Online Car Reviews

More and more people are taking the time before they buy a car to look up reviews for these cars. Why are they doing this? Get your FREE online car reviews and save time and money.

  1. It gives them better reassurance that they are getting a car that is worth their time and money
  2. It never hurts to learn more about a car before you go to the lot to buy it
  3. Knowing what others are thinking can help to make your decision easier, especially when stuck between a few different cars

online car reviewsWith that being said, those that are looking for these car reviews are looking online. And they look online simply because the Internet is there and it is easier to use than sitting there and going through tons of magazines to get the same information. Plus, most people will find that the aspect of the review that they find being free is a huge reason to look online.

What Online Car Reviews Will Tell Consumers

Those that are curious as to what kind of information that they will find out once they research these cars through online reviews, they are going to find that they can get just about any question or concern that they have answered through these reviews. Some information that will always be included in online reviews are:

  1. Price of Car
  2. Trim levels available
  3. Performance aspects
  4. Safety Ratings and features
  5. Any awards that the car has received

Some optional information that may be included with each online review is:

  1. How the author feels about the driving of the car, including the handling and steering
  2. Any rebates that may be out there for the consumer to use
  3. How well the car stacks up against the competition
  4. Cars that are similar to this one if the person is not happy with what they see

Any person can tell that from the online car review they are going to be getting a wealth of information that is going to help them to narrow down their choices and ultimately make a decision on which to choose.

Online Car Reviews: New and Used

There are both used and new cars out there for people to choose from when they are searching online for car reviews. Which the person chooses will depend on whether they are buying new or used. However, there are some things to consider about new reviews and used reviews that the person needs to keep in mind.

New car reviews are going to be written by professional writers and are usually based off of information that they have received from the manufacturer of the car. Therefore:

  1. Usually no flaws are pointed out right away or they are at least made to sound insignificant
  2. The driving impressions are usually made from someone that is affiliated with the company

Used car reviews are written by both professional writers and amateur writers that may actually own these cars. Thus, the person will find that the information contained within these reviews may:

  1. Be pessimistic as some people may have gotten a lemon of a car
  2. Are more up to date with what the person can actually expect, since they have been out on the market for quite a while
  3. Can be very biased

Sites for Online Car Reviews

No matter if you are looking for new or used car reviews, these are some sites that are frequently visited by those that are wanting to get some honest opinions about what to expect and what they will find with these cars:

  3. Motor
  6. Reviews

Professionals write the new car reviews, and usually amateur writers write the used reviews. However, both reviews allow for comments to be posted, thus the person could learn something in this way. Reviews

Deals mainly with the new car reviews, though the person can on occasion find a used car review. They are going to find that this is the review that is going to focus more on the fine tuned aspects such as performance than anything else.

Motor Trend Reviews

This is where the person can find the newest vehicles that are being brought to the lineup and they may include some vehicles that the person has yet to hear of since they have not been announced yet.

Intellichoice Reviews

This is a fairly new website that is going to have car reviews, as well as tools that can help a person to narrow down just which cars are going to be the best bet for them to choose from and may even include the price in their area for the new car. Reviews

These reviews are usually short and to the point, though they are usually on the newest cars that are hitting auto shows throughout the world. The person will find that it is a great starting point to see the best cars that are coming up to buy.

Tips to Remember When Reading Online Car Reviews

There are a few things that people need to remember about online car reviews when they are looking in order to make sure that they are not taken advantage of:

  1. Anyone can post a review about a car to the Internet, thus you should make sure that you are using a source that is credible. Otherwise, who knows what you are reading.
  2. Always read many reviews so that you can get a basic idea of what to expect. Just reading one review is not going to give you a consensus on how the car performs.
  3. If ever in doubt about the information received, check the website of the manufacturer to look at the detailed information to make sure it matches.
  4. Professionals write the new car reviews, and usually amateur writers write the used reviews. However, both reviews allow for comments to be posted, thus the person could learn something in this way.

With so many people spending hours on the Internet everyday, it comes as no surprise as online car reviews being the route that many people go to learn more about the cars that they are interested in. However, they should always be careful. But the majority of the times, they will find that the information is correct.

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