Is there a way to find free classic car classifieds?

The intensive search for the most ideal and affordable classic car is a fun hobby for automobile fanatics. It is an enthralling experience of having to hunt down an undiscovered classic automobile and possibly getting a great deal on a car that you will enjoy driving for several years. However, you need some source of information on cars available probably with photos and technical specifications to make an ideal choice and actually purchase the car of your dreams.

Start With the Internet

find cheap auto insurance1 300x185 Is there a way to find free classic car classifieds?The internet is the best place to solicit information on the various classic car classified advertisements. You can get great deals for classic cars on sale if you know the right places to look. The internet has massive information on classic cars available globally, and you can spend all your spare time perusing this endless data bank to no avail, especially if you don’t know your way around the search engines.

However, this venture may enlighten you on the different classic car models you were not aware of, but for a successful search on the car that you are interested in, you have to have a list of the places to find affordable and ideal classic cars. If you are ready to purchase a classic car, you need a source with detailed photos of the available cars and comprehensive technical information. Below is a list of the good sources where you can find free classic car classifieds.

The Auto Trader

If you are looking for classic cars from the 1980s dating back to the 1900s, then the Auto trader classic automobile website is just the place to look. Both dealers and private owners are allowed to place their bids here hence better chances of getting a great bargain. You can also search for classic cars from the 1980s to date on the Auto trader website.

eBay Motors

This site is among the best places to look for unique classic cars since it is open to international advertisements. This offers a wide range of exceptional classic cars that you are not likely to find on local classifieds. However, as much as the site has among the best collection of rare classic cars, it might not be an ideal place to look for an affordable car due to the completive bids placed on some cars.

Car Insurance Coverage 255x3001 Is there a way to find free classic car classifieds?The Hemmings Motor Website

The historic version of this website as a news print that had insider information on the collector’s cars and classic cars available in the market. Presently, these adverts are in the form of a website covering all the different classic car variants the market. However, most of the classifieds on the site are dealer listings on cars that have a full retail price tag on them.


Although it is not one of the easiest places to navigate, you can actually get great deals on classic cars on Craigslist. The fact that there are a myriad of advertisements on just about anything you might be looking for, finding the right classic car can be a bit of a task. You stand a better chance to get an affordable car since most people putting up their cars for sale usually advertise on this site as it is free. Here, you can also search for available cars both locally and internationally increasing your options to choose from.

Local Car Classifieds

Local car advertisements on magazines and on local news papers are usually free and could turn out to be a great place to look for unique classic cars since most people tend to overlook this source. You have a lot of patience to do some intensive digging though since classic cars are usually buried within several leaflets of regular and old pre-owned cars. If you are lucky enough to find the right car here, you are assured that the prices are affordable and no shipping charges will be required.

Marque and Classic Car Model Specific Sites

There are a number of websites with chat forums where the aficionados of particular car models discuss their cars in-depth. Such sites also have a ‘for sale’ section where you can get really great deals on classic cars. If you are looking for an affordable automobile, this is definitely the place to look. Good deals rarely last long, therefore, be fast to grab the best deals while they are still on offer.

Market Letters

These letters are niche oriented, with publications on particular car models like the Porsche Market letters, Mercedes SL Market letters and so on. For as long as this publication has been in existence, only the best and unique cars are listed here. Finding an exclusive classic in this publication is therefore, easy, but you may have to pay a premium price.

Marque Club Publication

The classifieds put up on these publications are no doubt high quality cars up for sale. From the Mustang to the BMW, the classified are well listed with unique classic cars. Chances of getting an ideal car here are quite high, but you have to pay some premium fees to get the premium cars.

classic car classifieds Is there a way to find free classic car classifieds?Listen to Friends

You can get some pretty good deals on classic cars by over hearing upcoming garage sales or even getting information from a friend on a classic car they know is on sale. Since you get first-hand information before the car is even put on the market, you stand a better chance to bargain for a great deal and also get exceptional classic cars in the process. If you are searching for a classic car, therefore, it is always advisable to put it out there, so that in case something comes up you might just get a call from one of your friends informing you of a classic car on sale.

Look For Yourself

Being on the lookout for classic cars while driving especially during weekends when most people take their classics for a spin is one other way to get a classic car. If you spot something good, you might as well approach the owners with a tempting offer and if the odds are on your side you might just be the owner of the classic at an affordable cost.

By using any of these options, or a combination of them, you can rest assured that you will have a good selection of classic cars to choose from. Whether you prefer to look online, or go out-and-about, the above suggestions should lead you in the right direction. Be sure to choose the best auto insurance coverage as well by using our FREE comparison tool below!

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