advance rear seat entertainment system. Some of the newer systems may rival those smaller home entertainment systems people have in their homes. These systems allow back seat passengers to download and watch movies, listen to hours of music and even play their favorite computer game. Some of these systems are so well made and clear it is almost worth sitting out in your car just to watch that favorite movies or listen to your favorite music. 


Novelty horns are purely for fun, but a lot of new car owners wouldn't be without one of these accessories. Some of the newest horns imitate animal sounds such a dog barking a rooster crowing or a Turkey gobbling, there are novelty horns that sound like the old fashioned train horns, ones that play music and let's not forget the infamous wolf whistle horn. Of course if you are going to invest in that novelty horn that you simply must have that amplifies so you can really amuse or annoy every other driver on the expressway during rush hour. 


A locking steering wheel device. Even though your new car may come with engine immobilizer and a locking car alarm new car owners find that have a locking steering wheel device gives them added security. Because this device is so visible it deters those would be joy riders from breaking into cars. After all, no one wants to see that brand new car they saved for disappear from a parking lot while they are inside having lunch. 

These are just a few of the trendy accessories that new car owners love.

Gift Ideas: 5 Great Car Accessories Perfect For That First Time New Car Owner

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Getting that first brand new car is an exciting time in everyone's life and you can make their event even more special by giving that new car owner a gift of a useful or fun car accessory to help them make that new car truly their own. Here are Five great car accessories that a new car owner will love. 

If you have ever spent the day shopping at that huge shopping mall or went to that giant sporting arena to see a big game you know how confusing those parking lots can really be. It's all too easy to forget where you parked and it can be embarrassing, frustrating and exhausting to wander around looking for your car. You can save a new car owner from the hassle that these large and confusing parking lots present by giving them an electronic auto finder. This little car accessory is really handy. You simply hold down a button and the auto finder will track down your car up to half a mile away. Even better it will actually show you an arrow pointing out the direction you should go. It's one useful and handy car accessory to have. 

Another inexpensive and handy accessory that the new car owner will love is an automatic starter. These clever devices allow you to stay inside on those cold mornings and still get your car started and warmed up for you when you are ready to head out for the day. Now if these car starters would also clean the ice and snow off your windshield life would be perfect! 

For the more fun loving new car owner a novelty horn may be the perfect gift. After all who just wants to honk when your car can be made to whinny like a horse, trumpet like a swam or play your favorite country song loud and clear. What's even better many styles of these horns look super actually mounted on that new car. 

Vanity Plates make another great gift for the new car owner. There are a wide choice of plates to choose from including plates that bear the vehicle make such as "Dodge" or make personal statements such as "soccer mom" others simply offer pictures of scenery or animals. However, many new car owners really enjoy dressing up the front of their car with a unique license plate. 

While it is neither trendy or cute, purchasing a car cover for that new car owner who has to park his car outside with little or no protection from the elements is a very thoughtful gift. A car cover can help keep that new paint job looking new and help prevent the car from rusting or getting those little scratches from flying sand and pebbles on windy days. 

When choosing a car accessory as a gift for a new car owner, be sure to take into consideration their individual tastes, likes and dislikes, personalty and sense of humor. If you do that you are sure to choose the perfect accessory that really helps that new car owner celebrate his purchase in style.

Car Accessories That Help You Customize Your Car To Bring Your Personality To Life

Posted on: July 12, 2011 | In Car Accessories

Not everyone can afford to have a custom car built just for them. However, that doesn't mean that you have to live with a car that looks just like the millions of other cars of the same make, model and color that are sold each year. For those of you who want your car to express your own personality and to be as unique as you are there is a whole range of car accessories that you can use to make that happen. Now you can have a world of choices available to you to help you create your own customized car. 


There is a whole range of headlights and tail lights that you can choose from to add a little more interest to that boring car design and make your car stand out a bit from the crowd. Functional and attractive these headlights and tail lights can easily be used as the first step in customizing your car. 


Spoilers are another way you can customize your car and give it a more unique look. Spoilers add a bit of flair to the back end of your car and are usually quite easy to install. They can make a small car look more sporty and a larger car look a bit more trendy. 


Of course if you want to go all out you might want to consider investing in some custom wheels. Having a set of great wheels on a car can really make it stand out and gain it the attention it deserves. There are numerous designs to choose from so you can rest assured that there is probably a set of custom wheels that will express your personality perfectly. 


Now that you've spruced up and personalized the exterior of your car, you are going to want to make the inside sparkle with your personality as well. You can do this by choosing a dash kit that will add some pizazz to your car interior. There are many different types of materials in dash kits to choose from including wood and chrome. Of course you may also want to add a set of custom gauges to your interior as well. Many of these gauges look quite futuristic and are definitely designed to make a statement and make it loud and clear. 


Of course there are many other car accessories you can use to customize your car from seat and steering wheel covers, to floor and dash mats, to window rain visors and even decals. Whereever your imagination can take you, there is probably a car accessory or kit that can bring that image to life. And many of the accessories you can install yourself saving you money while creating a car that simply oozes your personality. 


So why not take a few minutes and discover all the possibilities that are available to help you make your car a true extension of your own unique personality. You will simply be amazed at just what kinds and how many car accessories are available to help you create that dream car that you have wanted forever.

Car Maker Over: Car Accessories That Can Brighten Your Car’s Interior

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You love that older car, together the two of you have been through thick and thin and it has always gotten you where you need to go. But, let's face it, all those miles, all the stops at fast food places that left behind mustard and catchup stains, All those worn spots on the seats from month upon month of car pooling, those permanent scuff marks left behind from hockey sticks and other sporting equipment. The interior of your car is definitely beginning to look used and abused and worn out before it's time. The good news is it doesn't have to stay that way. There are plenty of inexpensive car accessories that can be used to give the interior of your car a makeover and have it looking fresh as a daisy and almost new in no time at all. 


The first place to start is with new seat covers. There are a variety of seat covers to choose from and they are made for both bench and bucket seats so it doesn't matter if you have a sporty little model, a family wagon or an SUV you will find new seat covers give your car an entirely fresh look. 


Many seat covers are made to fit specific models of vehicles so all you need to do is find the covers that match your vehicle and then choose from the variety of styles that are available. There are plain seat covers, stripes, geometric designs, faux animal fur, even leather seat covers. Seat covers can hide a world of sin while brightening up the interior of your car. 


Once those new seat covers are in place you might notice that your steering wheel or dashboard could use some sprucing up as well. Don't worry among the car accessories you can find dash mats and steering wheel covers as well. Why not try matching your steering wheel cover to your new seat covers and choose a contrasting dash board mat. This will not only improve the look of that worn car interior but, is a great way to customize your car's interior with a little of your own personality. 


For those of you who want to go all the way, there are also floor mats that you can match to your dashboard mat to create an entire balance and new looking interior to your car. 


While you are at it, why don't you consider getting that sunshade for your car you're always talking about. Not only will these shades help to keep your seat cushions and dash mats from fading under the hot rays of the sun and help to keep them looking new much longer, but a wind shield sunscreen will also help to keep the interior of your car much cooler when you are parked in the sun. Some experts say a sunscreen can keep the interior of your car 40 degrees cooler than a car without a sunscreen. 


There's no doubt about it. Car accessories can provide you with a great way of giving your old car a new look without spending thousands of dollars. Isn't your car worth it?

Choosing Car Audio System

Posted on: November 10, 2010 | In Car Accessories

Car audio has come a long way from the antiquated standard AM / FM / Cassette Combo Deck. Today, car multimedia systems may be consisted of DVD video, television, navigation systems and Internet connection. Sound quality in a car audio system depends on a number of factors – the quality and type of the system's media player, the type of speakers installed, the acoustics characteristics of the car’s interior, interference from other devices and distortions.


Before discussing the different types of car media players, it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of audio quality. When deciding what type of audio system to install, and also when comparing one model to another, there are two key factors to consider:


  • SNR [SNR] – It is signal strength relative to background noise in a signal or equipment. It is measured in dB (decibels). High dB figure equals to better quality. Most car CD player have a SNR between 90 and 100 dB.


  • Frequency response [FR] – A measure of audio spectrum range, from bass to treble. It is measured in Hertz. Players with wide FR range has better quality. Find a CD player with frequency response range of at least 10-20k Hz


Cassette player has a SNR of 50-70 dB, which is lower than most CD players, furthermore, sound quality deteriorates near the end of the spectrums. The FR range is between 3-18KHz. As a whole, a car CD player offers better sound quality than a cassette player.


Media players in cars today are usually consisted of radio tuner and DVD player/changer. There are a few options to consider when you want to install audio CDs in a car:


  • A primary dashboard CD player – often have WMA/MP3 player, radio tuner and movie playback

  • Additional CD drives- multiple CD drives located elsewhere inside the car.

  • Bluetooth wireless connection.


When choosing a CD player there are two things you should consider:


  • Can it physically fit inside the vehicle?

  • Will it integrate aesthetically with the dashboard and other car equipments?


Most CD players have standardized form factors, to make it suitable for most cars, but there are some exceptions, which may necessitate changes in car interior design. So, it is recommended to use a CD player sold by the same car manufacturer. Cosmetic integration is always slightly more complex, but in most cases it can be easily solved through personalization features.


Digital Car Audio Systems

With many portable players and home audio systems giving crisp and clear quality sound using digital technology, we are no longer contend with “typical” stereo sound systems for cars.


If you tend to store your digital music files to CDs, a CD changer is a good addition for your car audio system. Up to 8 hours of music (200 songs) can be stored on one CD and allows the use of repeat options and random shuffling. The advantage is ease of use, automatic CD load/eject, and diverse file formats that your CD player can play. Many latest CD players also have USB port, which allow you play MP3 songs directly from USB Flash drive. A $20 USB flash drive (8GB) can store up to 1600 high quality MP3 songs.


Car Speaker System

Most speaker systems can be separated into two parts: the physical speaker units and the channel amplifier. Car amplifiers allow speaker units to offer crisp sound quality even at high volume. Each speaker uses one channel of amplification, which means 4-channel amplifier, can support up to four speakers. There are plenty of speaker types that you can choose. Starting with basic stereo speaker units (2 channels), you can produce high quality sounds using a tweeter and a bass subwoofer. This gives you a good 4-channel audio system that may even rival your home stereo. There is also an option for adding subwoofers and special amplifiers. This does not mean that you will have a loud audio system that will disturb the entire neighborhood. A good subwoofer adds purity and quality and to your music.


Three main factors when choosing speakers are:

  • Speaker type and design

  • Technical specifications

  • Fitting and assembly

A good speaker design can combine midrange, subwoofer and tweeter perfectly. Depending on the combination, you can choose 2-way, 3-way or 4-way speakers. Technical specifications for car speakers are similar to home audio speakers, although there are some differences to compensate for lower power output of car stereos. Technical specifications include signal to noise ratio, sensitivity, frequency response, power output and impedance. Accessories and fittings are selected based on the speaker position. Car speakers are usually placed either as bottom-mounted or top-mounted.