Details on the 2012 VW Passat

Volkswagen is hoping for a successful 2012 with the new Passat that they will be introducing this coming up year. One of the things that most people are eager about is the fact that the Passat is going to be made in Tennessee for 2012, meaning that most people are ready to buy since it is one of those companies that has brought quite a few jobs into the United States. Add into the fact that the new Passat is going to be tailored specifically to those that are in the United States, and this has most people ready to see just how the consumer market is going to accept the new Passat, and so far predictions are going very well for the brand. For those that are wondering just what they are going to be getting with the new Passat, they should take into consideration that the Passat is very similar to the Jetta that was released this year. In fact, most professionals state that most people when having these cars parked side by side, simply cannot tell the difference between the two. Which could be a good or bad thing for VW as they are releasing the Passat for 2012. However, as most people point out, the look that the Jetta and the Passat have going on is good for the Passat, though it did not do much for the Jetta. And why is this? 

2012 VW Passat

The Passat is larger, and according to those that have been privileged enough to see this vehicle, the larger size makes it possible for all those little features on the exterior to really shine and stand out against the crowd. So what about the interior? One of the fears of most people were that VW would remove all the little tidbits in the interior that really spoke to the fact that this was a German engineered car. However, it seems that they have kept quote a few of the little tidbits that make the German engineering more prominent. The materials that are used in the Passat are high quality, which is what people are expecting when they are buying a German engineered car. And there are other touches to the car, such as the steering wheel wrapped in leather that is really going to let the person know that they are driving something that is luxurious and well made. 



For 2012, people are going to notice that they are going to get more room with the Passat than what they have been given in the past. And this is because the engineers found a way to include four more inches in the car, which helps make the car more mid sized than ever. It also means that those who sit in the back are going to have plenty of room to sit in and that long road trips are not going to be that bad. Gas mileage wise, the EPA has not put an official number on it yet, however, the company says that it should get around 21 miles per gallon in the city, while getting 32 miles per gallon on the highway.

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