Electronic Chips from Japan could be Delayed for Four Months

There is no denying the fact that the disaster that has plagued Japan has been felt by people throughout the world, especially in the auto industry. As of right now, we have heard of plants in the United States simply slowing down production, but the vast majority of people do not realize that they are running out of parts. They seem to be thinking that things will once again pick up and there will be no worries. However, though the time to be optimistic is now, it seems that the idea of the auto plants making up the time that they have been off is going to have to wait for a while longer. 


electronic chips

Renesas Electronics Corporation located in Tokyo provides around 45% of the electronic chips that are put in cars throughout the world. This chips are the brains of the car. For those that have ever had problems with their computers, then they know just how pertinent this little chips are to the car in order to run. The company was forced to shut down due to the earthquake and tsunami that hit the area. However, they are now switching locations from their Tokyo plant to two of their existing plants, one in Singapore and the other in Western Japan after considering the state that the current plant is in. 



Though this seems that this would be clearing up any problems that could be happening and in a few short weeks, we should see automakers back on the job, however, that is not the case. They have concluded that the new plants will not be able to start production to help with the rate that these computer chips are needed for another four months. Right now the stocks of these chips are dwindling, and once the run out, the entire auto industry is going to be feeling the pain from the disaster that has struck and still remains to ruin many industries.

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