American Made Index List Out

The Toyota Camry has once again made it into the top ten cars of the American Made Index according to This is an honor that the Camry has taken home for the last three years. This ranking is based on several factors. It takes into consideration that the car is manufactured in the United States, and just how many parts that go into the vehicle are made by a United States company. Of all the vehicles that were included on the list, at the least 75% of these parts were made in the United States for these vehicles. 


For the Camry, the majority of these are assembled in Georgetown, Kentucky which employs a little over 6,000 people. So just how well has the Toyota Camry sold? Through May 31, the Toyota Camry sold around 125,218 of the American made Camry's to people. Toyota has stated many times that they are devoted to increasing the local economy, which means making and supplying their cars with locally made parts and supplies. 


There were two other Toyota cars that were ranked on the list as well and these were the Toyota Sienna and the Tundra. Toyota actually tied GM with the number of vehicles that were included in the list. Other vehicles that were on the list include, the fifth ranked Chevrolet Malibu, the number eight Chevrolet Traverse, and the GMC Arcadia, claiming the second spot on the list was the Honda Accord, the Honda Odyssey also made the list. In addition, the Ford Explorer was ranked at number four this year, while the Jeep Wrangler ranked number seven on the list. The Explorer and the Wrangler were the only Ford and Chrysler vehicles to make the list at all this year. 


So what does this list help a consumer in determining? For those that are wanting to buy something that is completely made in the United States, then this is the list to use in order to determine what you should be looking at it, if this is something that you are going to take into consideration.

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