Lawmakers Want Rental Fleets to Ground Recalled Vehicles

Lawmakers are trying to put into effect a law that is going to have the rental cars in the fleets out there having to take these cars off of the road until the recalls are fixed. Right now, the law states that they do not have to take the cars off of the road if the recall is not life-threatening. Basically, if the windshield wipers could fly off, this is not deemed something that is life-threatening, thus the rental car agency would get the cars fixed as soon as possible, but they would not keep the car from being rented. 


Lawmakers are stating that the rental agencies seemed to be more involved with making money off of consumers, rather than making sure that those who rent from them are being given safe rental cars to drive. Those that are proposing this law are stating that many of the accidents involved rental cars are those rental cars that are under recall, yet still allowed to be driven on the roads. Most people are agreeing that the rental agencies should be held to a high standard of safety, just like anyone else. 


Most rental agencies are stating that they only ground the car if the automaker says that the cars need to be grounded from going out. So when the automaker leaves this up to the person or the rental fleet in charge of the vehicle, then who knows what they are going to do. So is it right for rental fleets to have their own ways of dealing with those cars that are being recalled?


Most people agree that they should be keeping the safety of the person that is renting the car in mind before they decide to let a recalled car go out on the road. It would seem that the rental fleets are going to have an uphill battle to fight with the lawmakers on this one.

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