5 Ways to Finding Jaguar Used Cars

5 Ways to Finding Jaguar CarsJaguar. To lovers of fine, luxury automobiles the Jaguar name is synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and royalty. If you might be interested in purchasing a used Jaguar for yourself it’s very possible, albeit potentially expensive. In the following paragraphs we will show you five ways to make your dream a reality.

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Jaguar is a British car company whose inception dates back to the pre-World War II era.

They have been making some of the most well recognized vehicles in the world for 90 years; vehicles that have been seen in the movies and on television, or ferrying world leaders to and from important meetings. Jaguar holds royal warrants from both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, allowing them to publicize the fact that they make vehicles for the royal family.

A Bit of History

5 Ways To Find Used JaguarsJaguar was established in 1922 by William Lyons as the Swallow Sidecar Company. As the name implies the company’s original line of work was producing sidecars for motorcycles.

When they eventually transitioned into automobiles their first few models were not very successful. And the company logo, which consisted of the initials “SS” caused quite a stir during World War II.

After the war the company dropped the Swallow Sidecar name, along with its SS logo, in favor of the newly adopted Jaguar moniker. They also introduced the Mark V “saloon” model which set the stage for the company to become Britain’s leader in luxury vehicles. Since then Jaguar has never looked back.

Today the company makes luxury coupes, sedans, sports cars, and competitive racing vehicles.

With that said, where can you find a used Jaguar yourself? Read on as we detail the best 5 ways to do so.

1. Check for Local Dealers

Though Jaguar is a well-known name around the world for luxury vehicles, they sell a lot more in Europe than they do in the United States. That means you won’t find a Jaguar dealer in every U.S. city; let alone on every street corner.

5 Ways Of Finding Used Jaguar Cars To DriveBut in major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles there should be at least one dedicated Jaguar dealer in the greater metropolitan area. People living in mid-sized and smaller cities may find Jaguars as part of a mixed dealership with Land Rovers or Aston Martins.

The difficulty in finding a used Jaguar through a local dealer lies in the fact that these vehicles rarely get traded in under the normal model you and I think of. According to Kelley Blue Book most Jaguars have a fairly low resale value when compared to similar vehicles from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, so they don’t command top dollar for dealer trade-ins. If there’s no local dealer in your area carrying used Jaguars then you’ll have to try another venue.

2. Enlist the Help of an Auto Broker

Five Ways Of Finding Used Jaguar CarsSometimes cars that are difficult to find in your local area can be located by a professional auto broker. An auto broker is a dealer who arranges sales between buyers and sellers in various locations throughout the world. A broker typically specializes in hunting down the exact make and model a customer is looking for and then arranging a deal both parties can live with. It’s a great way to buy a car if you don’t have time to do the shopping yourself.

According to Edmunds purchasing a vehicle through an auto broker is advantageous to the buyer who lacks in-depth knowledge about the car buying process or a specific vehicle he or she is after. It would be especially helpful for someone looking for used Jaguar, given that the average American consumer is far from being an expert on these vehicles.

If you do decide to use a broker just be prepared to listen and heed his or her advice.

Brokers have to protect the interests of both parties as much as possible, so while it may appear yours is not really looking out for you, he is trying to work a delicate balancing act.

If you present yourself as uncooperative or unwilling to strike a reasonable deal, you may lose the services of a good broker.

3. Check out Auto Auctions

In the world of auto auctions there are typically three kinds: Bank auctions, police auctions, and collector auctions. The bank auction is one where vehicles repossessed by banks and other lenders are consigned to an auctioneer who sells them either to the general public, local dealers, or combination of both.

Five Good Ways To Find Used Jaguar CarsSome bank auctions are limited to dealers only; you would need to check with the auction company in your area to see whether or not that’s the case. Most mid and large-sized cities have at least one auction company that deals with bank repossessions. You can find them using your local Yellow Pages or by searching them online.

Police auctions consist of vehicles seized by law enforcement agencies during criminal investigations, or those that have been impounded for traffic violations but have never been reclaimed by the owners. Since police auctions are not for the purpose of making a profit a buyer can get extremely good deals this way. On the down side, there’s a long bureaucratic process involved in getting these vehicles back on the road.

As for the collectors auction, this is a type of auction where companies or individuals will restore old classics and resell them to collectors. You’ll find the highest quality cars here and, with them, the highest prices. You might also find Jaguars that have been modified to include high performance parts or custom body accents. It’s all part of the fun.

If you decide to try and purchase a used Jaguar through an auto auction you need to be very careful about what you doing. As the Seattle Public Auto Auction explains on their website, you cannot back out of a purchase once the auctioneer has proclaimed a vehicle “sold.” Your winning bid becomes a legally binding obligation you must fill. Failing to do so will subject you to sure litigation.

Five Best Ways To Find Used Jaguar Cars

4. Visit Classic Car Shows

If you’re a real car buff visiting classic car shows in your area may be something you’re already doing regularly. Auto shows are a great place to see a lot of wonderful vehicles and talk to the owners at the same time. Most importantly, just about every vehicle at the show will be for sale if you can push the owner’s buttons just right. Truth be known, classic car buffs love to sell some of their vehicles so they have the money to turn around and purchase and restore something else.

The key to visiting classic car shows is to find out when and where they are being held. The best way to do that is to simply do an Internet search on the phrase “classic car shows [your state]” and then search the results.

For example, if you live in Florida one of the best online resources you’ll find is a website known as CruisinSouthFlorida.com. It is the most comprehensive listing of classic car show events in the state of Florida.

5. Use Online Car Buying Sites

Five Good Ways To Find Used Jaguar CarsThe final option for finding your used Jaguar is to use online car buying sites like Cars.com, or online classifieds published by private owners. This option opens the door to vehicles all over the country. The only thing is that you’ll have to do all the legwork in terms of investigating each specific car and its history. If the car you’re after is on the other side of country this could be problematic.

If you’re buying from a dealer through one of these websites, you do have an advantage in that the dealer is required by law to meet certain standards. A dealer will also be in a better position to provide you with the car’s entire history, if available. When you purchase from a private owner, you are really left alone in terms of knowing what you are buying and being protected against a lemon.

A Final Word

Now that we’ve shown you five ways to find a used Jaguar it’s time for you to get hunting. Remember to take your time, do a lot of research, ask a lot of advice, and have any vehicle you’re considering purchasing inspected by a qualified mechanic.

Five Good Ways To Find Used Jaguar AutosIf you purchase a high-quality Jaguar you’ll get many years of reliable service in a car that is elegant and luxurious. On the other hand, a Jaguar that doesn’t run well is a car that could be a real headache.

Furthermore, finding competent mechanics that use the right parts can be a challenge. So make sure you’re getting a good car before you hand over the cash.

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