Car Tax for 2009 Used and Abused

New information that has been found is criticizing the IRS on the improper way in which they are allowing people to get the car tax credits. This tax credit was a part of the Obama administration's way to encourage people to buy new cars in 2009 and expired on December 31st of the same year. According to research that companies are coming up with right now, it turns out that many people, including prisoners, dead people and children were claiming the tax credit saying that they purchased a more fuel efficient vehicle in 2009. So what are people saying about this? 


Most are criticizing the IRS for not allowing proof of the purchase of these vehicles or making the person state any taxes that they received from the purchase of the car or so forth. However, the IRS is stating that of the $7.2 billion that was given out during that year for the car tax credit, only a small percentage was given to those that were not really worthy of getting the credit. Though, most people are stating that this small percentage is more than enough to point to their being a bigger problem with the way that the IRS is doing everything. 


So what are the numbers looking like? It appears that around 439 prisoners used this car tax credit, even though they were in jail throughout the year of 2009 in which they 'purchased' the car. And there was around $36, 490 paid out to those that were deceased before the deduction even went into effect. There was also around $31,139 that went to those that were underage and were allowed to get this deduction. Is the IRS to blame for not looking at the returns better? The better question may be who was doing these people's taxes, knowing that they were committing a crime by falsifying information or by allowing certain deductions to be allowed?

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