Automakers Make Huge Splash at CES

The annual Consumers Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas. Those that attended go to see some of the most latest breaking edge electronics that the world has to offer. However, the electronics that were turning the most heads and getting the most attention was the electronics that Audi, GM and Ford were displaying. Those at the show said that this was the first year in which automobiles were a real dominant force in the market. 


Ford shown its MyFord app with the electric version of their Focus. When working together, the app tells owners how much longer the Focus needs to charge in order to run properly, it can also start the car from a remote location, work the locks, as well as control the heating and air condition of the car. 


GM displayed the concept of the EN-V green car, which is designed to communicate with other GM models that are on the road in order to avoid accidents and traffic jams. Or at least that is what GM is hoping that they will achieve with the car, when and if, it is actually manufactured. 


Though, Ford and GM both proved to have some great electronics, Audi has to take the prize home, as most of the attendees of the show were hunkered around the Audi booth. The automaker was displaying tons of electronics, such as those that they would be using in future models. They had dashboards on display that were designed to show the speed and other information on the windshield when the driver is driving so that their eyes never have to leave the road, among other things. 


Overall, though automakers have never been involved much with this show, in recent years, they have really dominated. This is because people are moving towards wanting the full package, which includes the electronics, rather than just settling for the car only. 

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