2011 Acura CL

The 2011 Acura CL is available as a 3.2 CL V6 Engine, with the option of getting the 3.2 CL Types S Acura, which is basically a sportier version. The 3.2 CL version, which is the basic version for the Acura CL is estimated to put out around 225 horsepower, which is around a 20% increase from last basic models of the Acura CL. The Type S of the Acura CL on the other hand increases the horsepower to give a better performance and offers around 260 horsepower. 

The Type S 2011 Acura CL utilizes a unique air induction system along with several other state of the art components to give consumers more power without causing the engine to overheat which could result in poor performance and overtime could result in the car losing power and ultimately cost the consumer hundreds in repairs. 


The higher level of performance is putting the Acura in a whole new category of cars, such as the likes of the BMW or Mercedes that have offered high performance, classic looking cars for years. With the smooth classic lines that the Acura CL is now offering, it is high competition looks wise with the more luxurious cars, which is what Acura was aiming for. And it sure to bring in a wider demographic of people looking to purchase the 2011 Acura CL now that it has defined the taste of the car to a more elegant status. 


Space wise, the 2011 Acura CL has increased on the interior and the exterior from past models. The length of the car has increased by around 190 inches, while the width of the car has increased by 70 inches overall compared to last models. This has given an enormous amount of more room on the interior. It is estimated that there is around 96.5 cubic feet more room on the interior when compared to past models. Which means that those passengers that are sitting in the back seat may feel more comfortable than in past models. It also means that trunk space has increased a bit, a plus for everyone.


Safety wise, the 2011 Acura CL is offering the normal safety precautions that most cars are putting in place, such as dual front airbags. However, they are also offering the side airbags that help in the event of a side crash, and it is one aspect that many automakers are not putting in cars, which does put it a step above the rest. In addition, the airbags have sensors that monitor height and weight of the passenger or driver. In the event of an accident, if the person is not big enough, the airbags will not deploy as it could prevent serious injury from happening due to the fault of the airbags. The Type S also has the added safety feature of having Vehicle Stability Assist which helps in the those times that the driver may be having a harder time controlling the car, and given the high performance of the Type S, makes sense for the version to have. The standard anti-lock brakes and traction control are available on both types of 2011 Acura CL. The car also utilizes a computer to manage many of the parts of the car, for example, oil pressure and whatnot are monitored by a computer that will relay problems back to mechanics once the computer is hooked up to a reader. This is something that many people are bragging about since it takes the guess work out of figuring out just what is wrong with the car. 


What other surprises should Acura lovers be waiting for in regard to the 2011 Acura CL? The interior of the car is still going to remind those of past Acura CL's, since most changes went into the performance of the vehicle and there were no real complaints about the interior function. However, looks wise, many of those will be reminded of past Acura models such as the NSX or the Legend Coupe, which is where those designing the CL took some inspiration. This has also given the CL a leg up on much of the competition as it provides a more classic appeal to many people. Many people are dubbing the 2011 Acura CL the most competitive and technological advanced car in its class. 

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