Consumer Report on Jetta Startling

Consumer Reports has made a claim that is now starting to make the United State consumer market wonder. In testing some of the small sedans that are available to consumers this year, they ranked the new 2011 Jetta as last in the line of those that are available. The reasoning for this? Simply because they found many faults with the car. Faults that made it fall behind the rest of the sedans that are in the same category. These faults were things such as the braking capacity, the engine being coarse, handling that was not in any way similar to past models and a fuel economy that they though fell short of what they were aiming for. The report found that the Jetta seems to have been cheaply made due to the emergence in the US market. This has many people wondering, first off, why they would make the car cheaper? And secondly, is this going to affect the sales of the German engineered car? 


The point that the report makes is that the Jetta is still finding some success with the US market. The company finds that they have seen an 85% improvement in sales of the Jetta since they have made these changes. Which goes to show why they made the car cheaper. And the sales do seem to be increasing because of this. 


The problem that people are finding with this news is that the Jetta in Europe that is supposedly the same things as what the US has is drastically different. It is a heavier car with more handling and precision, a quiet roar of the engine and basically what people expect with the German engineered car. Could this eventually come back and ruin the automaker's reputation in the US? Only time will tell. However, how many people want what is considered the second rate version of the Jetta as their personal transportation? 

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