What are the best used cars for teens?

It often seems that just a few years after a parent is sending their child off to kindergarten, they are preparing to purchase their child’s first automobile. Attaining a driver’s license is a life-changing event that many teens look forward to for many years, and matching your teen up with the right car is essential to their happiness and your piece of mind. Unless you come from a family that has money to burn, the best choice for a first vehicle for your teen is a used automobile. After you make your final selection, you’ll be able to browse and compare car insurance rates online for FREE. Just enter your ZIP code to find the best used car insurance rates!

what are the best used cars for teensWhile some teens may instinctively request a 1967 Camaro with a few racing stripes when they get word of your plan to buy them a used car, level-headedness and logical thinking should ultimately prevail when you are selecting the vehicle that your most precious creation will be driving around in. Here are the five best used cars for teens, in no particular order.

Honda Accord

Since their launch in 1976, Honda Accords have become known as one of the most reliable automobiles ever manufactured. By blending excellent handling, braking and acceleration with comfort and safety, Honda has created a car that is absolutely perfect for a teen.

Due to their popularity and durability, there are literally millions of Accords that have been made in the past 20 years that can easily run another 100,000 miles, if taken care of properly. An Accord is the perfect automobile for a teen to manage because it gets good gas mileage, is built to last and requires little maintenance if routine checks and services are taken care of.

Volkswagen Jetta

If you see a Volkswagen Jetta on the road, there is a very good chance that a young person is behind the wheel. Jettas have become wildly popular with teens and twenty-somethings in the past decade as a result of their flashiness and the fact they are fun and easy to drive.

Additionally, they are very affordable and economical. If you are a parent that is worried about purchasing a used vehicle that your teen might not think is cool, you need not worry about the cool factor when buying a used Jetta. Safety is also of the utmost importance to Volkswagen, and the German automaker has been an industry leader in safety innovation.

are the best used cars for teensHonda Civic

The Civic is a smaller, sportier version of the Accord, and much like the Jetta, it is also wildly popular with the younger crowd. As with the first two, your teen will not have to sacrifice style for safety and comfort, and Honda Civics can easily be customized to suit your teen’s personality.

Civics get great gas mileage and hugs the road like a blanket. The hatchback design creates a bevy of options, and many teens have opted to put their paychecks toward sound systems that fit nicely into the back area. Civics are generally much more affordable than Accords, and are expected to last just as long if taken care of correctly.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is a very classy car that has been safely transporting families for three full decades. Just like the other models on this list, literally millions of used Camrys have been purchased in the past decade and are still going strong on the highways of America. A teen will feel like an accomplished adult behind the wheel of a Camry.

Toyota has gone to great lengths to keep their flagship sedan at the top of the annual sales figures in North America, and for good reason. The Camry comes with a slew of safety features that have been innovated and honed since the model originally became available for purchase in 1982.

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback earns a spot on this list a result of being a versatile and trustworthy vehicle since it sprang onto the scene in 1995. Perfect for making trips to the mountains or the coast, the Outback can hold plenty of friends and cargo.

the best used cars for teensMany original Outback owners genuinely love the dynamic automobile and take excellent care of them to the point where used Outbacks often appear and handle just like the new models. Safety is also at the forefront of the Outback’s design, and extras such as cargo racks and powerful 4-wheel-drive are perfect for an adventurous teen that is always on the go.

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