How Accurate are Motor Trend Car Reviews?

When people are looking for a new or used car, they more than likely consult with the many car reviews that are written about that car. They do this in order to get a better idea of just what they can expect, and most people like to go to the sales lot with some information about the car, so that they know when they are getting taken advantage of or not. One of the most popular sources for car reviews is Motor Trend. However, many wonder if this source is really the best out there. In order to answer this, the person must break down the reviews and what they have to offer.

Motortrend car reviewsMotor Trend Reviews: What They Cover

Those that read a Motor Trend Review are going to find that there are many aspects that are covered in these reviews. And it really depends on the type of review that the person is looking at. The types that are offered on their website and in their magazine are:

  1. Current Review: These reviews are basically where they give the review of a car based on the manufacturers information that has been provided, as well as what they have seen at various shows that the car has been featured in.
  2. Future Reviews: Basically reviews of cars that are set to come out in the future, which may include information that has not yet been released or just theories
  3. Updated Reviews: These usually appear about a year after the car has been on the market and is being purchased and driven, the company looks back to see if it is everything that was promised or not.
  4. First Drive Review: A review of the actually drive time that the person puts into the vehicle and goes over various aspects of this.

With all that being said, each different type of review will contain different information.

First Drive Reviews

The First Drive Reviews are going to be the person giving their opinion on how well the car drives, as stated before. However, the person will find that they include specifics such as:

  1. The handling and feel of steering of the car in curves and straight stretches
  2. Acceleration performance, as well as braking performance
  3. The interior space for the person that is driving and how well this fits them
  4. Overall response as to whether the car is something to run out and get or if the manufacturer missed their mark

Future Reviews

These reviews are for concept cars usually that are planned to come out in the next year or two, while other reviews may be looking at the concept cars that the company is thinking about manufacturing to weigh in their opinion as to whether this is good or not. The concepts covered in these reviews are:

  1. Suggested price
  2. What the car may appear like if there is no model yet available to look at
  3. Performance features
  4. If the car will be something that is a winner or loser on the market

Updated Reviews

In an updated review, the person will find that the writers go back to the original review, then follow up on these concepts.

Current Reviews

These reviews are for cars that are just being released or have just been released onto the market. They are going to cover:

  1. Performance aspects such as engine size, horsepower, and so forth
  2. Styling changes from the previous model year
  3. Safety ratings that have been assigned to the car
  4. Price ranges and trims levels available for the car
  5. Performance over time
  6. Whether this is a car that has had any problems, such as recalls or many consumer reports filled on it
  7. Overall feel as to whether the car is something that lived up to the expectations or missed them by a mile

Accuracy of Reviews

These reviews are written by professionals in the automotive field. Therefore, the person can rest assure that when they read a Motor Trend review that they are getting the information just as the manufacturer is giving the information to these writers. These writers are those that:

  • Attend the shows that take place all over the world to get first glimpses of cars
  • Receive the first copies of press releases about these cars from the manufacturer
  • Have direct connections with manufacturers to get the best information that is out there

So when asking if the Motor Trend review that you are reading is something that is going to be one that you can believe, the answer is undoubtedly yes. In fact, many reviews that the person reads throughout the Internet is based off of the information that Motor Trend releases.

Overall, when shopping for a new or used car, or simply wanting to learn some more about various vehicle, you will find that there is no better way to do this than to look at the Motor Trend reviews that are out there.The Motor Trend Car Review is a very comprehensive review that is dedicated to helping you find the best car for your needs. It is a review you can definately put your trust in.

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