Pay as You Drive Car Insurance

pay as you drive car insuranceIn the United States, auto insurance is legally required by most states to provide protection financially in case of accident or vandalism. Available in many various types, from liability to comprehensive auto insurance, a driver can choose from a wide array of options in order to maintain his or her legal and financial responsibilities.

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Cut Down on Expenses

Car insurance is an expensive item to budget for, but since it is required in most areas, is an expense that must be factored. While many regions vary in required amount of auto insurance for legal responsibility, even the lowest coverage possible might be significantly higher than many people can afford. When a driver has lapsed in auto insurance coverage, received a great deal of traffic tickets, or have been involved in several accidents, auto insurance rates can reach astronomical prices. High-risk drivers can be faced with even worse problems than this, as they may be unable to find an insurance company willing to insure them at all.

High Risk Drivers

Drivers who have had their driving privileges revoked due to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are considered to be of significant risk to insurance companies and therefore are reluctant and many times unwilling to insurance such drivers. Statistically, high-risk drivers run a much higher likelihood of having a claim on their auto insurance policy, making their premiums significantly higher than a driver with a good driving record does. Even drivers with poor credit will find themselves in the ranks of high-risk drivers and can face higher premiums as a result.

Most insurance companies that offer auto insurance to high-risk drivers do so under what is called an assigned risk plan and is a way for such drivers to maintain their legally required amount of auto insurance. Some states have their own programs of high-risk auto insurance to allow for insurance coverage of high-risk drivers instead of or in addition to private, standard auto insurance company policies. In this way, the roadways are potentially safer from possible accidents by allowing all drivers to obtain affordable and reliable auto insurance coverage.

Who are the Riskiest Drivers?

pay as you go car insuranceWhile high-risk drivers are not the desired customers of auto insurance companies, each state in the United States is responsible to assign even the riskiest of driver to an auto insurance company if they are unable to find one on their own. The Department of Motor Vehicles in each state has a devised point system that tracks the number of traffic tickets, car accidents, and any other vehicle event and reports those incidents according to that point system. Many times the state point system is different from the insurance company point system.

In the event that a person with great insurance coverage and a great driving record winds up with several moving violations, a suspended license, or a conviction for DUI, his or her car insurance premiums can be raised drastically to cover the cost of this risk. While each insurance company is different, most will only allow one violation every three years or so without raising the premium amount. Accidents typically only raise premiums if their client was found to be at fault.

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