Safety Car Reviews

When a person is on the market shopping for a new car they are going to find that the safety ratings that these cars are getting is something that can make or break their decision to buy these cars. Thus, the person needs to make sure that when they are reading these reviews that are found out there that they are looking specifically at the safety information that can be found in these. Otherwise, they may have a fabulous looking car that is going to be the demise of them should they get into an accident.

Where to Find Safety Car Reviews

Almost all reviews that are written by a professional in today’s age and time are going to have a section that is completely devoted to safety. So where can these reviews be found:

  1. Websites
  2. Magazines
  3. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Many websites such as:


These will contain the reviews about new cars that are going to be something that the person can use to make a decision on a car or to make the decision a bit easier between a number of cars that they are considering.


Many magazines out there will have the newest cars reviewed from time to time throughout the year, especially when it is getting close to time for the car to be released to the public. They will find that the safety of the car is something that is talked about in great lengths.


This is the administering body for those tests that are performed for the car in question, thus it makes sense to go directly to the source to find out how a particular car rated and so forth. The person will not only find actual numbers or star ratings, but they will also find various pieces of information that point out why the car performed as it did and so forth to make their decision a bit easier.

What Will Safety Car Reviews Contain

There are many things that the car review geared towards safety are going to contain and the person needs to know what they should be looking for in order to make the most of the review and to make the best decision that is out there for them to make. These reviews will contain:

  • Actual Safety Ratings
  • Aspects that Make the Car Special in Terms of Safety
  • Number of Airbags

Safety Ratings

The actual safety ratings that the car received when tested by the NHTSA is something that is going to be in this review. And for many people this is the most important thing that they can learn about this car when they are considering shopping for this. They will find that otherwise, the review is not worthy of their attention.

Safety Aspects

The person will also find that after reading many of these reviews that they will find that the person may mention just what is making this car something that is considered to be the best on safety. For example, any types of systems that are present in the car that is making it safer such as traction control or stability control. There will also be the information that is related to just how the car is going to take being hit, such as having crumple zones and so forth that are helping to detract the majority of the impact from the driver and the passenger.


This is also one of the biggest things that people look for when they are looking for a car that is safe. The reviews will contain the number of airbags as well as their location, which is going to be something that helps to protect the person in the event of a crash and let the person know just what they can expect to find in this car.

What Does NHTSA Test For

The main question that many people have is just what does the NHTSA test for when they are testing the safety of these cars. After all, this is what you are basing your entire decision on thus, you want to make sure that you are getting something that is going to stand up to your own requirements for safety. They test:

  1. Frontal Impact
  2. Side Impact
  3. Rollover

Frontal Impact

This test is measured by taking the car and putting it into a collision at around 35 miles per hour. The person will find that the injuries that the dummy ends up having is what the agency uses as a way to test the ability for the car to withstand these or so forth.

Side Impact

The same procedure is done with side impacts, however, the car is hit with a barrier that is around three thousand pounds going at around 38 miles per hour.

Overall, those that are wanting to make sure that the car that they are getting for themselves and their family is going to be something safe, they will find that these reviews are going to give them all the information that they could ever hope to have.

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