Intelligent Cars on the Way

The auto industry has a few tricks up its sleeves in order to make sure that the cars that they are producing are more safer than they have ever been. What the automakers are excited about right now is the use of an advanced intelligence system in these cars, which does seem like something out of a science fiction movie, though it is something in the now. This system would allow vehicles to 'talk' to one another so that the chances of wrecks are minimized. The cars would basically use the same technology as WiFi to talk to one another and send out messages constantly should there be a reason to believe that the two cars are going to crash. 


The really neat or scary thing, according to your point of view with this technology, is the fact that the driver is going to get a warning should their car receive a message from another car. However, if the driver does nothing and simply ignores the rule, then the car takes matters into its own hands, so to speak, and will apply the brakes, or even adjust the direction that you are taking. 


The system is also going to be able to help the person should they be driving at night and are on a curvy road, but informing the person of road changes ahead. The car markers are working together on this one, after all they need every brand of car to be able to communicate with one another. A few of the car makers that are currently involved in testing and developing this technology is GM, Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, VW, and Hyundai. 


But is this technology something that the rest of the world is going to get behind? The ability to stop many accidents before they even happen due to these warnings is appealing. However, how much could we expect to spend to get one of these cars? That is the main concern of most people. However, they are going to have a while to think about since the time frame for these types of cars is around 2015 or even 2020.

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