Review of 2012 Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has always been a good selling large SUV that is on the market, however, for the 2012 version of the Explorer, most people are going to find that it beats out a lot of the competition on the market. And the reason for this is the fact that Ford is offering so much with this SUV that is going to appeal to buyers. The first offering is the fact that the person can choose to get the turbo four cylinder engine option, which is something that most people are liking since it is not only still offering great fuel mileage, but great performance as well. The person also gets the option of the six cylinder option that they can choose from as well, which is always there for those that do not want a four cylinder. 


One of the things that most people are talking about is the fact that the interior is very upscale. They are going to find that the materials used to make the interior are something that they are simply not used to with the Explorer, and it is one of those things that are appealing to most people. They are going to find that this is going to make the Explorer be even more appealing to those that may be in the market looking for a large SUV that has style and luxury. However, with that being said, most people are a bit put off by the cargo room and the third seat room that is found in the Explorer, simply because other competitors are going to offer more room than the Explorer. Though, most people are willing to look over this minor detail.

Another factor that people like about the new version is the fact that there are many advancements in the interior such as the high tech offerings that do make it something that out does the competition. However, with that being said, the MyFord Touch that is installed on these vehicles is something that can give the person a bit of headache since it does have some development issues that have not been figured out yet.

So what does it drive like? Most people are giving the driving of the 2012 Explorer two thumbs up. They are stating that it handles great and responds to the drive well. The ride of the SUV is something that most people are very impressed with as it takes bumps and weaves in the road without really making the driver or passengers feel it at all. However, the person should be aware that it may take a while in order for the person to get used to driving this vehicle since it is a bit bigger than what most people are used to, though this seems to be the only complaint that people are having with the driving of this vehicle. So is the 2012 Explorer something that people should try out? Most definitely as they are going to find that it is a step up for Ford and is one of the best bigger SUV's that is on the market.

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