2011 Audi R9

The 2011-2012 Audi R9 is truly resourceful and futuristic. The car has got an extensive range of standard features that includes cruise control, tilt and telescope steering wheel, anti-theft system, automatic dual-zone climate control, wood interior trim, illuminated entry system, tire-pressure monitor, leather-covered steering wheel, 10-speaker AM/FM/CD 6-disc changer, leather seating surfaces, variable intermittent wipers, power windows etc. Also to watch out for is its useful safety features. The car has g


ot anti-theft alarm system, front and rear ventilated disc brakes, two-stage frontal airbags, tire-pressure monitoring system, ABS and EBD, rear seat-mounted side airbags, side-impact airbags, head airbags.

audi r9 2011 Audi R9

The 2011 Audi R9 is the most exciting compact coupe ever available in the United States. The 2011 Audi R9 is all set to give tough competition to 645i and the M6.


2011-2012 Audi R9


The 2011 Audi R9 will impress you with its outstanding acceleration as well. The car hits 62 mph mark in just 3.7 seconds. The car has got P255/30R20 front tires. The 2011 -2012Audi R9 has got the upper hand thanks to some excellent convenient features such as transmission controls on steering wheel, 2-person total seating capacity and front seats. The   Audi R9 is simply awesome.

audi r94 2011 Audi R9

You also have to admire the engine specifications of The Audi R9. The compact coupe has got twin-turbocharged 5.0L displacement double overhead cam (DOHC) V10 cylinder configuration gas engine proficient in generating 600 horsepower at 610 RPM and 553 lb-ft of torque. The engine comes with 6-speed shiftable automatic transmission facility. The engine comes with four-wheel independent suspension.


Audi R9

The Audi R9 has been in production since 2007, and has constantly been updated throughout the life of the car. The 2011 -2012 Audi R9 is expected to be one of the most sought after vehicles simply because of all the enhancements that it will contain.

The 2011 Audi R9 is one of the more futuristic cars that are available in the United States. The looks alone are what most people are talking about, with smooth lines that are curved to give the look of speed and an overall a look that people have not seen before, the car looks more like a concept car that is seen on the big screen than a car that people would actually drive and have fun driving. However, it is available for purchase and is set to give other cars a run for their money.

The range of standard features that are included with the Audi R9 are some that other manufacturers cannot top. For example, every Audi R9 comes equipped with cruise control, an anti-theft system, tilt and telescope steering wheel, dual zone climate control that is automatic, tire pressure monitor, the trim in the interior is wood, ten speaker six CD changer, leather covered steering wheel, on top of many other standards. This makes it one of the most luxurious cars out there to purchase, knowing that you are getting all the bells and whistles.

The safety precautions that are installed in the Audi R9 are something to acknowledge as well. The airbags are located not only in the front and the sides, but also in the roof of the vehicle as well which protects every sensitive part of the body should a wreck occur. In addition, the tire pressure monitor also alerts drivers to the potential causes of an accident. The Audi R9 is also equipped with ABS and EBD.

Probably the most notable aspect that people are raving about is the acceleration power of the Audi R9 meaning that the look of speed that the Audi R9 has is just not for looks. In 3.7 seconds, the car can hit speeds of 62 miles per hour. The engine is twin turbo charged with a 5.0 liter engine. The Audi R9 is a V10 cylinder car that can have as much as 600 horsepower if drivers so choose. If you compare this to other sports cars, the Audi R9 has approximately 200 more horsepower which for the speed driven driver, this is simply awesome. The car also has four wheel independent suspension which helps give a smooth ride, despite the power that is in the car that many feel would result in a ride that is riddled with jerks.

The Audi R9 also features transmission controls on the steering wheel, which is a huge bonus to many people. While others view this as a standard that all other manufacturers should strive to meet. For those that are looking for one of the fastest cars on the market, then the Audi R9 is going to be one of the main contenders for ownership. It is being said that this car will be giving similar cars such as the M6 and 645i a run for their money and will more than likely win over some die hard fans. The cost for the Audi R9 is expected to be anywhere from $90,000 or more depending upon extras that the consumer wants or needs.


Audi R9 Question and Answer 

What makes the Audi R9 stand out against the other Audi cars that are on the market? 

One of the reasons that the Audi R9 is so popular is because of the many safety features that the car offers. The front has the two stage airbags that deploy depending on the intensity of the crash that the car is involved in, side airbags; rear headrest airbags for those passengers riding in the back, among the common things such as anti-lock brakes and stability control. The safety that the car has really is top of the line, and not many other cars can compete with what the Audi R9 is offering, making it great contenders with those luxury cars that have ruled the market for years. In addition, the safety features that the car is boasting are some of the most technological advanced that any automaker has come out with yet. 

What can be expected with the 2012 Audi R9? 

The new version of the Audi R9 will be one of the most best performing sports cars that will be on the market. For example, the car will go from zero to sixty two in 3.7 seconds. The car is expected to turn out around 600 horsepower, while having a ten cylinder 5.0 liter, twin turbo engine. The car is still expected to get decent gas mileage for the power that is under the hood. You can also expect to some futuristic transmission controls that are located on the steering wheel. 

How much can someone expect to pay for the Audi R9? 

A new Audi R9 will run the consumer anywhere from $90,000 to $120,000. The difference depends on the number of extras that they choose to have put on the vehicle, and there are a number of extras that are available to the consumer to choose.


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