Is it difficult to find low mileage used cars?

The used car market can be a tricky place to navigate for some. Therefore, it is important to know what you are looking for before shopping for a car. It is important to remember that not all used car sales are the same. You need to find a reputable dealer or private owner who will provide you with as much information about the car as possible. This will be the easiest way to find a quality used car that has low mileage.

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Newer Models Typically Have Lower Mileage

Buying a used car does not mean you are buying an old car. Used cars are generally considered to be older than the current model year. This means you could buy a 2011 model year car that is classified as used. However, this car should not have a lot of miles on it. It also means that your local dealer should have plenty of these newer cars on the lot. Buying a used car from a dealer generally comes with an inspection, odometer reading and what is left on the manufacturers warranty.

Private Parties may Sell Cars With Low Mileage

A private party seller may also have a car for sale with low mileage on it. It could be that the owner has run into a difficult financial situation and needs to get rid of the vehicle quickly. You may even find that the mileage is posted on any listing for the car. Owners who post the mileage of the car could attract buyers quite quickly. This is because you are providing justification for the selling price while providing a buyer with the information that is important to him.

Consider a Lease Takeover

Taking over a lease could be another way to find a used car that has low mileage. Leases on used cars are particularly rare these days. However, they were quite popular just a few years ago. The economy was a big reason why leases on used cars are no longer available in the numbers they were before. Another result of that is a lot of people looking to get out of leases they no longer want or can afford. Looking into taking over the rest of the lease could provide you with a car at terms that are better than what you could get today. Newer cars with high residual value could be prime candidates for purchase after the lease runs out.

Always Inquire About the Mileage

Most listings from dealers and private parties will mention how many miles the car has. However, you should always ask if you are having trouble finding that information. It won’t take more than a few seconds to take a look inside the car to find the answer. Anyone who is not willing to provide you with that information is most likely trying to hide something from you.

is difficult to find low mileage used carsGet a Vehicle History Report

Getting a routine vehicle history report is another advantage gained from buying at a dealer. You should always know exactly what you are getting out of your used car. You should also know if the mileage being quoted is the correct mileage on the car. Stories about odometer tampering run wild on the Internet. The problem is that both dealers and private party sellers are prone to this type of behavior. It is important that you verify what you see before purchasing a vehicle if low mileage is important to you.

Why is Low Mileage so Important

Purchasing a car that has low mileage could impact your insurance rates. Cars that have fewer miles tend to be newer cars that have not been driven yet. Newer cars will come with modern safety features that insurance companies love to see. Calling an insurance agent can get you the lowest possible price on your car insurance. Another option is to go online to an insurance comparison site. Type in your ZIP code to see what how much you can save on auto insurance.

Concluding Thoughts

Finding a car that doesn’t have a lot of miles is not all that difficult. Most used car listings will make some mention of the current mileage. Always get a vehicle history report to confirm the odometer reading that has been given to you. Finding a newer model car is another way to ensure the car you purchase has few miles on it.

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