2011 Volkswagen Jetta

2011 Volkswagen Passat is the refined member of the mid-size class. It offers a high-quality interior and a high-quality driving experience. With its 2.0L 8 valve inline 4 cylinder engine, the peppy 2011 Volkswagen Jetta boasts 115 hp @ 5400 rpm and 125 ft-lbs. of torque @ 3200 rpm on regular unleaded fuel. The power from the 4-cylinder engine of The 2011 Volkswagen Jetta is transferred to the wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission with front wheel drive. To round out the dashboard amenities, it has an awesome external temperature indicator and handy low fuel level warning. Volkswagen doesn’t forget the safety features and we need to mention them The new 2011 2011 Volkswagen Jetta comes with ventilated front disc / solid rear disc brakes, 4-wheel ABS, front side-mounted airbags, front seatbelt pretensioners, child seat anchors, and emergency interior trunk releases as well. Bookmark our site today and check back frequently. Arguably, it offers more style and character than any other in its class, without sacrificing midsize practicality. The Volkswagen was freshened up last year, with bolder contours and new lights front and rear. A stiffer chassis improved ride and handling as well as body panel fit.


Spirited and responsive, The 2011 Volkswagen Jetta is a lot of fun to drive. The driving experience is colored by engine and transmission choice, so choose carefully. The 180-horsepower 1.8 T is a joy when paired with the manual gearbox. It’s quick, at times abrupt, but incredibly smooth. It delivers brisk, off-the-line acceleration. There’s a surprising amount of torque available, more than enough to spin the front wheels. Traction control steps in when needed to minimize this, enhancing control. This 1.8-liter turbocharged engine is so smooth and revs so freely that you’re encouraged to put the throttle down. In spite of its power, it nets an EPA-rated 24/31 mpg city/highway. Accelerating through the gears, there is some turbo lag down at the bottom of the rev range. Under normal conditions, launches can be a little slow unless you rev it up and drop the clutch. With the turbocharged engine, there is little torque available below 2000 rpm.


It starts to build at 2500 rpm and comes on quickly after that, but it isn’t the explosion of power that big turbochargers deliver. It’s more like the progressive acceleration of a smaller turbo, more fluid and linear. This car is too good to be saddled with this combination. Therefore, we strongly recommend the manual gearbox with the 1.8 T. We recommend pairing the automatic with one of the other two engines, which are naturally aspirated (non-turbocharged). GTI VR6 comes with Volkswagen’s innovative, narrow-angle V6 engine that delivers 195 foot-pounds of torque. The recent power boost is the result of a switch from two-valve to four-valve heads. Strong torque would make this a great engine for the automatic, but Volkswagen doesn’t offer that combination. The base 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine offers good performance for commuting. It feels flexible, holding its own in traffic, and is comfortable when cruising steadily at 80 mph. It isn’t an engine that inspires enthusiast drivers, however. The 2.0-liter engine is EPA rated at 24/31 mpg city/highway: good, but no better than the GTI’s 1.8 T engine. Its relatively low price still makes the 2.0-liter a good value, however. This should be a good mate for an automatic, though we haven’t tried it that way. It has a pretty smooth ride with its four-wheel independent suspension front and rear stabilizer bar. You will never be late to another appointment with The 2011 Volkswagen Jetta tachometer clock display.

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