Should I Carry Uninsured Or Under Insured Bodily Injury Insurance?

In a time when almost everyone is trying to find ways to save money on their car insurance, some motorists are actually think about adding insurance to their existing policies. With incomes going down and car insurance going up it may seem foolish to some to add to their car insurance policies when they are already so high. However, due to the combination of lost jobs and higher insurance premiums there are more uninsure and underinsured drivers on the road than ever before which has many people asking if they should carry uninsured and under insured bodily injury Insurance as part of their own policy.


The answer is that it all depends on what your health and accident insurance you have outside your car insurance is and provides for. With more and more workplaces cutting back on employee benefits including health and accident insurance a large number of the population is completely without any type of outside insurance other than car insurance and many more are under insured should they suffer suffer serious injury due to an uninsured or under insured motorist. This means should you, a passenger or a family member get seriously injured or killed by a motorist that is not carrying proper insurance that all medical and burial expenses would come out of your pocket.

This would financially devastate most families to a point that they may never recover. For these family carrying this extra insurance makes sense. Of course, this is going to result in a boost in your car insurance, but there are things you can do to help keep those additional rates down.

For instance, if you live in a large city you can take public transportation more often especially at peak driving times as this will reduce your risks of being involved in an auto accident greatly. You can also car pool to work or at least walk someone close by during your lunch hour rather than driving to a local restaurant.

In addition, you take a safe driving course and if necessary choose to drive a well-built heavy car rather than a small economy model or a sports car.

By doing these types of things you may qualify for discounts that can offset some of the costs of the additional insurance you are adding to protect yourself and your family from financial ruin should you be involved in a hit and run accident or by someone who is carrying too little or no car insurance.

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