Paying Per Mile Coming Soon?

With most people wanting to make sure that they are getting a good price on everything, one thing that people are looking at is the idea of paying per mile how much you drive each year. This may sound a bit odd to many people, however, this is the idea that many government officials are debating on implementing. This is something that many people are highly in favor of especially as more fuel efficient and electric vehicles are hitting the roads. But, how would it work? 


Basically, the person would find that they are going to have a navigation system that would monitor just how much they drive. And then they would pay the amount that is based off of their driving. But is this something that people are going to want with their vehicle? It seems that many states have already set forth some of these taxes on people and have asked for their consideration. However, it would seem that the general public is not in agreement with these measures and are finding that they do not want the government to be able to monitor every single one of their outings. The government has replied by stating that they would not be able to see where the person is going, they simply would be monitoring mileage only. But, this does not seem to be changing the mind of the American people. 

But, this is not something that is going to go away. They are going to find that the government is trying every which way that they can in order to make money to offset the costs crisis that they find themselves in. However, many analysts point out that if the tax were to rise for driving that this would not help the sales of electric vehicles since it is going to take away all the appeal that the vehicle is going to be cheaper in the long run. 

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