Luxury Car Classifieds

Luxury cars, unlike normal cars, have a specific group of people who own them. Whether you’re buying or selling a car, it pays to put it in front of those who can afford and appreciate it. With luxury cars, more often than not, a typical newspaper classified isn’t going to cut it. Depending on just how high end the car is, it may require a specialty publication to get it sold. Otherwise, it will be seen as little more than a┬ácuriosity.

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luxury car classifiedsBasics of Luxury Car Classifieds

Classified ads that sell luxury cars typically involve two critical elements. The most obvious of these is the color photograph. Being the first thing that viewers see, a catchy picture can do more to sell the car than the description will.

The description, while providing an in-depth look at the details of the car, should still be to the point. The key is to provide just enough detail to get potential buyers interested while at the same time not giving them so much information that they don’t have to call you to learn more.

Selling a Luxury Car Through Classifieds

Both online and print classifieds can be used to successfully sell a luxury automobile. Each has an audience that is partial to that specific form of media. Many car enthusiasts simply enjoy the feel of a print publication. They can dogear the pages, collect them as one might collect magazines, and see them as a “dream book” of sorts. While online luxury car classifieds have practically none of these attributes, they do have their share of benefits. Usually, online classifieds are free to access, while print publications are not. This means that far more potential buyers can view the ad. Additionally, print publications tend to be regional, while online classifieds can be seen all around the world.

Don’t Skimp On the Preparations

tips for luxury car classifiedsThe first thing that needs to be done, though, is to have the car professionally detailed. A good detail will remove all the signs that the car has been regularly driven. They’ll clean the wheels and tires, polish the paint, and thoroughly clean the interior. They’ll scrub the engine thoroughly, and deep-clean the chassis so the car will look nearly new.

Once its clean, the car will need to be photographed. Unfortunately, many owners don’t realize just how important a good photograph is. A cell phone picture simply won’t be good enough. First, choose a location for your photo. Avoid overly busy backdrops, as these can detract from the car. For inspiration, look at the photos you see in enthusiast magazines. Some pictures are taken in empty parking lots so that there is a minimum of background in the picture. Take the picture using a polarizing filter, if possible, and whatever you do, avoid using models. A pretty girl or your smiling face behind the wheel might seem like a great picture, but again, all it does is shift the focus away from the car.

For the description, give the vehicle’s year, make and model, its engine size and any special equipment it has. Make a note of any special modifications and then list the car’s mileage. To sell the car quickly, consider running ads in both print publications and online. In this way, you’ll get the largest circulation possible, and you’ll be more likely to realize your full asking price.

Buying a Luxury Car Through Classifieds

Getting a great deal on a luxury car through classifieds isn’t particularly difficult. Both you and the seller are eliminating the middleman, meaning that you can expect to pay a lower price than you would at a dealership, and the seller can expect a higher price than they would receive for a trade in.

It’s important to have your financing worked out ahead of time, though. If you are seriously considering the purchase of a luxury car, obtain the auto loan before you start looking through the luxury car classifieds. If you do this, you’ll be more likely to be able to act quickly and buy the car you want quickly before other buyers have the opportunity to do so. Once you’ve found a car that suits you, check the insurance rates here to find out what the cost of ownership will be.

The safest method of payment to use for large transactions is a cashier’s check. This is the safest transaction method, working similarly to a personal check and cash, but protecting your personal information, as well.

Be Sure Of Your Decision

tips for using luxury classifiedsFinally, make sure that you properly review the car before you make a deal. Regardless of how luxurious the car is, it still may have been mistreated. Watch for signs such as thick oil with metal shavings, corrosion inside the radiator and transmission slippage. A proper inspection by a certified mechanic will ensure that you get what you pay for.

Although some buyers won’t, you should never make a purchase sight unseen. Not only does this open you up to a fraudulent transaction, but you could come away with a vehicle that is not at all what you expected. While both sides of the transaction have to be careful with how they proceed, there is no question that luxury car classifieds are a great way to both buy and sell a high end car. Be sure to enter your ZIP code into the FREE auto insurance comparison tool below to find the best coverage for your new luxury car!

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