Cars with 40 MPG

With everyone more and more worried about the rising price of gas, they are starting to see a bit of sun on the horizon with the cars that are being produced that are getting around forty miles per gallon. However, those that are looking for a gas efficient car are going to find that they are not going to have to spend their entire life savings on one of these cars, which has most people smiling even more. These cars are being termed 'affordable' with some as low as $15,000 up towards $20,000. Of course, there are other fuel efficient cars out there, but the key word that most people are looking for nowadays, is the word affordable, and further more, these cars that are hitting this mark are not considered hybrids. 


One of the best that people are going to notice on the market is the Hyundai Elantra, which gets around forty miles per gallon. Of course, Ford and GM also are offering cars that are going to get the same mileage. But, with the reputation of the Elantra, it is going to be hard to beat them out of the top spot. 


What most people are wondering about these cars is just how can they be offered at such an affordable price? The government is increasing the demands that must be met in order to have a car on the roadway, while consumers are wanting something more affordable. Therefore, automakers have to find quality parts at low prices in order to produce these low priced, but gas efficient vehicles. It means using the technology that they have on a whole different level. 


These cars are using lighter weight materials, making use of gasoline engines, six speed transmissions and everything else that people would expect, however, they are just doing it in a way that is helping to save the driver on gas in the long run. 

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