Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

For those that have always thought that if they wanted better fuel economy that they would have to downgrade from their large SUV, to a smaller car, well they have always been right. That is until the larger SUV's started to come in hybrid modes, such as the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid. So is the Tahoe Hybrid something that people should consider? The fuel mileage that is given to the Tahoe Hybrid is around 21 miles per gallon, which is not bad for such a large vehicle. However, most people who are not going to need to seat eight people are going to find that the smaller SUV's that are hybrid models are going to get much better gas mileage in the long run. Plus, most people are pointing out that the high price for the Tahoe, which could be over $50,000 when taking into consideration the options that the person can add, is a bit expensive, and wonder if this high price tag would offset the price that they would pay at the pump. 


The Tahoe Hybrid has a V8, 6.0 liter engine that is combined with a pair of 60 kilowatt batteries in the engine to give it the hybrid name. The total horsepower that they produce together is around 332, which is impressive when looking at the other hybrid SUV's that are out there. It is offered in both two wheel and four wheel drive, which can help the person make a decision since they may be wanting a hybrid in four wheel drive, which is hard to find. When using the battery power, the Tahoe is going to be able to accelerate and get to thirty miles per hour before the gasoline engines kick in. The Tahoe does come with braking that is meant to regenerate the batteries so that power is not lost. 


For those that are wondering just what the difference is between the Hybrid version and the regular version, then they do not have to worry too much. When comparing the interior between the two, you would not know, which is the hybrid version and, which is the regular version since they are basically identical. And for those that are wanting room, then they are going to find it with the Tahoe, since it is rated as one of the most roomiest hybrid's that is on the market right now. So is the Tahoe Hybrid worth buying? This is the question that most people are wondering. 


There are competitors out there that are not offering the same amount of room, though do offer better fuel economy. For those that are simply wanting an SUV hybrid, then they may be better off to check out some of the competition since it is relatively lower priced and getting better gas mileage. However, for those that need the room, then the Tahoe Hybrid is the way to go since it does get better gas mileage than the regular Tahoe. Though the price is a bit steep, it is something that most people are happy that they buy in the long run.

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