Consumer Report Announces Top Picks for 2011

Consumer Reports has listed their top picks for cars for the 2011 year, as well as naming the Green Car of the year and the worst cars of the year that people could buy. No surprise that the Toyota Prius is taking the Green Car award since it does get the most miles per gallon. However, among the worst cars that were mentioned, most people were surprised to find that the Chevrolet Aveo was given the worst value for the small car segment, while the Chevrolet Impala took home the worst award for a family sized sedan.


The best small car was given to the Hyundai Elantra, that can seat up to five and has a huge trunk that people can utilize. The budget car of the year goes to the Honda Fit, that won this position due to the fact that it is more unique than the other small cars that are out there. 


The best family sedan went to the Nissan Altima since it has good looks and performance in the same package, making it more attractive to those that are wanting the best of both worlds. The Toyota RAV4 took the honors of the best small SUV due to its ability to carry five or seven, depending on whether the person uses the third row lie down seating or not. 


The best family SUV went to the KIA Sorento because of its options that are offered. While the best sports car goes to the Ford Mustang. The best sports sedan goes to the Infiniti G37. The best family hauler went to the Toyota Sienna. While finishing up the awards are the Chevorlet Avalanche that took the award for best pickup truck. 


Those that are wanting to buy based on awards, then they are going to find that these are the vehicles to consider when they are looking. Of course, there are many things that go into these ratings, such as performance, style and so forth. So, it is something to use in your search.

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