2011 Volkswagen Beetle

The new 2011 Volkswagen Beetle is going to be anticipated by many, and is expected to be released in early spring of this year. The new look to the Beetle is going to be the one aspect that people are going to notice right off the bat. However, the performance is also going to be noticeable, as the new Beetle is going to be borrowing performance parts from the Golf and be comparable to many of the other small cars on the market. Drive wise, the ride is going to be much more easier and smoother than the Mini Cooper, while still having an edge over the PT Cruiser as well. In addition, the car is going to handle just as well as some of the most popular sports cars that are out there because of the suspension and steering that has not changed much from past models. 



The brakes of the car is going to allow people to stop hard if the chance arrives while driving. However, stopping power wise, the car reportedly does not have the stopping power of the Mini Cooper or the VW Golf. All three models with their respective engine are being offered will have nice quiet rides, as Volkswagen has made sure that the cabin in almost completely silent for those long road trips that people may take.



There will be three engines to choose from for US buyers. The first being the 2.5 liter five cylinder engine, next the 2.0 liter turbo engine and lastly the 2.0 liter diesel engine. Transmission wise, people are going to have the option of choosing from automatic and manual transmissions that will have up to seven gears depending on which model of the Beetle that the person purchases. 



One of the biggest differences that the Beetle is going to have is that it is around three and a half inches longer than former models, with a flatter roof and windshield that is more upright. The difference in length means more room in the cargo area, a much wanted addition to those that have driven past models of the notorious Beetle. Because of the flatter roof the Beetle is expected to get slightly better fuel mileage than past models. So far, the estimated fuel mileage is around 44 miles per gallon on average in all the models. From seeing the car, it is evident that the designers are trying to go for a rougher look that would be comparable to the Cruiser in order to attract men and women both by using more strong lines and cutting out some of the cuteness that past models have held.


Interior wise there will be some changes as well to the new 2011 Beetle. The most dominant being a different dashboard and steering wheel. These are made to be more sleek and fitting with the times, instead of relying on the past models interior design. 


The Volkswagen company is hoping that the new 2011 Beetle will be their pride and joy. The cost of production is relatively low, so the company is hoping that they can crank these models out as soon as possible and the public will eat them up. This should be the way it happens since the Beetle is going to be the only small type car that Volkswagen is offering since they have discounted the Golf, the only competition for the Beetle in the VW family. Overall, the changes that the company has made should improve the looks of the Beetle, but still be familiar to those that are die hard Beetle fans.

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