How do you find the cheapest auto insurance quotes?

how do you find the cheapest auto insurance quotesWith so many auto insurance companies claiming that they can save you hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance it seems like it would be a simple task to call up one of these companies and find yourself saving a nice chunk of change by switching companies.

However, many people are disillusioned to discover that when they call one of these companies the auto insurance rates they are given is the same or even higher than the insurance premiums they are now paying. They find themselves wondering if it’s even possible to find cheap auto insurance and if so how do they find the cheapest auto insurance quotes.

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Look Out for Discounts

The first thing you have to remember is that all auto insurance companies give discounts to some of their customers. However, not all insurance companies give discounts to the same customers for the same thing. This means that in order to find the cheapest auto insurance you need to know what insurance companies give discount insurance rates for and then find the company that gives a discount for which you may qualify.

Some things auto insurance companies give discounts for are: Safety devices such as anti-lock brakes and security systems in your car. If you are a safe driver, age related discounts (some companies give discounts to people who are over 55), Student discounts (some companies give up to 25% off if you have a kid in school and they get good grades or 15% off you have a child in school that is 100 miles or more away) risk related discounts, such as if you car pool or keep your car in a garage, multiple car discounts, and multiple policy discounts. Some companies give discounts for just one of these groups others for several.

Meet the Qualifications

find the cheapest auto insurance quotesIf you qualify for more than one of these discounts then search for an insurance company that gives insurance discounts for those categories you qualify for and make sure when you get your auto insurance quote that the company knows that you qualify for these discounts. Then, compare the auto insurance quotes from the different companies to determine which company will save you the most in insurance costs.

Keep in mind that while some companies may give you a discount on two or three of the categories their discount rates may still be less than another company that only gives discounts for one category so make sure that you check carefully and find the cheapest auto insurance for you.

This may take a bit of time and effort on your part, but it will be worth it if you end up saving several hundred dollars a year on auto insurance. There is cheap auto insurance available it is just a matter of finding the right insurance for you. Just enter your ZIP code into the FREE too now!

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