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I am getting ready to have my car fixed for some major problems and am unsure of just where I should go to get this repair done. Should I go to the dealership that deals with cars of my brand or choose someone that has their own repair shop?



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When getting a car repaired it is important that you choose the right technician, after all, you want to make sure that you are getting the car repaired the first time and getting it done right the first time. Otherwise, you are wasting your money. In terms of whether to go to a dealerships or to an independent repairman, the person should check to see if their car is under warranty, if so then the dealership is going to be the best bet since warranties are voided if the person chooses an independent auto repair technician. However, for those that are paying this out of their own pocket and do not have a warranty, then they should shop around for the best rates and service in their area. They should keep in mind what the reputation of the technician is and ask them if they do work on the brand of vehicle that they are bringing in, since many technicians have a niche brand that they work on.

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  • Honda City 2008 engin problems Says:

    June 14th, 2012 at 4:59 am

    I bought an Automatic HONDA CITY CVT MH-01-JP-3767 on 20th Feb 2008, delivered on 1st March 2008. Post the 3rd free service at Arya Honda Lalbuag at 3,120km (actually to be done at post 10,000km) the engine oil drain ‘nut’ had fallen off n was towed to their Authorised Service Station. Since then we have consistently been facing engine knocking sound problems for which the vehicle was always been sent to the Authorised Service Station for repairs but the problem persists, even after sending letters n mails over d period of 4 years and the car being under Extended 2 year Warranty. Even after sending d car 4 regular service intervals of 5,000km as per norms, the Car has been totally sent @ 14 times to d Service Station for Checks but they are not able to solve d engine knocking problem. The Car has not completed more than 28,000km and we experience a breakdown. The vehicle has been towed to Authorised Service station n we were informed that the “Automatic Transmission is Malfunctioned”and is not retriveable. Its costs 3.5lakhs and needs to be replaced. We have written a letter to Honda Seil Cars n they have replied that the cost has to be borne by us. Do you think a Brand New HONDA City car can face engine issues so soon & mere Service checks are a solution? Also don’t you think a car facing engine issues in the 1st year itself reflects as a defective car?

  • Atikacuh Says:

    November 22nd, 2015 at 12:34 am

    Hi, I have subscribed after hvnaig learned far too much from watching your videos than I ever thought possible I have a question, my lawn mower when at full power hums nicely in a straight line’ sound, but if I lower him a little bit in speed, it is like a type of humming’ sound. So fast slow fast slow, almost unnoticeable and he cuts just fine. But I’m starting to think that sound is not normal. I checked the carb and all seems fine. ANy clue if this is a common? symptom’ of ..?

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