2012 Acura TL

There are many new vehicles that are going to be released at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012, however, one that most people are looking forward to is the 2012 Acura TL. For years the TL has been a long standing model that is offered by the company. And because of this, rarely have we seen any changes in the car since most people like it the way that it is. However, with the 2012 TL, people are going to be able to notice some slight changes that are going to give the car much more character, and make it more luxurious and sophisticated. 


One of the biggest changes that designers for the 2012 TL point out is that the front end has been redone. There is a modified grill, headlights that seem darker, lower lights on the front end and a few extra curves and lines to give the car the feel as if it was wider and lower to the ground. This is going to be the most noticeable change that people are going to be able to spot immediately. In addition, the rear end has always had a few modifications done to it as well. For example, they have reporportioned the lines so that it looks more balanced when compared to the entire car to give off that wider feeling to the car. Designers are stating that with these small changes that have given the car the edge that it needs to once again be the dominant Acura on the roads. 


2012-acura tl

There are a few extra features that are going into the 2012 TL as well. For starters, the blind spot information system, which is going to warn drivers when they are turning or switching lanes if there is an object that they are going to hit. This is something that most drivers are going to love, however, it can always be turned off for those that find it annoying. There is also going to be the new option of the six speed automatic transmission that is going to improve fuel mileage. Previous generations of the TL have gotten around seventeen miles per gallon in the city, while getting around twenty-five miles per gallon on the highway. With the new transmission, these numbers should slightly increase. 


On the interior of the car there are a few changes as well. For one, the seats are now going to be heated and are ventilated, which is a luxury item that people in the past have not had in the TL, unless they specify this on a custom car. The stereo system is also getting an upgrade, as the Disk drive is now going to have 15 gigs of space, which means more songs that the person can make sure that they have with them when they travel. Plus, the Hard Drive is going to have the capability to identify a song for the listener. And for those that want the complete package, they can choose to get the Song by Voice package, which allows the driver to start their favorite song just be instructed the stereo to find it for them. Thus, increasing safety while driving since the driver does not have to fiddle with the controls. 


The car is going to be able to seat five comfortably, with enough leg room for those passengers that are sitting in the back. In addition, those drivers are going to love the layout of the interior since everything is within reach for the driver, such as audio controls on the steering wheel, a big in dash screen that will help to navigate or direct the driver to find a song. The gear shifter is also located in the center of the floor which gives the car a more sportier appeal. 


Overall, the 2012 Acura TL promises to be one of the cars that families are going to love since it can seat five, but still not give them the feeling that they are driving anything less than a performance car. The looks alone are going to be some that stand out against the crowd of other vehicles out there. And those that drive these are going to love how the car handles and sticks to the curves that it is put through, while still maintaining a feel of luxury on the interior.

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