New Electric Vehicles for 2011

2011 seems to be the year of the Electric car also known as Evs. With 7 new vehicles of this type coming out this year it seems as though the production of EV has finally hit it's stride. Unfortunately, although there are new Electric cars on the market they are still unaffordable to most ordinary citizens. With starting prices beginning at around $33,000 and going up from there it doesn't look like they will be mass produced any time soon.


As far as the Electric car becoming the major vehicle of choice for most people that day is still a long way off. Not only are the price tags on these vehicles still way out of the reach of most people, but many models still only run very limited miles before needing to be recharged making it impossible to use many of these cars for anything, but short trips around town.

There are of course hybrid models such as the Volt that will run up to 50 miles on a charge and then can be switched over so they run on gasoline. But, few people want to pay an expensive price for a car that will save them very little on gasoline in the long run.

Until car manufacturers find a way to make these cars both more affordable and able to charge quickly the Electric vehicle will remain a novelty car and not one that is used by the majority of the population. However, with the growing interest in bringing down our reliance on foreign fuel, the growing technology and the dedication of many car manufacturers to seeing that Evs continue to become more efficient and lower in price the day when mainstream America starts driving Electric cars may be in the not to distant future.

Until then, it is simply a wait and see what develops attitude, but much of America will be watching with interest.

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