Review of 2012 Chevrolet Sonic

For years, companies like Chevrolet have been trying to cross over into that small car segment, without much success. Consider the Cobalt and other cars that were sold, yet they did not stay on the market for too long. However, Chevrolet is hoping to change this with their new Sonic. And it would seem that Chevrolet has finally gotten it right with the Sonic, as it is a good looking small car, that has a sporty edge to it, while still being something that is fun to drive and something that people are going to want to have.   

2012 sonic

The interior of the car is a step above the competition and does not try too hard. Which could be one of the reasons that so many people are liking it. No longer are people having to try to figure out what this and that does, they know with the Sonic since it is very straightforward. Seating is not bad as well, and everyone is comfortable. Unless, of course, you have two very big people in the back seat who may feel as though they are bit cramped. But that sort of thing is to be expected with all small cars in this segment.   

The engine is borrowed from the Cruze, which is why the car is so much fun to drive. The Cruze is a heavier car, yet with the engine in the Sonic, the person is going to be able to have fun thanks to the lighter design of the car itself. They are going to find that they have two options, a 1.8 liter Ecotect four or the 1.8 turbo liter four. Either one is a great choice and they are going to find that transmission wise, people are getting to choose between automatic and manual.   

There are two body styles of the Sonic being offered. There is the four door sedan, which is rather dull and what most people expect with a sedan. Yet there is also the five door hatchback, which is really the bread and butter of this car, and something that everyone should consider. They are going to find that looks wise, the hatchback option is going to be the one that stands out in the crowd of small cars that are on the market.   

The person is going to find that in terms of driving, it is very solid. And they are going to find that it is fun to drive, with the ability to speed up fast and slow down impressively. But is the small car safe? This is one of the worries that most people have and the fact is that Chevrolet has done all that they can do to make sure that this car is safe to drive. There are ten airbags in the car to help in the event that the car does become involved in a crash. And they used strong steel in the underbody to help minimize damage to the car and provide impact resistance. For those that are wanting a US made car that is going to compete with the other foreign small cars that are out there, it would seem that Chevrolet has out done themselves this time.

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